Wonder Woman comic book 1945 issue 12 (story 1)

Diana returns to her desk after finishing a case. She takes off her glasses and her puts her earrings on. The same earrings Wonder woman wears. Steve walks in. He’s shocked. He immediately asks why she is wearing Wonder Woman’s earrings. She covers saying she borrowed them. She’s going to try and experiment. She explains the earrings to him. He thinks its silly but tells her to go ahead. She doesn’t get a response at first, but then she is there shimmering. Desira, queen of Venus, tells Wonder Woman that they can see the right and just side has won the war. She warns her another war is already in the making. She warns her of someone named Nerva plotting the war. She tells Steve about someone named Nerva being dangerous, and Steve tells her that is his new secretary. She catches Nerva listening at the keyhole. Diana wants to talk to her alone. When Steve leaves she tries to attack Diana. Nerva binds Diana with the magic lasso. Nerva tries to remove her without Steve getting suspicious. When they stop at his desk she taps out a code. Steve hears, understands, and knows Nerva is a spy. The two go to the elevator and Steve races to the stairs to get to the bottom before the elevator does. The two go to the roof instead of the ground floor though. Steve has no idea. She makes Diana jump across, which she does easily. Then Nerva jumps but doesn’t quite make it. Diana saves her. Then Nerva tells Diana she was stupid to save her life. She takes her to the headquarters of the “Third World War Promotors.” It’s a number of European munitions manufacturers and their female spies. The leader wants to know who each country in the world has quarrels with. He wants to know the contents of a report called, “Ill Will Among Nations.” She refuses to tell him. She then uses her strength to pull the lasso off her wrists. She gets away but just to change into Wonder Woman. When she gets out of the elevator, Steve, Etta and the girls are waiting. She tells them Diana just escaped from the Third World War Promotors. They should be coming out of this elevator shortly. They are all caught. She plans to take them all to Reform Island, but Desira requests she bring them to Venus. Steve is skeptical. They are all taken to Paula’s laboratory. With Desira’s help, they make a machine that transports the prisoners to Venus. Wonder Woman goes first. However, her body starts to reassemble too quickly. She’s caught in a net. Desira greets Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman warns her these prisoners are very dangerous. The prisoners arrive and are unbound. The leader has a bomb. He throws it at the queen, but Wonder Woman catches it. Now each prisoner gets a golden net. Desira promises Wonder Woman she’ll work hard to change these men. Wonder Woman returns to Earth

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