Wonder Woman comic book 1945 issue 14 (story 3)

Princess Elaine doesn’t know what to do to reform him. The little people’s Queen volunteers to try and teach him love and friendship. She takes custody of him. She surrounds him with magic moonbeams. He will be paralyzed if he tries to escape. So he decides to bide his time. Wonder Woman performs for the people of Shamrock Land. Next, she challenges the strongest men in the land to a tug of war with her. They keep pulling and they travel a mile. She pulls all the way to the moonbeams and falls into them. She is paralyzed. The little people race to rescue her. They break the moonbeams spell freeing her. The spy escapes. He tries to kill her with an explosive. The leprechauns he stole the golden hammers from capture him and dart him. The believe his lie about being reformed. He decides to trade the golden hammers for the darts. He takes the darts and goes to visit the princess. She is shocked to see him. He hits her with the dart and then enslaves her. He then makes her put him in charge. The spy then locks her in her sewing room. Wonder Woman escaped the spy’s explosive. But she is still confused from the moonbeams. At the castle, there is upset over being made to pay taxes. He hits the protesting citizens with the magic darts. Then turns them into flying pigs. He then makes it illegal to own valuables. He sends men off to collect it all. Wonder Woman arrives and his is shocked. He hits her with a dart too. Not remember who she is she obeys. He then welds chains to her bracelets. Steve and the brick thrower get paid a visit by the men collecting all the valuables. The brick thrower refuses. Steve and the brick thrower decide to work together to stop the spy from destroyed their land. Another man under the spy’s control overhears. The spy returns to report what he has heard. When he mentions Steve, Wonder Woman’s memory comes back. In the kitchen, Etta and her leprechaun friend are making candy. The spy orders her to stay put until he returns. Etta brings up the chocolate and finds Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman does not recognize Etta. The leprechaun realizes she has been hit with a magic dart. The leprechaun breaks the spell. But the metal is welded to her bracelets. Outside, the two factions meet. The fairy queen sees what is going on. She has her people swoop down and pluck the grenades from their hands. The queen tells them she has taken all the grenades, but Steve and Tim will need to do the rest. Wonder Woman is freed from her chains and jumps from the castle. She plows through everyone looking for the spy. He still has some grenades he plans to throw onto the group to kill them all. She sees him and realizes what he is going to do. She leaps on a flying pig to get to the top of the castle quickly. She lassos him and tows him behind her in the air. The two groups of men who are fighting have to stop and catch their breathes. Tim goes in the castle and finds the princess at the spinning machine. He’s shocked. He picks her up knocking off the poison dart, freeing her. There is great rejoicing in the kingdom. The fairy queen returns them back to the forest. The leprechaun is with them as well as a squirrel. Etta tells him to stop eating all her candy. But she won’t chase him again. Steve wants to get the prisoner delivered as soon as possible.

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