Wonder Woman 1943 issue 6 (story 3)

Sgt Doot complains that Wonder Woman is causing him a lot of trouble. The Sgt thinks Wonder Woman’s strength is fake. Steve sticks up for Wonder Woman. The Sgt makes the claim that no woman alive could ever knock him out. Diana excuses herself. Wonder Woman arrives shortly. Steve takes the opportunity to tell Wonder Woman that the Sgt thinks her strength is fake. They shake and she squeezes his hand enough to get him to say ouch. He thinks it’s just a jiu jitsu grip. Then she lifts a desk. And throws it at the Sgt. He starts freaking out when the desk crushes him. He calls her a freak of nature. She lets him measure her, she’s the size of a normal girl. Wonder Woman tells him that on Paradise Island they are training average American girls in the ways of the Amazon. He challenges her team with his. Wonder Woman brings the Sgt’s team to Paradise Island. One team member is missing. Cheetah has her. The Cheetah poses as her. Cheetah then wipes out her memory. Cheetah goes to the plane in disguise. Wonder Woman lands on Paradise Island. The Queen meets both teams. First is a weight lifting contest. Then it’s a pole vault. Then it’s an actual race. Even changed Paula’s girls easily beat the other team. Cheetahs’ anger starts to boil over at Wonder Woman’s team beating the other team across the board. The challenge is an Amazon style hurdles race. There is an issue and Kay cheated but Paula concedes, and it makes Cheetah even angrier. She wants to find the source of Amazon power and destroy it. Kay starts asking questions about the Amazon power. She mentions welding chains to their bracelets. So Wonder Woman lets her have a try. She easily breaks them. Wonder Woman is outside later and someone lassos her feet with flexible metal. She is jerked up and then she is shot at. She breaks free and captures the shooter, it’s Kay (Cheetah). She questions her and she was testing another rumor. She points out her golden lasso is the only thing she cannot break. At dinner, Kay (Cheetah) starts asking questions about the girdle. That night she breaks into the Queen’s room to discover the girdle is not with her, it’s being guarded. She becomes the Cheetah and steals the girdle. She then attacks the queen who woke up. She also kidnaps the Queen. The Queen wakes and tries to talk to the Cheetah. Wonder Woman finds a note, its from Gail and she knows who the Cheetah is now. Wonder Woman is told what is going on. They track Gail since she is going after Cheetah. They find her unconscious with a note from Cheetah. She has captured the queen and stolen the girdle. They find the Queen staked to the ground with Cheetah above. She plans to crush the Queen with a boulder. Wonder Woman challenges Cheetah to a fight, while Cheetah wears the girdle. During the fight, Cheetah pulls a knife. The girdle removes itself from Cheetah. Cheetah jumps back up and tries to crush the Queen with the boulder, but Wonder Woman is able to save her. The Cheetah is captured and unmasked. It’s Priscilla Rich. She is questioned with the lasso. She asks to be kept there and trained.

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