Wonder Woman comic book 1945 issue 13 (story 2)

As Wonder Woman flies back to DC from the South Pole, she feels extra weight in her plane’s tail. She sets the plane on auto to investigate. She finds a stowaway who calls herself Nema. She leaves her with the Etta and the girls. Nema soon punches a professor. She thought he was a seal man. Etta, a few of the girls and Nema go back to her room. Etta places a mental call to Wonder Woman. She has trouble getting through as Queen Eve from Eden is trying to call. Nema is her daughter. There is grave danger. Wonder Woman arrives. Nema is trying to change her appearance. Everyone loads into Wonder Woman’s plane to go back. Wonder Woman notices the change in Nema. When they arrive, they learn the Queen has been taken. The King of the Seal Men threatened everyone because he had no slaves now. She took action because she could not reach Wonder Woman for help. She and several others were captured in the process. In Bitterland, the queen and those that went with her have trouble seeing in the dark. They wind up walking into a trap. King Rigor has the girls imprisoned but sets the Queen for execution. He sets a trap to prevent the queen from being rescued. Wonder Woman and company head to the king’s throne room. Etta gets lost as she stops for a snack. A monster approaches her. Wonder Woman notices that Etta is missing. Etta screams and Wonder Woman races to her. The bird has picked up Etta in it’s beak and is ready to take flight. Wonder Woman distracts the bird, who drops Etta to go after Wonder Woman instead. Wonder Woman tosses the bird in the river. Wonder Woman takes Etta back to the group. Wonder Woman sees King Rigor and his henchmen and lassos them all. She pulls them up to the ledge, then questions them. Seal Men start arriving and the girls take care of them. She learns where the Queen is being held. She busts through the steel wall and then traverses the hanging ice without touch the ground. She kicks the ice that would kill the queen out of the way. Everyone returns safely to Eden, now called Eveland.

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