Wonder Woman 1944 issue 8 (story 2)

As Diana leaves the office, a young girl stops her. She is looking for Wonder Woman. She tries to help the girl. She lets the girl talk to Wonder Woman over the mental radio. The little girl has lost her dad. Her fathers Merchant Marine ship was lost at sea. A man who was on the ship with her dad comes to their house and tells them her father is still alive. The ship was caught in a storm while it was carrying German prisoners. They headed towards the nearest land which was an uncharted volcano. It started erupting with paratroopers. But it was actually female soldiers in red uniforms. They took everyone as a prisoner. Her father was thrown off the boat with his hands tied. He managed to still save the man who stands there talking to them. The last time he saw Bill he was being pulled onto a boat. He, himself, climbed back aboard the ship and stayed adrift on it. Once rescued he told the story of what happened, but no one believed him. They just called him crazy. The little girl believed him and that is why she is looking for Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman sneaks into the closet and changes into Wonder Woman while keep her image on the mental radio. She then appears in front of the girl. Wonder Woman takes her to Steve’s office to tell him the story. Wonder Woman then tells him that they have to have come from Atlantis and taken the men as slaves. Steve wants to help. She wants him to convince them that the story is true and to get them to send a cruisier to the island. Wonder Woman calls on Etta and her girls to help. She wants to bring her whole band. Wonder Woman loads up her plane and they head to the volcano. Once inside the warriors intercept them on the flying dinosaurs. Wonder Woman is forced to land. They are attacked. But Queen Eeras quickly intervenes and stops it. The Queen tells her she watches the intake tunnel closely. Wonder Woman tells her she isn’t watching the outtake tunnel very well because Clea lead a raid in the upper world and captured a ship full of men. Clea is in prison it’s her daughter who is ruling Venturia. They go to check on her. They keep an iron mask on her face so she can only eat and drink but not talk to guards. Wonder Woman immediately sees that this prisoner looks very different from Clea. It’s actually her daughter. Wonder Woman lassos her with the golden lasso to make her tell the truth. The guard who put the mask on what hypnotized to think she was her mother. She tells her that her mother raided the upper world for strong men to turn into soldiers. Eeras is then told the Venturians are coming with a large army. Queen Eeras, Wonder Woman and Etta. Queen Clea’s army is all the German prisoners. The woman of Atlantis battle, while the men are cowards. Clea sneaks up and sprays devitimizer onto Eeras and Wonder Woman. She stole the formula. Clea finally frees her daughter. She asks for Eeras and Wonder Woman to punish and Clea agrees. She plans to cover them in iron from head to toe. She has Wonder Woman tied with her own lasso and painted in metal. Queen Eeras is also painted in metal. As statues, they are presented to Queen Clea. She then orders all the American soldiers who refuses to fight for her to be executed. She then orders Etta and her band to play music, if at any point they stop then the cage is dropped in the water and the men drown. The music finally wakes Wonder Woman from her coma. She easily breaks out of her iron cover. Her hands our bound by her lasso, though, she can’t untie them. She realizes the prisoners in the cage are in great danger. She tries to climb up her chain to rescue them. However, Ptra sees her before she gets there. So they drop the cage. But Wonder Woman uses her teeth to grab the ring and hold the cage above water. She then tries to kill Wonder Woman with a spear but Etta steps in. Etta then uses the spear to get to Wonder Woman. She unties her hands as well. With untied hands, Wonder Woman frees the prisoners. While the sailors escape, Etta’s girls are fighting the other soldiers. At this moment, Steve arrives with G2 men and marines from a battleship. Wonder Woman knock Ptra out. Eeras and Clea go head to head in a battle. Clea surrenders. And the little girl (she came with Steve) sees her dad and runs into his arms. Eeras plans to execute Clea and her daughter, but Wonder Woman asks to take them both to Mala and the Amazons to try and reform them. She agrees but Steve is worried.

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