Wonder Woman comic book 1945 issue 15 (story 2)

Wonder Woman, Etta, and some of the girls, row to Neptunia with their captive. He explains there are no women on Neptunia, they make humans out of water and only make men. The masters make robots. Everyone gets onto the flying fish. The buildings are beautiful. They are made of solid water that has been crystalized. Once they arrive, they go to the throne room. He commands them to make a treaty of friendship with Earth. The master of masters is not happy. He calls him the slave of a weak girl. Wonder Woman then challenges him. Her captive teaches her how to use the two weapons the master of masters selected. Once they begin, he quickly has the advantage. He wraps her in the net completely. He announces he has won because she is in the net, and it can’t be broken. But Wonder Woman easily breaks the net, freeing herself. Solo tricks Etta into letting go of the lasso and now he is free. He then catches Wonder Woman in her own golden lasso. Wonder Woman and all her friends wind up captured. Wonder Woman is forced to watch as each person is mechanized. The water process they use removes all salt from the body. The loss of salt takes away his individuality turning him into a mechano. He starts on the girls, but the salt doesn’t come out. Wonder Woman tells Eve to play along. Wonder Woman tricks him about the salt. He puts Eve through a test, and she passes. None of the girls are transformed into mechanos, but each pretend to be. A banquet is held. The women all serve. Eve unties Wonder Woman’s hands from the lasso. Once free, she starts the revolt. Etta and the girls pin all the “masters” under a single table. Solo is still free and brings a new weapon, a steam gun. Wonder Woman quickly disables it. All the Neptunian’s are now captured. Wonder Woman wants to know how to reverse the effect and make the mechanos normal again. He tells her she already knows because she did it with the women. He’s then informed the women were never mechanos, they just pretended. He’s truly afraid of women now. Turns out a salt bath and feeding them salt brings them back to normal. Steve stays on the continent to hold it for the United States. Wonder Woman takes the Neptunian’s back to negotiate a treaty. Wonder Woman gets them all on her plane.

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