Wonder Woman 1943 #4 (story two)

Wonder Woman is back from Reform Island and back at work at Diana Prince. Steve asks about Etta and her school’s band. He would like them to play an event. However, Steve takes her outside and finds Etta and her band are marching. The band gets hired. But suddenly, there’s a shaking and a hiss. Some dark steam comes ouf of the ground. The ground splits open making a large opening. Diana changes into Wonder Woman. She races to her plane. She saw humans far below the hole. She flies to Reform Island to get Paula for her scientific knowledge. Paula is upset because she thinks she failed the goddesses first test. Mala gets her exercising. They move on to single stick. A messenger arrives to take Paula to the temple. Aphrodite speaks with her and tells her that the first test left her with some doubt. Yes mistakes were made by not trusting in her strength but that today Mala cured that. She is now given her second test: capture the men of the underworld. Wonder Woman arrives on the island a little bit later. Paula walks to her plane, and immediately tells her to get in, they have work to do in the underworld. They only equip themselves with gas masks and electric torches. The two have to travel a mile down the hole to get to the bottom but the gas clears before they make it all the way down. The hole closes as the gas clears. The two begin to plummet down the hole. Some ghost like ladies catch them in a blanket to stop the falling. They capture Wonder Woman and Paula. They are the slaves of the mole men. They inform Wonder Woman that they were captured from the surface and the mole men use them as eyes because they are blind. That women’s eyes adapt and they can see but mens do not and they go blind. The women get covered with a chemical that is ultraviolet and the men can see this. A man gets angry because the two new women have not been coated. They keep their clothes all but their shoes. Wonder Woman asks if she may keep her boots and lasso after she is painted, but is told no. Paula would rather use her new found strength to break free. However, the sandals that they are forced to wear also keep them prisoner. The Mole Men council have a meeting. They wanted to hit Washington but missed by miles. The only thing they suceeded in doing was capturing new eyes. Wonder Woman and Paula are taken to the king. The Mole Men want to take over the world. The King tells Wonder Woman that they have dug tunnels under the American Capitol and plan to drop all important buildings underground. Their excavations are nearly complete. All the girls are sent off to work but Wonder Woman is given the biggest ball and chain. He makes a remark and so Wonder Woman picks up the massive ball and runs with it without issue. She finds Etta and her band. They happily reunite. The mole men have developed claws for digging. Wonder Woman talks with Paula about escaping. Paual tells her she was tasked with capturing the mole men, but if she can free all of them then they can attack them. Wonder Woman goes on the word capture and so she won’t attack them. Paula asks Wonder Woman to head to a cross tunnel with her and so they run. They easily outrun the mole men. They go into the machine shop. Wonder Woman pulls off all the chains. And Paula then starts making lassos for all the women-slaves to use on the men. She will charge it with the earth static so the mole men are paralyzed. Wonder Woman breaks through a wall and meets up with the other slaves. She tells the leaders her plan. Now the mole men plan to teach Wonder Woman and the rest of the slaves a lesson. Wonder Woman has to dance to not be electrocuted. She dances for hours to prevent electrocution and give Paula time to make the lassos. Etta and her band start to play and this is the signal that Paula has given all the lassos out. The mole men are captivated by the music. Wonder Woman has gotten her sandals off as well. All the mole men are captured. Wonder Woman tells the girls to take off their chains and sandals-first. One of the girls asks the king to make Galla his queen. He admits he’s crazy about her but will not make her queen or lead in peace. Wonder Woman gets an idea. She removes the seals on the Kings eyes. His site is fully restored. She rebandages his eyes and takes him to the throne room. She removes the bandages and shows him Galla. He decides she is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen and for her to rule him. Wonder Woman and Paula restore the sight to all the mole men. Wonder Woman finds Etta excited. She thinks she found candy but it’s dynamite. She will use it to blast their way out. Steve and the Colonel are trying to dig the women out. They are making no progress until suddenly the hole collapses. Wonder Woman, however, sees people falling and yells for the net to catch them. They catch the Colonel. Wonder Woman has to catch Steve herself has he completely misses the net. The steam shovel is falling as well. Wonder Woman drops Steve and catches it. Wonder Woman orders Steve to move immediately out of the way of the steam shovel. Wonder Woman says the mole men can use the steam shovel. Steve tells her that a rope ladder about a mile long will be thrown down shortly. The Colonel still hasn’t woken up so Wonder Woman is forced to carry him up the ladder. Once topside, Wonder Woman disappears and Diana reappears. Steve asks her where Wonder Woman went. She tells him that Wonder Woman and Paula passed her on the way back to Paradise Island. The Colonel finally wakes up and he is thrilled to see Diana and that she is ok.

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