Wonder Woman Comic Book 1943 #4 (story one)

The Colonel brings a new patient to Diana. Her name is Mae Wu from China and has raised a large amount of money for Chinese Relief. Diana comments she has heard her speak and thinks she is wonderful. She wants to consult with Diana because of her dual capacity as nurse and intelligence agent. When she was a prisoner she was whipped. She asks Diana if something can be done to remove the scars. The surgeon she consulted says it’s a simple operation but she received a threat about not removing the scars. Diana refers her to Dr. Strong, a skin specialist. The next day Diana bicycles to Dr. Strong’s to see if Mae Wu saw him. When she arrives she finds her on the ground with clear head trauma. When she looks closely Mae Wu appears to be dead. Diana quickly changes into Wonder Woman and quickly scoops her up. She is going to take her to Reform Island to try and revive her with Paula’s electrical machine that restores life. She arrives quickly to the island flying at 2000 mph. As soon as she lands she seeks out Paula. Paula is tracked down and told what happened. She tells Diana her machine is in perfect condition. The machine works. Her heart slowly begins to beat and she starts breathing. Paula informs Wonder Woman it will be hours to days for her memory to be restored. Wonder Woman makes a mental call to Steve Trevor. She tells him she needs Diana Prince for a case and she will need a weeks leave of absence. Mala informs Wonder Woman that Paula and six others are taking a physical fitness test for Aphrodite. She asks Wonder Woman to be one of the judges. She agrees if the Queen allows it. The next day, the Queen and Wonder Woman are the judges. They all pass the first test, weight lifting. The next test is the lasso. One fails and she is eliminated from the tests. After several hours only Paula and Jeanne are left. The two each get tied to a pole. They need to break free to pass the final test. The Amazon’s taunt them as they struggle. Paula is able to break the ropes. The Queen congratulates her. She tells her that her daughter will present her to their Goddess. In the temple, Diana presents Paula. She is now tasked with performing three labors of love. Mala finds the two and tells them that the girl has fully recovered. Diana, Paula and Mala swim to Reform Island. Mae Wu tells them her story. When she was a child her village was attacked by the Japanese. Every man in the village was killed and all the homes burned down. The women and children were taken to their camp. Captain Hideo questioned them all. She was defiant and she was tied to a post and whipped by him. After he whips her she tells him she knows where the general is. She challenges him to whip her again and maybe she will tell him where he is. He frees her for her courage. She is released and taken to a port. When she returns to the Chinese General he tells her that Hideo notified him of her release. She is confused by this. She is then assigned to speak about Chinese Relief in America. Wonder Woman looks at her marks again. Four marks one way and three another. She deduces a date. Hideo put a date on her back and sent her to show it to people so it could be read without detection by Japanese agents. Her desire to remove the marks is why they wanted to kill her. Wonder Woman calls Steve on the mental radio and asks about the date. There are rumors the Japanese have something planned to drive American women insane. Wonder Woman thinks it could cause a civil war of women against men. She needs the spy list of Japanese from China. Wonder Woman, Paula and Mae Wu fly in her plane to the area in China where they can get the list. Wonder Woman sees American soldiers and lands there. As she meets with the General he informs her they are about to attack. He shows the battle plan. Mae Wu shows him a hilly area that if they approach from they won’t be detected. Paula tells Wonder Woman that this general Von Bop is a Nazi. He has no reason to think that she is not one anymore and wishes to try and engage him directly. At dawn, the attack takes place. General Brown is wounded and falls. Wonder Woman swings into action. She takes out a large number of the Japanese herself. They send a tank towards her. She easily overpowers the tank. The Japanese think she is a War God and begin to flee. Some got away and Wonder Woman takes off to go find them. She catches a carload. She lassos ones of them. He tells her he is Hideo. Wonder Woman is thrilled by this find. She gets him to explain the marks. It’s a code for a date to release Japanese Gnats all over America. They are bugs like fleas and they are carrying the germ to infect the women. She asks him for the list of agents. But he tells her its only in the intelligence headquarters. She throws him over her shoulder and runs back to camp. He gets chained but only the lasso is needed. She commands him to take her to Ching Fu. Paula reaches Von Bop but he is suspicious because she looks different. He takes her prints and compares them to her file. He learns that Wonder Woman rescued her daughter and wonders if she has turned against them. When she asks for the list of Japanese spies he believes she has turned and has her arrested and taken to General Blatsu for examination. Hideo takes Wonder Woman to General Blatsu. He’s happy to meet her. He already has Paula changed to a wall as a prisoner. She acts quickly and puts some of the lasso on him as well. She compels him to give her the list so he does. Wonder Woman presses the list to Paula’s back to do a transfer as she has a special chemical on her back to invisibly copy it. A guard comes in and gets the better of Wonder Woman. Paula and Wonder Woman are put on display for execution. Before killing them, the gnats get put in their cages. Before they get near Wonder Woman she punches and kicks through the cage right into Blatsu. The box breaks and the gnats bite the Japanese women that are there. They all start to attack the men. Wonder Woman gets Paula and wraps her in the wire mesh tightly to protect her from the gnats. The pair rush back to the plane as Paula jokes about being the document. They rush to Paula’s old lab, which Wonder Woman kept in tact and retrieve the information from her back. She rushes it to Steve. Everyone is on the phone calling local agencies to arrest the spies and destroy the gnats. Just before Dawn Etta arrives with the last spy. She caught him trying to release the gnats on her girls. Everyone is happy that they have all been caught and the crisis averted. Steve asks about Diana and Wonder Woman tells him she’ll be arriving soon. Paula asks Wonder Woman if she thinks she’s passed the first test? She responds it’s up to the Goddess to decide.

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