Wonder Woman 1944 issue 8 (story 1)

Diana takes a short code message from Steve. He found something very sought after and is bringing it back. Turns out Van Vlek did not destroy his formula, but tore it in three pieces and left each piece with a different person. He found all three pieces to reassemble the formula. He’s delayed coming back as he is dropping someone off. Diana is awakened in the middle of the night from the mental radio. Steve gives her coordinates of a volcano crater he is stuck in. He also says farewell. She races to save him and prays to Aphrodite for help. Steve is still flying his plane trying to fight being sucked in. But after sinking a bit he sees something very different. The passenger tells him to fly level above the ground. They are under the Atlantic flying above Atlantis. She draws a map of where Atlantis is located and how they get air. However, Steve is out of gas and going to crash. It’s enemy territory too. However, female Atlantean officers come to their aid. They then try to arrest Steve. Eeras is forced to defend herself as well. It turns out that Eeras is an escaped prisoner and she’s a Queen. Steve and Eeras are taken to prison. Wonder Woman has now reached the volcano. She almost gets pulled in but manages to land the plane. She heads into the crater. She makes it to the bottom quickly. She sees the city of Atlantis below. Not sure how to get to the bottom she jumps on the back of a large bird flying by. She realizes the bird looks like a Pterodactyl. She now wonders if this is not the lost city but the lost continent where some prehistoric animals could have survived. She finds Steve’s plane has landed unharmed. The natives think Wonder Woman is the devil queen. They question her and she answers. They make fun of her. She punches one to get sent to prison with Steve. Then apologizes for hurting her. She gets chained. She is thrown in with Eera. They introduce themselves. Wonder Woman asks her to tell her her story. She was captured during an invasion from the other nation on Atlantis. She tells Wonder Woman the man that was with her is in the next cell. She breaks through the wall. Steve is not there, just his clothes. Eera tells her he’s likely been given different clothing to wear for his execution. Wonder Woman wants to escape to save Steve. Eeras tells her when she breaks the chains he’ll be executed. She has a plan. The formula is in Steve’s jacket. She asks Wonder Woman to free her so her agents can quickly make it and use it against their captors. Wonder Woman uses her lasso so she doesn’t break her chains. She frees her. Steve is taken before the other queen. He tries to demonstrate his strength to save himself, but the Queen is only amused and says its another reason he should die. Meanwhile, they find Eeras has escaped. Wonder Woman is taken to the Queen’s box in the arena. Steve enters with a short sword. The Queen tells Wonder Woman that if Steve disobeys he’ll find 20 arrows in his heart. Two prehistoric boars enter and charge. He manages to stop one with his sword. The second one is still there. No longer able to control herself, Wonder Woman easily breaks her chains and jumps into the arena to stop the other boar. Wonder Woman then swings the boar and throws it at the Queen’s favorite archers. They are no more. Arrows begin to fly at her and Steve. She uses her bracelets to deflect them while he uses a boar as a shield. Suddenly, the archers collapse and so does the Queen and her guards. Queen Eeras arrives and tells Wonder Woman that the formula was vaporized and put in the vents. She is back in control. Steve’s tank is filled up with gas that Eeras synthesizes. They head back out of the volcano.

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