Wonder Woman comic book 1946 issue 18 (story 2)

General Nemesis pays Col. Darnell a visit. He’s angry and screaming treason. He has learned about the war prevento machine and Dr. Psycho’s escape. Diana is suspicious and tells the general he has something on his face. She slaps it and he turns into Dr. Psycho. Darnell grabs him. He turns into Steve Trevor and starts attacking Darnell. He runs out and the real Steve comes in. They attack him and he is shocked. He tells them he just saw himself, so he understands. Diana has a plan but Steve thinks they should get Wonder Woman. Before she leaves she goes through the files Dr. Psycho was looking at. She finds the file on his wife Marva. She’s suffering from a mysterious sleeping sickness in a hospital. Wonder Woman will have to investigate. She calls her invisible plane and flies to the hospital to see Marva. The captain fills her in on what happened and shows her a weird note that Marva had. It must be how Dr. Psycho hypnotized her again. Dr. Psycho beats her to Marva. He is masquerading as the doctor. Dr. Psycho has turned into Marva to trap Wonder Woman. She falls into his trap. Dr. Psycho binds her with her own golden lasso. He takes her to a deserted lighthouse. Then goes on a rant about how he’s going to kill everyone that has worked with her to stop him. He tells her to mental radio her friends for help. When the go by the buoy he’s going to blow them all up. He takes Wonder Woman out to the buoy and ties her to it with her lasso. Back at the office, Steve and Darnell hear the mental radio buzz. Etta and the girls get the call too. They all head out. They are getting close and she can see them. She doesn’t know what to do. She calls her plane and grabs the ladder with her teeth. She then hangs from the ladder and pulls the boat up to her plane. Once all are on the plane, she tells Steve to fly it. She is going after Dr. Psycho and trying to save Marva. Dr. Psycho is furious to realize Wonder Woman has won again. Dr. Psycho gets away but Wonder Woman has Marva so his power is greatly reduced. She decides to take Marva to Reform Island. There she can be trained so her mind will never be controlled again.

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