Wonder Woman 1944 issue 11 (story 1)

Diana returns to Army Intelligence Headquarters to hear Steve telling a masked woman he has obeyed. She is not happy. She quickly changes into Wonder Woman in her office. She misses the masked woman though. She asks Steve about her. He doesn’t respond. He finally is able to respond. But he tells her he knows nothing about the girl she asks about. Wonder Woman tears through the offices like a cyclone searching it. But she finds nothing. Steve looks out the window and sees a masked girl getting into a car. Wonder Woman leaps out of the window after her. She easily lands in the car. Farther down the road the girl slips out of Wonder Woman’s grip. She is left with a coat. In the pocket it has the secret defense plan against Saturn if they break the peace treaty. Back at headquarters, Wonder Woman questions Steve. He denies giving her the plans. He tells her he went out to see a show but doesn’t remember anything else. Diana traces the coat the next day to a tailer. He made it for a theatrical costume. It was made for Serva, the Great Hypnota’s assistant. Diana decides to see the performance. She gets Steve go with her. He’s nervous. She’s managed to get separate seats for the show so she can observe Steve. His seat is in the front row. The show begins. An assistant is bound and put in the box. He tells them they will think she is gone because he will hit them with his blue ray. Everyone starts freaking out as they are seeing different things. He starts saying things that don’t make sense to the audience. Diana is concerned that he was able to hypnotize an entire audience. Steve gets up and tries to leave but Hypnota forces him to come on stage. Diana realizes that Steve was hypnotized the night before and is still under Hypnota’s control. She gets up and sneaks off to change into Wonder Woman. He tells some of the people they are now his slaves. Wonder Woman cuts in. She challenges him. He tries to hypnotize her and a battle of wills commences. Wonder Woman wins. She tells him he is her slave now because he uses his power for evil purposes. Hypnota is shocked. He disappears through a trap door. Wonder Woman leaps down, following him. When she hits bottom, she is hit in the back of the head. It knocks her out but doesn’t kill her. Hypnota is shocked. He instructs his assistants to bind Wonder Woman with her golden lasso. She wakes and finds herself bound with her lasso. Hypnota tries hypnotizing her again. He uses her lasso to make her obey. After a bit of fun, he has her lined up to be executed by gunfire. As everyone but Steve shoots, Wonder Woman jumps to avoid the shots. She kicks him in the chest to knock him out of the trance. Now himself, he battles the others. Steve quickly helps Wonder Woman and apologizes while she tells him about Hypnota’s blue ray. They give chase and he goes to a room he cannot escape. He tells them he will confess. He tells them it was all an experiment. Wonder Woman does not buy the lie. She uses her lasso to get to the truth. However, it’s not Hypnota but Serva they have. Hypnota has gotten away. Steve acts protectively to Serva. Wonder Woman is suspicious. Wonder Woman and Steve discuss.

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