Wonder Woman 1944 issue 10 (story 2)

Steve and Diana go to the trail of Mephisto Saturno. He is sentenced to 99 years hard labor. He tells the judge he’ll be out of prison in 20 days. Diana tells Steve about Saturn invading Earth. Steve doesn’t take it seriously so on day 19 Diana calls the prison. She warns the warden that Saturno is dangerous. The next day she wakes up feeling half dead and listless. She showers and recovers. She gets on the bus and finds the driver practically asleep. She manages to stop the bus just before it runs over a police officer. But he’s in a weird state too. Diana is shocked by both and walks to the office. She finds the Colonel and Steve asleep. The phone rings and Diana answers it. It’s Saturno. He has released lassitude gas all over the country. He tells her he is going to kidnap the Holliday girls. She turns into Wonder Woman. She races to the college and finds a red globe. They are loading the Holliday girls into it. One of the Saturnians sprays Wonder Woman with the gas but she holds her breath. She lassoes the leader and makes him tie them all up. Wonder Woman rescues the girls and gives them oxygen from the college. She races back to Steve’s office and finds Saturno there. He tells her he has taken Steve prisoner. She checks her mental radio. Steve confirms he is a prisoner but he wants her to do all she can. Saturno wants to bind her with her lasso. She informs him it’s not on her but she will submit. She’s taken to the ship and her bracelets are welded together. She is kept in a cell by herself. She speaks to her guard in Saturnian. Steve is being broken by a slave leader. He asks if he will be whipped. She thinks him too strong and so she’ll starve him first. He decides to cooperate so she gives him three food capsules. The ship reaches Saturn. Roller skates are welded to Wonder Woman’s feet so she can moved with her ankles welded together. Wonder Woman is presented to the “king” of Saturn. He thinks it’s a joke. He tells them to take off the chains on Wonder Woman and replace them with light working chains. Wonder Woman takes this moment to remove her chains. She then speaks of her bargain and requests to see Steve. The king tells her they don’t bargain with slaves. Since the bargain is off she informs him she will find and free him herself. Wonder Woman gets hit with a ray gun. It paralyzes her. Heavy chains are put on her. She tries to get them taken off but it doesn’t work. She gets put on a work group to build a road from Saturn to Earth. He shows her the plans and she is amazed. He explains how it works. He tells her that one of Saturns moons exploded when it got too close to Saturn. The fragments were held in space by the planets gravity and form the rings you see now. The rings are being used to make the road with an antigravity ray. He wants Wonder Woman to point out the best place to have the sky road land on Earth and she refuses. She is put on a chain gang to be broken. She is taken 20 miles up to the sky road tower. Here she is laden with heavy construction tools. Even weakened she is still strong and knocks the guard out. More guards come running and she puts up quite a fight. Steve is marching past in a labor gang and sees what’s going on. She gets Steve to break her chains. Her strength is instantly restored. She then breaks Steve’s chains and knocks out the guards. Wonder Woman grabs the anti-gravity gun and runs down the skyroad with it. She aims it at the planet. She severs the road. She and Steve jump into a nearby ship. She saves everyone working on the sky road and frees them. The guards are chained. She steers the ship back to earth. But is upset because she’s lost her boots.

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