Wonder Woman 1943 issue 7 (story 2)

On Paradise Island, Diana and her mother continue to discuss the sphere. Now Diana wants to see what happens when a man runs against a woman in the future for president. She and Steve are in the Colonel’s office discussing a candidate who is a man. Diana doesn’t trust him. Steve announces that Manly wants Steve to run for president. Diana tells him she doesn’t trust Manly and he brushes it off. A report comes in that firearms that have been banned are being secretly manufactured and being sold to men. As an operative is about to tell Diana who is behind the guns, she is shot and killed. Once Diana realizes she cannot be helped, she goes after her killer. She chases him to the president’s office. Professor Manly is in there and Diana instantly calls him a murderer. However, the president vouches for him. Diana is informed that the Colonel will be running for president and Manly as vice president. The current president won’t run against Steve. Diana volunteers to run. Manly is happy. Diana is nominated for president with Etta Candy as her vice president. Diana’s speeches and Etta’s humor win many fans. But lots of younger women plan to vote for Steve simply because of how good looking he is. After the vote, it appears Diana has won. But election offices are broken into by men in purple shirts where they bound and gag the workers. They start falsifying votes so Steve and Manly win. Diana and other women are confused about the votes changing and are suspicious. Behind closed doors Manly informs Steve that he elected him and that now Steve takes orders from him. He’s to start by signing an order to destroy all election ballots. Steve is furious and refuses. Steve slips out and goes for a horseback ride to think. He gets surrounded by men in purple shirts who seize him. Diana resigns her position to investigate Professor Manly, the murder of the operative and the election fraud. When she leaves the office she sees everyone reading a paper that says the president, Steve, has disappeared. Diana goes back to speak to the Colonel but finds Manly. He has her arrested. She is gagged and put in confinement. One of the officers gives her her handbag. After she’s left alone she easily removes her straightjacket and changes into Wonder Woman. She bends bars on the window to escape. One of the guards sees her escaping so she is forced to deal with her. She wraps the guard in Diana’s cloak so that if anymore guards see her they will think Wonder Woman has kidnapped Diana. When guards see it they reluctantly sound the alarm. Steve wakes up shackled with others. They are the election officials. Steve is taken up to see Manly. He is giving Steve one more chance to destroy the ballots or he will issue the order as acting president. Steve again refuses. Now they put him in a chamber with air at a temperature of negative 370 F below zero. He’ll slowly freeze to death. Manly tells him that if he tries to break the glass he will instantly freeze to death. Back in Washington she goes to the secret headquarters of the purple shirts to try and get answers. She lets them think they have knocked her out. Then they shackle her. Their boss wants to talk to her to find out where Diana Prince is hidden. She’s taken to Manly. He shows her Steve in the glass freezing chamber. She talks to Steve, but he’s having trouble talking. Manly tells her he will try it on her once Steve is dead. Wonder Woman has had enough. She breaks free of her shackles and shatters all the glass so the freezing air can dissipate. Minutes later, Steve is able to break out. Steve finds even Wonder Woman frozen. Etta arrives. Steve tells her Wonder Woman is frozen and nothing can be done. Etta informs him he is wrong and she and her girls take Wonder Woman. Etta puts her in a temperature controlled room to slowly warm her up. She is in a state of suspended animation and can be revived this way. Etta’s plan works and Wonder Woman thaws out and recovers. Wonder Woman wants the men thawed and taken to jail. Etta wants them to confess so she can be president. Colonel Darnell hurries to meet them and Wonder Woman quickly changes into Diana. Diana is sworn in as president. Back in 1943 Wonder Woman feels bad that she beat Steve, but her Mother tells her not to.

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