Wonder Woman 1944 issue 8 (story 3)

Etta pops into Diana’s office to tell her there is a report of a woman stronger than her, named Octavia. She appears to be a football player. Diana calls on her. Octavia asks her if she plays football. Diana tells her no, but says Etta Candy’s team does. Diana also notices she calls men manlings and realizes she’s from Atlantis. That night Wonder Woman calls Mala to ask if Ptra has escaped. She says no and puts her on. But someone sneaks up behind Wonder Woman. Octavia tries to kill her. Turns out this is Queen Eeras’s daughter. She ran away to meet Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman decides some training on Paradise Island will help her. They arrive and Wonder Woman leaves her for training. Octavia doesn’t do very well in her training session at first but slowly it turns around. Months later, Wonder Woman comes back to give her a final test. She has to face Clea in a duel. But Clea cheats and shoots Octavia before they are supposed to. Octavia is only grazed. But Clea attacks Wonder Woman as well. She chains Wonder Woman and takes her to her plane. She takes off in the plane with Wonder Woman. Steve and Etta both start to worry about Diana. Etta receives word that Wonder Woman has been kidnapped from Paradise Island by two Atlanteans. Steve grabs Etta and her girls an jumps into action. He arms all of Etta’s girls with helmets an rifles. They load up the airplane and head straight there. He dives into the volcano. However, there is a massive explosion and Steve thinks the tunnel has been closed. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman finally wakes up. She finds herself with Octavia, chained in the dungeons. Wonder Woman is unable to break the chains. She and Octavia and they pull the wall down. They find Clea in prison as well on the other side of the wall. She tells them that the manlings took over. She explains when she captured the ship from the upper world she also brought back weapons. She kept them hidden but the manlings found them and used them to kill many of the women and enslave the rest. Octavia asks about her mother and Clea is very cold. Meanwhile, manlings come for the prisoners. Wonder Woman and Octavia get fitted with chains that force them to kneel. Wonder Woman gets the manling to take off the chains she cannot break. She warns Octavia when she breaks their chains she will have to use her bracelets to deflect the bullets. They escape and head towards Aurania of Atlanta. Big Bertha, a massive cannon, is being fired at the intake tunnel. She captures one with her lasso and he tells them they blocked the tunnel to prevent more women. But Octavia realizes that they won’t get any more oxygen and will die. Wonder Woman comes up with a plan to open it again. Wonder Woman jumps into a shell she alters to get fired up towards the tunnel. She’s able to burst through. Steve sees the shell. Wonder Woman sees his plane. She manages to jump on it. She gets in and they quickly go back down. Now the two pick up big Bertha and throw it. However, Clea is now leading an army. Wonder Woman lassos her again. Queen Eeras is freed. She is reunited with her daughter. Wonder Woman thanks Steve for his help.

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