Wonder Woman comic book 1946 issue 17 (story 1)

Etta and the girls find Wonder Woman leaving Diana’s apartment and ask her for help. Dr. Kurree, a former student of the school, has developed a cure for cancer. However, someone possibly died from it and she is very upset. Her boyfriend is trying to get her to sign over the rights to the formula to him so he can take “the blame” for the death. He tries to convince her to sign the papers and she still hasn’t when Wonder Woman, Etta and the girls arrive. Wonder Woman senses something and knocks a liquid onto the papers before Dr. Kurree can sign them. He leaves. Etta asks about the papers and gets upset that she plans to sign over the rights to the formula. She asks Wonder Woman to talk sense into her. Lana immediately defends her boyfriend. Wonder Woman is concerned that she trusts a man more than herself. Etta and the girls take Lana for a ride to clear her head, but her confusion continues during the ride. Etta drives to fate mountain so they can hike up to where the winds of time blow. There is so much going on in Lana’s mind that when they reach the top they got in a whirlwind. It takes them to another time, Ancient Rome. Etta calls Wonder Woman for help over the mental radio. She is with Steve and forced to make a quick change to answer the call. Wonder Woman takes Steve with her for the rescue from Ancient Rome. They stop at Paula’s lab first for help getting there. She reprograms a machine. In Ancient Rome, Lana is performing athletic feats. She then gets called to a meeting. She solves the problem swiftly. Her boyfriend arrives and she is happy to see him. Then a man arrives on horseback from the dictator to see her father. She refuses to let him pass. He tries to force his way through, and she physically stops him. Her boyfriend turns on her. He orders her held prisoner to make her father cooperate. Etta pretends to be someone and orders Lana’s release. She is warned that Lana will suffer if her father becomes praetor. Etta thinks the man was just trying to scam her. Her boyfriend says its real. He wants Lana to run away with him. Again, Lana trusts the man instead of herself. Etta is not happy. Wonder Woman arrives. Steve’s landing doesn’t go so well, and he lands on troops. Wonder Woman is again horrified and disgusted by Lana. Steve is taken to the dictator’s where he recognizes Lana’s boyfriend. He’s not happy he is selling Lana and her father out. Steve is ordered to the dungeon, but he’s not having it. He takes out his gun and fires. Everyone runs off scared. Wonder Woman tries talking to Lana’s father. He doesn’t believe her until he’s arrested. Wonder Woman grabs and sword and starts fighting with the guard so that Lana’s father can get away. However, Lana, Etta and everyone else has been arrested in the garden. Wonder Woman is forced to surrender. Sulla orders Lana and company to buried alive. Steve saves the day and shoots the chains binding Wonder Woman’s wrist. Her strength is restored. He had hid in the castle and saw what happened. She races to the pit in time to catch a massive boulder from crushing the girls. Once everyone has climbed out they find Steve waiting with horses. Lana’s boyfriend demands Sulla give him the estate as promised. He does but then orders him executed to take the estate. Once all are safe and away, Wonder Woman contacts Paula via the mental radio to arrange their return to the future.

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