Wonder Woman comic book 1944 issue 9 (story 2)

The professor is not good at cave talk. He wants to help Wonder Woman find his machine but is not thinking clearly. As they search, he gets charged by a Mammoth. Wonder Woman saves him, while the professor climbs up a tree to safety. Wonder Woman throws her lasso up into a tree to pull herself up and away from the Mammoth. But its not caught by the professor, Giganta has it. She declares Wonder Woman her prisoner. She binds Wonder Woman’s hands with her own lasso. She asks Wonder Woman why she is in the forest. Wonder Woman is forced to tell her it’s because she is looking for the professors machine to return them all the civilized times. She takes Wonder Woman to a cave that she says has the machine, but she has to deal with a saber toothed tiger first. Thinking as fast as she can, she makes the loose part of her lasso into a noose. She jumps and gets it around the tiger. She’s now riding on it’s back. The professor unties her hands. She rides out of the cave on the tigers back towards Giganta, who flees, afraid. She captures and binds Giganta. Wonder Woman makes her help move the machine. The professor has trouble fixing his machine. Wonder Woman fixes it with instruction. But now the fixed machine has no electricity to power it. Etta solves the problem with Ben Franklins kite. Once up, the kite flies high. It gets struck by lightning and powers up the machine. It’s now brought them to The Golden Age when the world was perfect. The professor is upset because the thunderstorm has stopped and the time period they are in does not have thunderstorms. Steve wants to take Wonder Woman to meet his new friends. She goes. It’s Golden Age royalty, Queen Darla and King Aros. She introduces Etta to everyone and she asks for candy. All the girls get new clothes as well. Wonder Woman is asked about Giganta and explains she is dangerous and the binding keeps her from hurting others. The Queen insists Giganta be freed. Once free, she starts planning to take over and destroy The Golden Age. A man speaks with Giganta and invites her to his home. She thinks he’s rich, but he tells her keeping all the money to yourself is low class. His sister dresses her in a jeweled gown. During dinner, Giganta tries to rally the men in her favor. One disagrees with her thoughts. They decide to follow Giganta. The King is teaching Steve to cook. Giganta comes to the window and calls for help. The King is captured. Steve fights back but gets hit in the head from behind. Giganta has taken over the castle. Wonder Woman hides her lasso by wrapping it around her ankle so it looks like a bracelet. Giganta has her boots taken off and sees the bracelet but has no idea where her lasso is. The captives are turned into slaves. Giganta and her followers loot the houses. The Queen apologizes to Wonder Woman for insisting that she take the bonds off of Giganta. Giganta wants all the prisoners killed. The Queen is very sad. She did not understand how wicked people could be. They are to be burned at the stake. Wonder Woman tells the Queen to remain calm, they will escape shortly. Wonder Woman easily breaks the bond and leaps, pulling the Queen along, to safety. She gets her lasso on Giganta again and takes control of the situation. The Queen is sad that The Golden Age is over.

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