Wonder Woman comic book 1945 issue 14 (story 2)

Still in the cave, Wonder Woman asks Steve to untie her. He acts the gentlemen and does so instead of taking advantage of the situation. The spy gets away though. He’s gone to the shoe workshop to steal their golden hammers. He then quickly finds an exit from the tunnels. He uses grenades to seal his exit and prevent the leprechauns from following him. He then buries the hammers under a thornbush. Four ladies come upon the spy and welcome him to Shamrock Land. They drag him off to meet their princess. Down below, the leprechauns have discovered their golden hammers have been stolen. They cannot be consoled. Wonder Woman quickly realizes the spy must have stolen them. Wonder Woman asks them to take her to the exit so she can get their golden hammers back. As the arrive, it explodes. They cannot exit. Wonder Woman takes over and reopens the tunnel. The spy tries to charm Princess Elaine. Someone gets one of the girl’s attention from the trees. He wants to know who the man is. He decides to throw bricks. He wants her to tell them if they are hitting the man or not. Steve manages to walk in front of the brick, and he gets hit instead. The brick thrower thinks its hilarious. Steve does not. They have a brick throwing contest. Steve wins when he gets the guy in the head. Then he asks them for help finding the man who is charming the princess. When he describes him, Steve and Wonder Woman recognize this man as the spy. They ask to be taken to the castle. In the castle, the spy is working his magic. Little people watch from the chandelier. The leprechauns tell the story of what is going on in the glen. News gets to the queen as well. Everyone heads to the castle to save the princess. The princess shows him the jewels and gold and explains what they are for. She offers to give him some, but he knocks her out and ties her up. He wants them all for himself. He ties her up and sets a delayed explosion and fire. Wonder Woman, Steve, and Etta arrive along with the brick thrower. He insists he must save her. The princess is able to free her mouth and shout down what has happened. Wonder Woman finds a few pitch forks and heads to the tower. She breaks the handle off each and uses one in each hand to climb the tower as quickly as possible. She vaults into the open window just before the explosives go off. She grabs them and throws them out the window as far as she can. However, little people flying around find the spy and stop him. The brick thrower comes up and punches the spy. He gets in trouble for punching the man. The princess wants two weeks to try and reform him. Wonder Woman agrees.

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