Hot in Cleveland S02, Ep20 – Indecent Proposals

Season: 2
Episode: 20
Title: Indecent Proposals
Original Date: August 17, 2011

Guest Stars:
Huey Lewis: Johnny Revere
Buck Henry: Fred
Bart Johnson: Mark
Shelli Boone: Lori

Synopsis: The ladies are at the bar discussing men. Elka is making lots of Sex and the City puns as Joy lent her the show on DVD. They all decided to have a booty call. Melanie calls up a man she just met, but it goes horribly awry because she is so indecisive. Joy calls back tattoo guy, but it turns out that he has had the name of every woman he’s been with tattooed on him and the creepy factor ruins it. Victoria and Johnny plan a tryst, but her nurse’s outfit gives him a heart attack…

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Elementary S02, Ep20 – No Lack of Void

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 20
Title: No Lack of Void
Original Air Date: April 10, 2014

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: First blush, I’d say he died from Anthrax.

* Joan: Do you want to tell me why you broke into a suspicious truck alone?

* Sherlock: His death has blindsided me and bothers me that it bothers me.
Joan: He was your friend.

* Joan: Hypocrisy happens.
Sherlock: What about sudden stupidity? Does that also just happen?

* Sherlock: I’m no closer to using than I was yesterday. If I was I would tell you.

* Sherlock: According to his wife, Eugene learned some things in prison. Let’s see how you fair.

Synopsis: Joan comes downstairs and Sherlock is learning a new accent. He has a breakfast with Alistair. Joan goes to the station to return some files to Marcus, but instead finds the Captain with a prisoner needing medical assistance. She takes his pulse and he’s dead. Something is very wrong. Sherlock meets them at the hospital. The autopsy came back with a bag of Anthrax in his stomach that ruptured. At the brownstone, Joan and Sherlock go over security videos of the victim. Joan asks how his breakfast went. It did not, Alistair died of a heart attack. They’ve figured out where he got the Anthrax. The man is Charlie Simon. He’s a high-end thief. They go to his house and learn some details from his roommate. Joan checks the mail and finds a storage unit. It turns out to be the lab. They find Mercer dead in the unit as well. He made an extreme amount of Anthrax, and now it’s missing. Gregson briefs everyone at the station. Sherlock visits Alistair’s partner and gives him his condolences. Bell and Joan go out to the farm to visit the brother of the victim. They get a possible location. As Sherlock stakes out the house, he gets paid a visit by the ghost of Alistair. Two people exit the house with cases and load them into a truck. Sherlock breaks into the truck and finds the cases. They attack Sherlock and he gets covered in the powder. At the hospital, Sherlock is professing that it wasn’t Anthrax. Joan is furious. Gregson confirms it’s not anthrax. Gregson, Sherlock and Watson interview one of the suspects. At the house, Joan gets a call from Gregson, the trap is set. The doorbell rings and it’s a man looking for Sherlock. It’s Jeremy, Alistair’s son. He tells Joan that Alistair did not die of a heart attack. He died of a massive heroin overdose. They talk about what happened. Gregson calls and tells them the meet is off as the suspect is dead. His brother killed him. At the station, he tells them what happened. At the brownstone, Joan is not finding anything in the files. Sherlock has found that the dead man was also married. His widow gives a different picture of him. Once again Alistair’s death is discussed. Joan mentions that the brothers farm was close to going out of business. The four of them head back out to the farm. His cow insurance would give him millions if the entire herd was wiped out. They lay out the entire plan. The anthrax was found at his mother’s house. Sherlock visits Alistair’s grave. His ghost visits him again. They chat and he says goodbye.

Mama’s Family S02, Ep08 – Gert Rides Again

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 2
Episode: 8
Title: Gert Rides Again
Original Air Date: December 1, 1983

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mama: Well hurry it up. King Tut didn’t have that much wrapping on him.

* Mama: When you get old and do the same things as when you were young people think you’ve gone bonkers.

* Mama: If wrapping one present gets you this turned on Christmas around here should be a real barn burner.

* Mama: If she was any calmer she’d be a doily.

* Mama: Gertie how can you be old when you’re still getting offers like that?

* Mama: You are as young as you feel and right now I feel like a beer.

* Mama: Why do you talk like that? This isn’t Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

* Vint: Hey Skeeter, why don’t we play post office anymore?
Mama: You two have graduated to Federal Express.

Synopsis: Vint and Noami are necking on the couch. Mama comes out disgusted. Fran comes running down the stairs with a gift too. They all talk about Aunt Gert. The gifts are all for her birthday. Mama tells a story from when she and Gert were younger. Mama leaves and the two start necking again. When Mama arrives to visit Gert she is shocked. She doesn’t want to open her present because she is bored to death. The nurse comes in and annoys Thelma. The nurse tells Thelma about the birthday party. One of the male residents pops in and proposes some hanky panky with Gert. Back at the house, Mama is sad at Gert’s state. Fran, Vint and Naomi try to comfort her. Thelma goes to visit her again on her birthday and she still hasn’t opened her gift. Thelma tries to kick her into gear. She brushes her hair and makes her get dressed. She finally gets Gert to act like herself again. Downstairs at the party, everyone is getting restless. Gert and Thelma arrive at the party. Out comes the cake and everyone sings Happy Birthday. Next they have to play musical chairs. Thelma gets annoyed by the nurse again and goes after her. Thelma gets someone to play the piano and starts a Conga line. At Mama’s house, the doorbell is ringing. She opens it and finds Gert at the door. She tells them they partied all night long. Fran comes down and is shocked to see Gert. Vint and Naomi come in too. Gert tells them all about the party. Gert announces that she and Alvin are looking for an apartment.

Recipe: Krispie Ice Cream Dessert

I’ve never tried anything like this before, but I want to. If you try it let me know if you like it.

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The X Files S01, Ep21 – Tooms

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 21
Title: Tooms
Original Air Date: April 22, 1994

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iTunes The X-Files, Season 1 – The X-Files

Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder: There’s no statute of limitations on murder.

* Scully: This isn’t about doing it by the book. You haven’t slept in three days.

* Scully: Mulder, I wouldn’t put myself on the line for anybody but you.

* Skinner: Mulder, are you suggesting Tooms is framing you?
Mulder: Of course.

* Mulder: You can get the next mutant.

Synopsis: In a sanatorium, we hear a child scream for his mother, people crying, etc. Tooms is here. He sticks his arm through the food slot and stretches it out of joint to reach the upper most door lock. A doctor comes to see him and finds him in his room. The doctor tells him that he’s ready to be released. Skinner has Scully in his office. Cigarette smoking man is there. The X Files unit is not being shut down because their solve rate is so high. Eugene Tooms is in court. Mulder is there but Scully is not. Each witness takes the stand. Mulder then takes the stand. Scully finally appears while Mulder testifies. It doesn’t go well. In the hall, Scully tells Mulder she was called into Skinner’s office. He’s released on three conditions. One of which is he live with a husband and wife. Mulder is going to follow him. Tooms continues working for animal control. He’s still hunting for his next victim. He zeroes in on one and Mulder stops him. Scully visits Det. Briggs. She asks him for anything that did not seem to fit. He tells her a 5th victim was discovered but never found. He thinks the body is in the cement of the chemical plant. Scully has the floor searched with ground penetrating radar. Briggs is there too. He finds a dirt spot and announces the body is there. Tooms finds another possible target. The spot Briggs picked out turns out to be correct. A skeletonized hand with a wedding ring is uncovered. Meanwhile, Tooms newest victim drives home and Tooms follows him. But Mulder is still following him and pulls up behind him. Mulder fell asleep in the car. When he wakes he checks the van and finds that Tooms is not in it. He’s slithered into the sewer. The wife of the victim sees green water in her toilet and snakes it. She tries to pull the snake back out and it fighters her. But before she exits the bathroom she puts on the lid lock. Tooms must find another way. He opens a window and goes through the bars. Mulder investigates outside. He sees evidence outside a window and knocks on the door. Mulder tells him there is an intruder in his house. The window where he was working is now open. Outside Tooms’s van is gone. Scully had the remains examined at the Smithsonian. The doctor ran a program to recreated a photo of the person from the skull. It matches the missing person from the 30’s. Scully now joins Mulder on his stake out. He’s worried that the X Files will be ended and he doesn’t want Scully reprimanded. She sends him home. Mulder leaves, but he’s got someone in his trunk and doesn’t know it. As Scully looks at the sandwich with the bite mark she gets an idea. At Mulder’s one of the heating grate screws is coming loose. He doesn’t’ hear the screw fall, but we see Tooms appear. He makes himself look as if he’s been beaten. He tells the doctor Mulder did it. A knock on Mulder’s door wakes him. The detective and an officer pay him a visit. He’s asked to go to the station. Skinner pulls Mulder and Scully. Cigarette smoking is there. Scully gives Mulder an alibi. Skinner advises him to take a break. He then tells him he’s forbidden to go near Tooms. Scully examines Tooms dental records. They recreate his teeth and it’s an exact match to the bite on the rib. At the home where Tooms is staying the doctor comes to visit and the older couple leave. He closes the door, starts growling and attacked the doctor. Mulder and Scully arrive on scene. They knock and no one answers. The door is open and they go in. They find the doctor dead without his liver. His old building has been torn down. A new one is there and they head over to try and find him. At the bottom of the elevator there is a hatch. Mulder goes down the hatch and tries to find Tooms. He finds the nest. Tooms tries to pull him in it but he escapes. Mulder manages to kick him and Scully pulls him out. Mulder flips over and turns on the escalator. Tooms is now very dead. Skinner reads the report in his office, and his skeptical. The Smoking Man believes it.

Numb3rs S02, Ep03 – Obsession

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 3
Title: Obsession
Original Air Date: October 7, 2005

Favorite Quotes:

* Charlie: And plus there are also these footprints Larry, I mean this isn’t sasquatch.

* Charlie: The cameras an eye and eyes don’t see everything.

* Don: Interesting good or interesting bad?
Megan: It’s never good when it comes to a psychopath.

* Megan: How are you going to build an image out of nothing at all?

* Don: Looks like he’s in one of his own tabloid stories.

* Alan: If you’re thinking of sending these letters to Amita I would rethink your approach.

Synopsis: A woman swims in a pool. As she gets out of the pool the phone rings, she runs for it and they hang up in her ear. A man in a hooded jacked with a knife suddenly appears and starts chasing her. She runs for it, locking herself in a room and calling 911. Don and Charlie arrive at the scene. Charlie recognizes her immediately. He interviews her. At the office, Megan goes over the six types of stalkers. She throws out some theories that she might have known the stalker and not realized it. The security system never picked him up. Larry shows Charlie and Amita his new classic car. Megan appears and is impressed. She asks Charlie and Amita analyses the footage. David and Colby try and find witnesses but struck out. At the house, Charlie and Larry build a replica of Skylar’s house. They want to check for blind spots. Alan helps them properly place the cameras and fix some design issues. Charlie sees that everything should be covered. Larry points out that the camera can only see certain colors. Charlie tells Don about what he learned. The stalker had to have a remote for the cameras to freeze them, but also he had to know where they were placed. Megan finds something in the letters. She has 20 letters and one pinpoints his stalking started around 3 weeks ago. Don and Megan go talk to Skylar again. As they leave the see something strange. Megan appears at Charlie and Larry’s workspace. They talk about the image and the work being done on it. There’s a note for Charlie and its anonymous. Megan finds a suspect who bought a DWP uniform. They find him, but he’s dead. Where is body is found he has line of sight to Skylar’s house. David and Colby talk to the dead man’s boss. They use his equipment to see what photos he was taking. Skylar doesn’t recognize the photographers photo. Dante Baker, the rap star, was supposed to show up and he did not. David and Colby interrupt Mr. Baker’s gold game. Colby gives him a golf lesson. Megan and Don go over more possibilities. Megan pays a visit to Charlie and asks him about FISH. Megan asks Larry to take her for a ride in his car. In the garage, Charlie is working on the handwriting analysis as Colby stops by to check on his status. FISH gives us Lawrence Pike, but he’s been in jail. Charlie has determined there is a first writer and a copycat. The last four are from the copycat. David decides to run some photos by Charlie. Megan visits Skylar again. She wants to know if anyone else saw those letters. She kept them in a kitchen drawer, so anyone in the house would have access. David pops by Charlie’s office to check on the photo. He gives him the photos. They use items in the photos to determine additional variables. The address they get from Charlie turns out to be Dante Baker’s house. His assistant is there and he is the stalker. He denies just about everything. Based on the interview they are able to bring Dante in. The lawyer tries to weasel his way out. He tells them he found him already dead. Don and Megan pay Skylar another visit. And reveals to her that Dante set her up. She tells them she found Wilcox and had words with him, but he just started taking photos. She hit him over the head with his own tripod. They arrest her. Back at the school, the discussion about the car continues.

Hot in Cleveland S02, Ep19 – Too Hot for TV

Season: 3
Episode: 19
Title: Too Hot for TV
Original Air Date: August 10, 2011

There are no guest stars or synopsis listed. This was a bonus episode featuring bloopers and outtakes.

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