Wonder Woman comic book 1946 issue 16 (story 2)

Wonder Woman is curious about how the color bodies work. Lorrie tells her that once the color bodies are used up or destroyed their earth bodies will turn evil and become slaves of Pluto. Wonder Woman uproots a tree from the ground so that they can get underground again. They easily float down, but there are lots of guards. The girls over power all the guards. Then they form a chain to find King Pluto. He’s screaming at his guards to build a bigger fire. He wants to go back to his topside castle but knows Wonder Woman will get him with her lasso. He decides to use is pitchfork to bring his castle down to him. He pulls it down, content to wait in it until Wonder Woman’s color body burns out. He gets angry at a guard who has raced to warn him of the impending attack. When he learns Wonder Woman escaped, he becomes furious. He wants his hotaqua gun. They arrive and they way he acts causes Wonder Woman to become suspicious. He tells them his water gun will melt them. He puts them all on trial. He finds them guilty and sentences their flesh and blood bodies to death. He wants Wonder Woman bound with her lasso. He is going to slide all their human bodies into a river of liquid fire. Wonder Woman prays to Aphrodite. She then lunges at the guard with the gun. All the guards run for it now. Even King Pluto takes off. They still have to get over the river of fire to get to their bodies. Wonder Woman puts her lasso around them all and then runs to jump the river pulling them behind her. They find their bodies in a cave but they are encased in Plutonic ice. Wonder Woman breaks a chuck of the wall because it is what Pluto makes his fork out of. She manages to break the ice. Everyone is put back in their normal bodies. She lassos everyone again to get back across and escape. King Pluto wants revenge and comes up with a plan. But Wonder Woman wants to catch him as well. She sees him in his chariot and gives chase. The girls head to the rocket, while Wonder Woman goes after King Pluto.

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