Wonder Woman comic book 1944 issue 9 (story 1)

Steve takes his niece to the zoo. She loves the gorilla and tries to get into the cage with it. The gorilla doesn’t hurt the little girl, she cradles her like a baby. Still holding the girl she breaks the bars. She grabs a human by the leg and knocks others over. The zookeeper thinks the gorilla might think the little girl is her baby. Diana arrives in time to see the gorilla leave with the girl. She sees it swing into a tree. She then changes into Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman outruns Steve on a horse. She jumps into the trees and starts swinging through them. The gorilla is making its way to Holliday College. Prof. Zool is giving a lecture on zoology. The gorilla is standing behind him. He finally notices. Etta leads the girls to attack and save the kid. The gorilla throws the professor at them. Wonder Woman arrives at this moment and manages to pry the gorillas arm so Etta can get the girl. The gorilla tosses Wonder Woman. The two then become locked in battle. Wonder Woman winds up winning. They tie up the gorilla. Steve and the zookeepers arrive. Steve wants the gorilla killed. The zoo refuses. The professor wants to try his evolution machine the gorilla to turn her into a human. She is taken to his laboratory. The procedure is done and now instead of a gorilla is woman who is Amazon sized. Wonder Woman insists on removing her bonds and dressing her. Once her head clears she tries to strangle Wonder Woman. She speaks but it’s Ape, not English. Wonder Woman is forced to throw her across the room to protect herself. However, she smashes into the machine. She speaks Ape again and it means that she thinks she is being killed and wants to get out. During the chaos, the machine was put into reverse. Everyone in the room will be devolved and turn into apes. Wonder Woman tries to throw it out of the room to stop anyone from changing. No one becomes an ape but they do turn backwards to cave people. The machine, now outside, has altered the earth and its inhabitants for miles around. The area is now what it was 60 million years ago, prehistoric animals included. There are now saber toothed tigers, mastodons and dinosaurs. The devolved people run for caves to hide and be safe. They reach a cave that is blocked. Wonder Woman opens the cave. Inside, is the gorilla girl. She tries to kill Wonder Woman again. However, now they both speak Cave language and are able to communicate. Wonder Woman invites her to join their tribe but she refuses. She doesn’t want to be lead by a “she.” She prefers a tribe led by a he. She joins the tree people. But instead of joining them, she is captured by them. They think she is hunting in their forest and sentence her to death. She sells out the cave people to save her own life. The Holliday girls make cave costumes. Wonder Woman leaves to go and find the professors machine to try and set everything back correctly. Etta and Eve stand guard at the cave while she is gone. Steve comes out looking for Wonder Woman. He thinks he should be in charge because he’s a guy. He’s promptly captured by the tree people. The gorilla girls points out that the chief of this tribe is a she. Wonder Woman can’t locate the lab because of the effect of the machine. She has to go back to the cave and find the machine via sense of direction. Heading back to the cave she finds gorilla girl. She captures Wonder Woman but she easily breaks free. She then finds her friends captured by the tree people. She surrenders to save them all. They decide to let the Forest Gods decide her fate. Steve is tied to a tree to be sacrificed, Wonder Woman will have to save him again. The tree people tribe invoke the Gods of the Jungle. A T Rex appears and starts running towards Steve. He shouts, “The tyrant king of beast Gods accepts our sacrifice.” Wonder Woman breaks her bonds to leap in the dinosaurs direction. She pulls up the tree that Steve is tied to so the dinosaur cannot eat him. She ties up the Rex’s jaws with her magic lasso. She then rides it and makes it break all the cages. Now free, the cave girls go on the attack against the tree people. The dinosaur carries all the cave people back under the lasso. Wonder Woman tells Etta that now she can focus on finding the machine.

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