Wonder Woman comic book 1944 issue 11 (story 3)

Diana and Steve leave the White House and meet the ambassador from Saturn. Suddenly, an army bomber is attacking Steve. Diana ducks out and transformers into Wonder Woman. The car gets blown up. Wonder Woman lassos the plane and starts deflecting bullets. She slowly pulls herself up the lasso to the cockpit. She adjusts the gun to point at the pilot. She then brings the plane down to the ground. She pulls the two pilots out after they crash and before the plane explodes. She ties them with her lasso to make them talk. They were hired to kill the Saturn ambassador. She learns that the person who hired them somehow hypnotized them to forget. Wonder Woman takes the two men back to the scene and turns them over. She then lifts the car off of the two trapped men. The ambassador in the hospital thanks Wonder Woman for saving him. He then mentions there could be a war. He viewed the attack as an act of war. She explains they are not part of the US military they were hired to look like they were and kill him. She promises to get to the bottom of it. He tells her that it’s likely slave smugglers. He tells her about an earth slave smuggler Saturn use to buy humans from. The peace treaty ended the purchase of human slaves and the smuggler was not happy. The slaver still delivers slaves to bootleg slave dealers on Saturn though. He’s evaded capture. When a bootlegger is caught, he or she is punished with slavery. When they try to free the slaves, they don’t want to be freed. Wonder Woman starts to connect the dots and thinks it could be hypnota behind it all. The Colonel comes in concerned about Diana. She races back to the office so Diana can reappear. Steve tells her that Serva has information for Wonder Woman. She leaves to find her. The doctor has somehow broken Serva’s hypnosis. Wonder Woman asks her if hypnota captures humans and sells them to Saturn. She doesn’t know. She does know where his dungeon is and can take her there. They enter his secret chamber. Serva suddenly disappears and hypnota is there instead. He hits her with his blue ray from behind. This time it seems to work on her. She can’t think clearly. He’s got her in his prisoner room. She’s put in a dungeon. Hypnota has welded her bracelets together too. Her amazon strength is no more. Serva tells Wonder Woman she’s been a prisoner there for a while. She can block his blue rays but pretends to be under his control since she can’t break the chains. He makes Wonder Woman write a note to Steve about the slaves and that this breaks the treaty. He also has her tell him that the ambassador is behind it. She puts something extra in her signature that lets Steve know to disregard this message and check his mental radio. She then tries to send him a mental radio message, but it goes unanswered as he is away. Darnell opens the message instead and he’s upset. Darnell goes to Saturn’s embassy. He accuses the ambassador of being a slave smuggler. He reads the note and then authorizes a search. They find the recently delivered cases. Inside are men that are enslaved. He says he can prove he is innocent. Darnell decides to wait for Wonder Woman to decide. The freed slave goes to hypnota. He then puts Wonder Woman in a pit. When she reaches the bottom a large iron ball is attached to her. The ladder is removed and water begins to flow into the pit. He’ll drown her if she doesn’t do what he wants. Steve finally returns. Darnell shows him the letter from Wonder Woman. Steve explains that he should not have taken the letter seriously because of the flourish in the signature. There’s a message on the mental radio with what’s really going on. Steve calls the sanitarium and learns that Serva was taking Wonder Woman to hypnota’s lair. Steve calls Etta and her girls. They search the ground and find the entrance. They all go in. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman is now under water. Despite being chained she is able to swim to the top, grasp the grate and breathe again. She is able to easily break the grate and get out. She still surrenders just to be safe. Steve and the girls charge the slaves. Then they go after hypnota. They only find Serva. They continue on. When they come back, Serva is gone. Wonder Woman is in a room where Serva and hypnota seem to have switched. Wonder Woman figures it out. Serva has a twin. Hypnota is a woman, not a man. Now that she realizes it was a woman and not a man who chained her, she understands her strength was there the whole time. She takes action. She puts the lasso on hypnota and release Serva’s memory. She remembers they are twins and hypnota would dress like a man for the magic act and a French accent. She goes on to say that once she developed the blue ray they continued changing identities. She then started using her new power to enslave and sell the slaves to Saturn. Darnell and Saturn’s ambassador thank Wonder Woman for averting war.

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