Wonder Woman comic book 1946 issue 17 (story 2)

On the boat, Lana learns her boyfriend betrayed her. She is furious. They return to Fate Island, but Lana’s head is still a mess. Etta is worried what will happen. Her confused thoughts trigger a tornado. They get hurled to a western frontier settlement. Wonder Woman and Steve arrive at Paula’s lab. She informs them Etta and the girls are missing. Wonder Woman is upset as they are likely in yet another time period stranded. She is informed that she has a mental radio call from her mother. Her mother informs her of Etta’s location in time. She grabs Steve to head to their location. Etta is in charge of a dance hall in this time period and is putting on a show. Etta gets invited to a party for an engagement. She’s not thrilled with the guy. Sila’s soon to be father-in-law asks him to take payment to the Indians for furs. However, he steals the payment instead of delivering it. He takes something different to the Indians and they are not happy to be cheated. The angry chief comes to pay her father a visit. Her father attacks the chief. Her boyfriend pushes her to run away with him. She decides to marry him. The next day the chief plans a war. Wonder Woman arrives and overhears. One member of the council says that as long as Prue (Lana) is there they cannot go to war. However, her boyfriend informs them all that he convinced her to leave so they can go to war. The next day at the party Prue makes her announcement. Etta tells her that if she leaves her father won’t be safe. Wonder Woman bursts in and tells Prue she can’t leave. If she leaves the Indians will kill her father and burn the town down. And that her boyfriend is leading the Indians to do so. Prue does not listen. She leaves the next day and her father is attacked. Then the town is attacked. Wonder Woman rides off to find Beene but finds Steve first. She puts him on the horse behind her. The town is now on fire too. Wonder Woman and Steve try to find the Indians. Prue can see the smoke from the fire and decides to go back. Steve spots an Indian sniper and shoots him before he can harm them. Silas is with the chief as Wonder Woman and Steve arrive. The chief thinks Wonder Woman is a Goddess and want to test her. She agrees. She has to fight some bulls, which is an easy task. The chief bows to her and says he will stop the attack. He still plans to kill Prue’s father for cheating. Wonder Woman puts her lasso around Silas to force him to tell the truth. He confesses he stole half of the payment and where he hid it. However, Prue arrived unseen before the confession. She now knows the truth. She has decided to rely on herself instead of a man.

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