Wonder Woman comic book 1945 issue 15 (story 1)

The Queen is studying the future on Paradise Island. What she sees is not good. She moves to warn her daughter. She tries to call her on the mental radio but gets no answer. Diana is listening to a radio broadcast of an astronomy lecture from Holiday College. He speaks of a large amount of the planet Neptune that is heading towards Earth. There will be quite an impact and the whole planet will shake. The piece of the planet should hit Earth, today. Diana finally returns to her office. She sees her mother calling and answers. Her mother tries to warn her about what is going to happen. It’s already started. She transforms into Wonder Woman. Buildings have collapsed and Wonder Woman tries to rescue as many people as she can. Steve worries about Diana. So she makes an appearance to calm him. The piece of Neptune has landed in the Pacific Ocean. It’s as big as a continent. They have to send an expedition to figure out the new landmass from another planet. Steve, Diana and Wonder Woman are selected to be part of the expedition. Etta convinces the professor to let her, and the girls go on the expedition as well. All board the Pacifica ship to explore the new continent: Neptunia. Suddenly, a sailor starts to panic. Water is flowing up and the boat is going down to the sea bottom. Everyone climbs down and finds all the water creatures stranded on dry ground. Diana notices a row of strange rocks around the water wall. She falls into the wall of water and transforms into Wonder Woman. While she goes up in the water wall, she calls for her plane. She finally appears to everyone as she exits her plane. She sends everyone back to the ship. She has a sledgehammer to break open the strange rocks. Once she has broken one open, she learns it is filled with chemicals and that is what has affected the water. These rocks repel the sea. As she destroys them the ocean returns to normal. She jumps on the ship quickly. They again head toward the new continent. As they get closer, flying fish rise from the sea. They have riders and launch an attack. A Neptunian electric pistol paralyzes Wonder Woman. She manages to get a hand free. Then she lassos one of them. She makes him tell her his name. Then she wants all the people released and for them to surrender. She then questions them. They knew that part of the planet would break off and collide into Earth. They plotted to take over Earth when this happened. She asks how to get them to keep their promise of friendship and not war. He tells her what she has to do for them to keep their word. They head to Neptunia. Steve asks about Diana. Wonder Woman tells him she saved Diana and put her in her plane.

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