Wonder Woman comic book 1943 issue 5 (story one)

Mars gets unpleasant news from his slave secretary. The report is about women in war activities. Currently, there are eigth million and its projected to be 18 million by 1944. Mars thinks it’s Aphrodite’s work. She continues with the account of women from other countries and their counts. Mars gets angry and silences her. He screams at her to summon his staff. Mars is furious at them. He says women are the spoils of war, if they are allowed to join in the fight they’ll be stronger than men and put an end to war. His staff won’t go to earth, they fear Wonder Woman. He’s mad and calls them cowards. He assigns Deception to deal with this problem. He whispers in Dr. Psycho’s ear. [His past is mysterious and his brilliance in medical school got him recognition and the highest honor the school could bestow.] His classmates find him comical in appearance. He doesn’t like being teased or made fun of by them. His fiance Marva isn’t very enthusiastic. Later, Pyscho sees her with another man, kissing him. He asks her to marry him but she tells him she’s already engaged. That night, someone breaks into Psycho’s lab. Marva comes in and thinks it was Psycho running away from her. The next day $125,000 in radium is missing and Psycho is who they suspect took it. They ask Marva and she tells Psycho to return the radium. He accuses her of framing him so she can marry Ben Bradley. He’s convicted based on her testimony. Later he reads in the paper she married Ben Bradley. He spends a long time in prison and while there his hatred for human kind, especially women, grows. When he’s released he goes after Bradley. He quickly confesses that he did steal the radium but it was Marva’s plan. He makes him swallow radium and he dies. Then he kidnaps Marva. He hypnotizes her and forces her to marry him. Then uses her for occult experiments. He wants her to bring living substance from the spirit world. It takes a while, but finally some ectoplasm from unseen space. He uses it to make himself look different. Weeks later, Steve Trevor shows Diana a paper. Psycho is going to have the spirit of George Washington give a speech. He thinks it’s bunk, but Psycho has millions of followers. Marva is the medium he uses. She’s in a case. Diana excuses herself and returns as Wonder Woman. She wants to see if this is genuine or not. Marva is tied in her case. George Washington appears in a beam of red light. The message he gives is quite surprising. He tells them women should not be permitted to have the responsibilities they have now. They will lose the war for America. The must not serve the armed forces at all, their weakness will betray their country. He predicts the Supreme Shell Company will blow up. Wonder Woman immediately sees he’s working for the Axis. Wonder Woman leaps from her seat and George Washington turns into Pyscho. The next day the plant has been secured. A man tries to go to the plant, but he’s not allowed in. A general stops him to check on the workers, he has a stick. He puts it down while he talks to them. When he leaves he does not take it with him. It’s just about noon and suddenly an explosion happens. The plant has blown up. Psycho phones and he invites them to a private session. The Colonel agrees to see what he says. At the private session, Wonder Woman ties Marva. She begs to not be tied but Psycho insists that a woman cannot be trusted with freedom. As it begins, Wonder Woman realizes that its not George Washington but Psycho. As Washington he tells them papers will be stolen at noon tomorrow. To not trust women as they are betraying you. Wonder Woman, unable to tolerate anymore, interrupts the act. She puts her golden lasso around him. She asks him if this is really Dr. Psycho. He says its living ecloplasm materialized through the medium Marva. The session continues. But George is no longer a willing participant. The next day, the Colonel goes to the vault to make sure the secret papers are still safe. He then calls three trusted female agents and gives them papers to hide on their person. However, the real Colonel has been at the White House all day. He arrives and goes in to the vault and finds papers missing. The three women are located and arrested. All tell the same story, the Colonel gave them the papers to hide on their person. Diana takes the three to the Colonel’s office. They tell him he gave them the orders to hide the papers on themselves. He thinks its ridiculous and orders them locked up. Another officer enters. He tells the Colonel that the guards confirmed he entered the vault at 9am. But the Colonel thinks its absurd as he was at the White House. Steve realizes that someone must have impersonated Darnell. He want’s to talk to Psycho again. Psycho gives them lots of words for answers, but none make any sense. He piles ectoplasm on Steve’s chest until he can’t breathe. He decides to keep him for his plan to destroy women. Diana is worried Steve hasn’t returned. She leaves early to see if Steve has sent a mental message. He has and tells her Psycho has taken him prisoner. He tells her he’s in a cage and there are alarms everywhere on the grounds. She changes into Wonder Woman and heads for the laboratory. Once there, realizing that the open ground is all alarmed, she uses two trees to catapult herself to the laboratory. She searches the lab and finds nothing. Then she moves a box of canned goods and finds a trap door. When she opens it she hears Steve. He’s in an iron cage. However, the bars are electrified and it’s actually Psycho disguised as Steve. She’s stuck and can’t move. He then attaches her to a machine to separate her spirit from her body. He chains her spirit to a wall. He tells her he will lock her body in the cage and keep her spirit attached to the wall so they don’t reunite. Steve tries to call Etta mentally. He reaches her and she and her girls will try to come rescue him. Oddly, someone who says he’s Psycho’s assistant greets them when they arrive. They tell him they want a seance. Carlos has quite a lot to handle with the girls. Wonder Woman realizes her chains are looser. She manages to break free and reunite with her body. She finally finds Steve and frees him. She tells him Psycho is the most dangerous man alive. Wonder Woman then finds Marva. She carefully wakes her from her trance. Marva is horribly afraid. When Marva awakens Psycho turns back into himself. Etta and her girls chase him. When Psycho tries to shoot them, Steve shoots the gun out of his hand. Psycho tells them that they can’t prove he’s been other people. Wonder Woman thinks there will be more trouble. She tries to counsel Marva. Wonder Woman tries to inspire her.

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