Wonder Woman comic book 1945 issue 14 (story 1)

Wonder Woman, Steve and Etta Candy are in a redwood forest. They are chasing a spy. A squirrel takes Etta’s candy, and she heads off in pursuit. She follows it and chases it down a hole below a tree. When she lands a leprechaun greets her. She thinks it’s the squirrel that took her candy. She then realizes it’s a leprechaun. He offers anything to be let go. She just wants her candy back. While she eats the returned candy, she asks how he got there. He tells her he was brought over 500 years ago. They landed in a Shamrock land where they have been living peacefully up until now. Wonder Woman has followed Etta and goes down the hole as well to find her. She breaks the roots on the way down. Etta calls out to her. Suddenly, the tree starts to fall into the hole. Wonder Woman catches it. Steve falls into the hole as well. They all go further underground. Three leprechauns watch them. They wish to punish Etta and cause her body pain. Wonder Woman sends Steve to find the exit while she tends to Etta. While doing this, the leprechauns steal her golden lasso. Wonder Woman and Etta agree something strange is going on. The leprechauns start playing with the lasso. One tells the other who is tied up to walk with his nose to the floor. He starts doing it. The other starts telling him to stop it. One of them realize that the lasso is magic and makes you do things. They lasso Wonder Woman. He ties her up with it. They make her hop. They take Wonder Woman and Etta to their home caves. They are making shoes. They tell Wonder Woman her ransom is more golden lassos. She tries to explain that it is the only one in existence. Steve is still trying to find his way out of the tunnel. He runs into the spy he has been chasing. He pulls a gun to murder Steve with. He decides to bury Steve alive by shooting the top of the tunnel. The bang echoes and can be heard all the way to where Wonder Woman is. Etta catches her leprechaun and demands an explanation for her pain. He says it was because she took the candy and ate it in front of him. She makes a deal with him. Take away the condition he gave her, and she’ll get him a huge box of bonbons. They shake on it. Wonder Woman raced through the tunnels and found Steve and the spy. Her hands are still tied but she pulls Steve to safety. He sees she is tied with her lasso and thinks about stealing a kiss. She thinks that if he tried to kiss her while tied up, she can’t refuse. She wishes he would.

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