Wonder Woman comic book 1945 issue 13 (story 3)

Diana delivers a letter to Col. Darnell from Wonder Woman. He calls for Major Trevor. Wonder Woman has created a new device called the telepathograph. It can register the face and voice of anyone talking anywhere in the world. Steve is excited as they can listen to spies’ brains. There’s a catch. They have to know the person’s brain wave length number. Wonder Woman has to find it on her mental radio for each person. However, it only works at the south pole. Diana tries to explain but gets ignored. She exits, changes into Wonder Woman and returns to explain. It came to her while flying over the south pole. She was picking up thought waves from many people. There is a negative electrical field over the pole that attracted the positive current brain waves.

Wonder Woman: So I made an instrument to catch waves from the speech centers of human beings – very simple, you see!

Steve Trevor: Sure, simple as integral calculus to a baby!

Her invention does need to be tested. She offers to take Steve to the south pole with her to test it. She calls her plane and as she jumps out the window to jump in it, Steve distracts her, and she falls. She has to have it loop around to catch her. Later, Steve finally shows up at the airport. He’s very apologetic because he caused her to miss the plane. They fly in her plane to the south pole. They arrive and set up the instrument on an iceberg. Wonder Woman uses Etta Candy for the test. Though at that moment, Etta states that Wonder Woman is in love with Steve and is foolish not to marry him. Steve agrees. They also hear an emergency broadcast to Etta for Wonder Woman from Nema of Eveland. The seal men have captured their spies. She dives down through the ice cap to help. She must also block up the hope she made so it doesn’t fill with water drowning everyone. She learns that Rigor wants more slave girls to tend his electric garden, or he will destroy Eveland. The spies were trying to figure out how he could destroy it. That’s when they got caught. Now being gone 36 minutes, Steve is very worried. He decides he’s going to dive in too. He finds where Wonder Woman entered. He replaces the boulder and is shocked to find the place warm, dry, and inhabited. Ice spikes fall and suddenly he is under attack by seal men. He gets captured. He tries to protest but is suddenly paralyzed. He gets wires welded to him. He’s then sent out into the garden to work with the other slaves. Wonder Woman and Nema get hit by the electric harpoons of the seal men. They are bound the same as Steve with wires. The king quickly figures out that Nema is the queen’s daughter. He now puts it on Wonder Woman and Nema to convince the queen to cooperate. Wonder Woman asks him how he can destroy Eveland. He gives a demonstration. The river is held by an ice dam, he will blow up the dam and flood Eveland. The kings’ men shoot a message to the Queen. She is shocked to learn that Wonder Woman and her daughter are captives. He wants to meet in the border cave to explain how he will destroy their land. When they meet and the king announces he will flood Eveland, several girls volunteer to be slaves to protect it. The queen refuses, but Wonder Woman tells her to with a wink. Girls begin to volunteer, and Wonder Woman makes the 10th. Wonder Woman requests to speak with the queen. It’s agreed to and she’ll be frozen last. All ten, including Wonder Woman are frozen. The queen hopes Wonder Woman’s plan will work. The frozen slaves are placed in cold storage. They froze Wonder Woman slowly hoping to kill her. But she’s not dead and easily breaks out of the ice. First, she frees the slaves. She is shocked to find Steve among them. She realizes the seal man can’t see she is not a slave because they can’t see in the light. She very quietly tells them the plan. All the captives start throwing fruit at the guards. They’ve never had them before, so they are excited to eat them. While they are eating, Wonder Woman instructs the captives to tie all the guards up. It’s to keep the king from being warned, but the prince sees what’s going on and warns him. He tells them to feed the other frozen girls to the fiery walrus god. Wonder Woman gets her lasso around the king. She makes him turn the flame off. Wonder Woman uses Aphrodite’s power to bring them back to life. The seal men now bow down to Wonder Woman. The king and the queen sign a peace treaty. The girls of Eveland all thank Wonder Woman. She and Steve fly back. He asks her to marry him again but she refuses stating she would have to pretend she was weaker than him to make him happy and no woman should ever have to do that.

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