Wonder Woman comic book 1946 issue 18 (story 1)

Someone bursts in Col. Darnell’s office. A bunch of reporter’s storm in and start asking questions about a secret weapon to stop wars. He manages to get rid of all but one who is hiding. He’s late for his conference. Wonder Woman arrives. They all go to the meeting. The peace machine is unveiled. It’s supposed to cause war makers to pass out long enough to be captured. Dr. Cerebrum explains the machine can affect whatever part of the brain them wish and the somatic beam can travel up to 100 miles. Steve and Col. Darnell agree to be test subjects. Wonder Woman has a thought very unlike her. The man that hid and changed may be pretending to be Wonder Woman. Once it starts to work, she knocks out the doctor. She steals the machine. In the hall, she runs into the real Wonder Woman. Suddenly, the Wonder Woman with the machine turns into a man. Steve finds Wonder Woman. The two seem him go down the stairs with the machine. Steve gets a piggyback ride from Wonder Woman, and they jump to the ground. She sees the man get into a cab and lifts it to stop it. He got away. But Steve recognized him and calls the paper he works at. He is supposed to be at the Dough funeral. They race to it. Wonder Woman finds Tinhorn but he disappears in front of her. It makes her think of Saturno, Cheetah and Dr. Poison. She asks Steve to keep looking for Tinhorn and heads to the prison. She asks about Dr. Psycho and is informed that he was electrocuted that morning. Wonder Woman goes through the whole story. The doctor rushes in and tells them Dr. Psycho’s body is gone. Wonder Woman believes he materialized a body and escaped. Etta and the girls show up at the funeral. They came to see the prehistoric collection. Steve tells Etta what’s going on and they decide to help. Everyone starts to panic as Mrs. Dough has suddenly come back to life. Eta and the girls find the prehistoric room with the dinosaurs and men. They get locked inside. The dinosaur suddenly comes to life and comes after them. The dinosaur disappears and is replaced by a cave man. Pyscho reveals himself. He tells the girl he’s going to kill them with an overdose of the ray. Wonder Woman and Steve go back to the Dough Estate. They find the room and living dinosaur. Wonder Woman attacks, realizing its Pyscho. Steve tries to open the locked door as the cave man attacks Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman manages to rescue all of them before its too late. It’ll just take time for them to wake up. Psycho shows himself with the machine and threatens to turn ti on again to kill the girls. Wonder Woman lassos the machine instead of him. They save the machine but Psycho escapes. Steve and Wonder Woman return the machine. Wonder Woman explains to Dr. Cerebrum that Dr. Psycho planned to use it to enslave everyone. Horrified, he destroys it.

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