Wonder Woman comic book 1943 issue 6 (story 2)

The Colonel calls a meeting of his staff to deliver some bad news. There’s a lot of information leaks and they are being linked to the army. The information is only available to Army officers in Washington. Diana gets a call. It’s a weird call telling her to go to the beauty club after work. Diana summons the chief information clerk. She asks about the beauty club. She’s informed that its exclusive and a lot of the army officers wives have been invited there. Diana decides to accept and go to the club. She runs into Priscilla so she doesn’t think that she’s the cheetah. Priscilla tells the manager that Diana is her guest. Diana only wants a shampoo. Her hair is pinned down and paralyzes her. She changes into Wonder Woman. She breaks free and throws a chair through a wall. She finds a blindfolded stenographer taking notes. She grabs her with the magic lasso. She takes the notepad. It’s a written record of Diana’s thoughts. She’s a psychic and reading peoples minds. She tells Wonder Woman that Priscilla Rich is making her do it. She tells the story of how Priscilla found her. She also tells Wonder Woman someone is planning a murder. The Cheetah captured them both and put them in a cage in costumes and in chains. She captured them to use them. She threatens them to get them to do as she wants. Wonder Woman learns Cheetah is still alive. Wonder Woman burns the notes. The girl is trying to escape the lasso. But the door opens and it’s the Cheetah. Wonder Woman tries to catch her, but Cheetah gets away. She knows that Cheetah has been passing secrets. She boards her invisible plane with Steve. They are heading to the Hoochin Air Base. They have to try and stop the attack. Wonder Woman jumps from the plane as the Japanese begin the attack. Her parachute is gone and Wonder Woman makes the highest dive ever. She hits the water near the ship. As she comes up she finds the Japanese ship so she moves it. She rolls the ship over actually. She takes over a Japanese tank and drives it to the Army headquarters. But the Japanese have taken over. They take her prisoner. They think that all her information is lies. Wonder Woman sends a mental message to Steve. As they all try to slice her up, she breaks free and heads to the roof. They try to follow. Steve’s timing is perfect and Wonder Woman is able to grab the ladder and climb up to the plane. Steve tells her if her plan worked she’ll save 150,000 men. Etta calls Wonder Woman via the mental radio. She freed the two people that Cheetah had captured. Cheetah threatens Wonder Woman and Steve pulls out his gun and says he’ll take care of her with a bullet.

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