Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S04, Ep07 – The Arena of Carnage

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012

Season: 4 Episode: 7

Title: The Arena of Carnage

Original Air Date: January 24, 2016

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Favorite Quotes:

* Emperor: I want you to halt this execution. These alien terrapins intrigue me, perhaps they will make good sport.

* Prisoner: Don’t waste your strength little ones. There is no escape from the arena.

* April: What do you mean you can’t find them?
Casey: What if they are being deshelled? Or deep fried?

* Fugitoid: Found them! Oh dear, its seems they are scheduled to fight in the Triceraton arena.
Casey: You mean like gladiators? Wicked.
Fugitoid: Yes, wicked and cruel. There’s no telling what kind of monsters they’ll have to fight.

* Zeno: Fight with honor and you shall find glory.

* Zeno: You are honorable beings and deserve a warrior’s end.

* Zeno: These are honorable beings. We are here because we wish the heart of darkness destroyed. But you would use it like some cowardly Kraang.

* Raph: I can’t believe we fought our way through the Triceraton mothership and back out again.
Casey: I can’t believe I missed your awesome gladiator battles.

* April: One piece down, two more to go.


The turtles are having a training session in the holo against Shredder’s men in his lair. Fugitoid ends the session. They are nearly the Triceratons Mothership. Fugitoid analyzes the ship to find weaknesses and the piece they are looking for. Casey and April have to stay behind on the ship. The turtles advance with their ship fully cloaked. They make it to the airlock. They cut through it to enter the ship. Fugitoid guides them through the ship to the armory. But they run right into the Triceratons. Fugitoid tells them to retreat. They get caught and stripped of their helmets. They get put in the airlock. The door is partially opened. The turtles do breathing exercises to survive. They can see that on Fugitoid’s ship. The turtles then start to fall out of the airlock. The Emperor calls telling him to halt the execution. Just before they fall out, the door closes, saving them. They are taken to the arena to battle and die. They witness another creature be killed before they are put in a holding cell. Mikey tries escaping but a great electric shock. Another prisoner tells them to save their strength. On the ship, they are all freaking out. Fugitoid finally finds them. But in the arena and that’s bad. They will have to fight monsters. April is worried. Fugitoid thinks they can sneak on. He hopes they survive their first battle. Mikey is frying slugs and shares with the neighbor. The turtles are told to prepare for battle. They are given their weapons back and walk into the arena. The Emperor quiets the crowd to speak. The first thing for hem to battle enters. It’s a giant squid like creature with all kinds of mouths, eyes and tentacles. Donatello finds the white spot he was told of, hits it square on. It shirks away. The Triceratons find the Fugitoid and two humans have snuck on. The Triceratons give chase. Fugitoid gets knocked out and April and Case escape. The turtles are put back in their holding cell. The prisoner next to them tells him his story and that he is a Triceraton. The turtles are up again. Fugitoid is taken to the Emperor. The turtles see he is a prisoner. They learn that they now have to fight Zeno, the prisoner who they are friends with. They all talk while they fight. April and Casey make it to the arena. She uses the crystal to open a door. They have found the first piece of the black hole generator. April magics a balloon around it so they can tow it back to the ship. The Zeno vs turtles fight continues. Mikey begs Zeno not to kill Donatello. Zeno is told that if he finishes the aliens, he will earn his freedom. Zeno provides a distraction so the turtles can escape, find the heart of darkness and destroy it. The turtles take the Emperor hostage to free Fugitoid. Both groups meet up. They go through the airlock with the piece. April makes the ship visible. They all get on safely with the piece. Fugitoid gets them to safety.

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