Wonder Woman comic book 1946 issue 16 (story 3)

The rocket won’t start as the temperature has frozen it solid. Pluto flies over in his chariot laughing. But Wonder Woman lasso’s one of his horses. She follows him on horseback all the way back to Earth. She held her breath the whole time. However, he disappears in a cloud. She continues to Earth to get something to get the ship going to save Etta and the girls. She gets to Paula’s lab and grabs a dynamo and spare batteries. She puts them on her back and gets back on the horse. Steve is upset in his office. Pluto shows up there as well. Steve has left a comm radio on and his secretary hears the exchange. She goes in to see what is going on. She watches Pluto kidnap Steve. She screams for General Darnell, but he doesn’t believe her. Wonder Woman pops into Steve’s office moments later and learns what happened to Steve. Pluto’s plan is to force her to surrender to save Steve. Wonder Woman prays she can reach Pluto before he gets back to it. Pluto gets stopped by a storm. It was an answer to Wonder Woman’s prayer. She reaches the planet before he does. The girls are thrilled to see Wonder Woman. When Pluto arrives, he sticks his fork in the rocket and tries to force them out. Etta mistakenly tells him about the dynamo. He forces Wonder Woman to take it to his palace. Steve is found as well. He orders her bracelets be chained. He then calls for the death cage. He places all the color bodies in it. Steve manages to escape his bonds. Then he grabs Pluto’s fork and uses it to remove the chains on Wonder Woman’s bracelets. Once again at full strength, she breaks the death cage bars freeing everyone. With all free and Wonder Woman in possession of the fork she leads everyone to where the real bodies are kept. She uses the fork to get into the ground. Everyone is restored to their bodies. She loads everyone into the chariot and onto the horses to escape the underworld. Back on the planet’s surface, Wonder Woman asks Steve to take the girls home. She is going to take the horses to Paradise Island where they will be safe. On Paradise Island she gets a thank you from Aphrodite herself for what she accomplished.

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