Wonder Woman comic book 1946 issue 17 (story 3)

Wonder Woman, Steve, Etta and the girls all show up at Paula’s lab. Lana has headed back to her lab to tell Carl, her boyfriend, she is not signing anything. Wonder Woman and company race to the lab to try and prevent her from murdering Carl for his betrayal. Everyone reaches the lab and stop Lana from killing Carl. She knows he murdered Ned. Lana gives Wonder Woman the code to her safe as she is arrested. Wonder Woman tests the formula and find it does have poison in it. Wonder Woman heads to question Lana with her lasso and sends Etta and the girls to Carl’s lab to see if he has this poison. At his lab, Etta falls through the window. She finds a button on the floor and pushing it opens a trapdoor. Some of the girls fall down it. They are shocked with what is down there. Meanwhile, Carl has followed Wonder Woman to the jail. He’s confused why Lana stood up to him as she has always depended on him. Wonder Woman lassos Lana and then questions her about the poison that she found. Lana has no idea where it came from, she did not put it in her formula. She tells her Etta, and the girls are at Carl’s lab and they’ll get to the bottom of this. Back in the secret underground section of Carl’s lab they find where he made the poison. He’s even making more. Etta plugs the machine in, and they all watch the maniacal acid be turned into a powder. Before they escape with the evidence Carl returns and ties them all up. Wonder Woman comes but he causes her to fall downstairs. He takes her lasso and ties her up with it. He ties them all to the table with the acid. If they move the table, the acid will spill on them. He then cuts some of each of their hair to show Lana. He puts a fan on the acid powder so it will be airborne, and they will breathe which will trigger a fit and a slow death. He leaves. Wonder Woman instructs them what to do to stay safe. Steve learns everyone is missing and calls the schools dean. He gets an earful from the dean. Steve goes to the prison to talk to Lana. Carl is already there. He shows her the hair he cut off everyone. She agrees to sign when she sees the hair. Back in Carl’s lab, Etta accidently gets the powder into her mouth. She thinks she is a candy bar now. Wonder Woman tries to reach a rod, then she stuffs it in the fan to stop it. She knocks the fan near Etta and it cuts her ropes. Wonder Woman asks her to untie her lasso. Now free, Wonder Woman races to the door so that clean air will come in. She asks Etta to untie everyone while she races to Lana. Steve arrives at the jail and is shocked to find Carl there. He demands to know what he is doing. Carl tells him he’s getting the rights to the plasmin and if he doesn’t all their friends die. Wonder Woman busts in moments later. Wonder Woman proclaims that the girls are at Carl’s lab guarding the proof he killed the man, not Lana.

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