Wonder Woman comic book 1943 issue 6 (story 1)

A benefit performance by Wonder Woman is sold out. He introduces Priscilla Rich who is the opening the show, but she gets nothing. Diana comes out ot move a piano into place. The crowd starts to get rowdy. Diana talks like Wonder Woman to calm the crowd and quickly changes into Wonder Woman and comes out on stage. Wonder Woman then comes out and moves the piano. But she throws it over the audience. She’s put the lasso around it and pulls it back. She demonstrates “The Ordeal of 1,000 Links.” She will be bound with shackles and manacles and then put into a tank full of water to escape. She’s even put in a leather head mask and an iron neck collar, among other things. Someone ties her arms with her golden lasso. She senses it but she’s blindfolded and can’t see. Once in the tank, she easily breaks her leg chains. She realizes that someone has bound her hands with her lasso. She breaks through her mask and neck collar, but still can’t reach the lasso. The audience is becoming frantic. Priscilla tries to keep the crowd calm, by telling them Wonder Woman can break any bond, but she’s thinking that she can’t break her lasso. Wonder Woman uses some acrobatics to uncover her face. This allows her to see the lasso. She is able to get the fetters off her ankles. Wonder Woman uses the lasso to break all the remaining chains. Wonder Woman explodes from the tank. The crowd goes wild. Priscilla buddies up to her and Wonder Woman suspects that she put the lasso on her. Wonder Woman’s show raised $100,000 for the charity. The theater manager puts it in the safe. Wonder Woman invites the manager to the 400 Club. Priscilla gets a little upset because he’s supposed to take her to dinner. Up in her room, she loses her temper. He hatred of Wonder Woman spews out like lava. She sits at a mirror and her evil self takes over. She is now like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. We see Cheetah in the mirror. A treacherous, relentless huntress. The Cheetah tells her to take the rug and make an outfit from it and put it on when commanded. She puts it on and goes after Wonder Woman. Cheetah breaks into the office and cracks the safe and steals the $100,000. As Wonder Woman leaves the club, Cheetah watches. The manager offers to drive her home. She gets to Diana Prince’s house and tells the man she’s staying with her as she is her friend. Cheetah climbs up to Diana’s window and breaks in. She finds her asleep on the bed. However, she doesn’t kill her as originally planned, instead she hides the stolen money there. In the middle of the night Priscilla calls the theater manager to ask about the money. He tells her he’ll deposit it at 10:30am tomorrow and she can meet him at the bank. It’s now 10:30 and she’s at the bank but he is not. He finally arrives and tells them the money is gone, stolen. She instantly insists he makes it good from his own funds. The bank calls the police. So the manager and Priscilla are taken to the station by the detective. She tells the police that Wonder Woman also saw the money in the safe. So they want to speak to her as well. So they decide to talk to Wonder Woman’s friend, Diana Prince. Diana and Steve are also brought in. They decide to search Diana’s place. Priscilla tries to say that Diana must have seduced the Manager to steal the money. Diana, having enough, slips out of sight momentarily and turns into Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman walks in. Wonder Woman is ready to take the blame, but Priscilla insists that she would need the managers help to do it. Steve tries to stop it. Steve and Etta talk to Wonder Woman in prison. Steve is worried. Wonder Woman is informed that she has a lawyer now who’s arranged bail. She’s led into a trap. It’s a warehouse where someone appears to be trapped. Once inside she finds Cheetah attacking the manager. Cheetah takes the pair to an elevator and Wonder Woman uses her shoulders to break out. She tries to shoot Wonder Woman and the manager but Wonder Woman is too quick. They do fall into a huge bin of grain though and it’s like quicksand. The two go under. Steve and Etta arrive with a lawyer for Wonder Woman. The warden gives them the address of the lawyer hired for her. Steve recognizes it immediately as a warehouse. In the bin, Wonder Woman goes to the bottom with the man to try and jump out. She manages to catch a hook. She swings to a landing where Etta and Steve are standing. Suddenly, smoke is wafting up the stairs. Wonder Woman says the Cheetah has set the warehouse on fire. Etta says she brought rope and if Wonder Woman will make a nice hole in the wall they can slide down it. Once they get down, they see Cheetah on the roof setting it on fire. The manager says that Cheetah told him she was trying to frame them both. Wonder Woman thinks she’s know who Cheetah might actually be. The Cheetah falls into the fire, but she’s not dead.

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