Numb3rs S02, Ep09 – Toxin

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 9
Title: Toxin
Original Air Date: November 25, 2005

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iTunes Numb3rs, Season 2 – Numb3rs

Favorite Quotes:

* Alan: No, I’m saying nothing is completely safe.

* Charlie: Well there’s random and then there’s random.
Alan: The difference being what?

Synopsis: Kids are playing by the pool and their father has an asthma attack. He uses his inhaler and then starts seizing. Don’s team is called in, they think its product tampering. This victim had a stroke. Charlie meets with the team at Don’s office. He has a different theory than they do. Charlie thinks the drug being used to poison people is the key to the case. All the products trace to Greybridge. The CEO of the company doesn’t cooperate. At the house, Alan, Don and Charlie discuss what’s going on. Charlie points out there are different types of randomness and in each situation, there are boundaries that limit the outcomes. At the office, David brings in a free magazine. The attacker has released a manifesto. David and Colby track down the free newspaper and get the full manifesto. Don takes the copy straight to Charlie. Megan tracked the attacker to Sibley. The postmaster who runs the office it was mailed from even remembers him. David and Colby head to the town of Sibley to meet up with another agent. The agent saw him and he’s drawn a sketch of him. At the office, Larry shows up to talk with Megan about the manifesto. Larry tells her that the attacker is a gifted scientist. There’s multiple links between the scientist, McHugh (a fugitive) and Graybridge Pharmaceuticals. She’s able to figure out who the attacker is. He worked at the Graybridge company that created the drug being used for the tampering. He was fired for being a whistleblower on the drug. David and Colby go over the security camera footage again and find the suspect at all four stores injecting the drug in products. At the house, Don takes over the garage floor trying to track McHugh. Charlie has a plan. Megan learns the antibiotics that McHugh used was also from Graybridge. The pair meet up with Eddgerton to get some insight. David and Colby learn that the investigator hired by Graybridge to follow the suspect was aware of what’s going on. Don gets informed at his hotel that a body was found and it’s likely the suspect. While Charlie and Don talk they don’t realize that they are being easedropped on by the hired gun. Megan learns that the antibiotic from Graybridge didn’t work and it will be in McHugh’s blood as evidence. Charlie manages to figure out McHugh’s most likely paths. They three go to the ranch. Don finds evidence of the shot. A second gunman shot the US Marshal. Eddgerton finds fresh tracks. He and Don pursue and send Charlie back to the hotel for safety. Eddgerton finds the hired gun and stops him. They chase McHugh and he runs into the dump site full of ordinance. Charlie joins them along with Megan for negotiations. Megan puts on a vest and goes in the dump. She tells him everything. It’s a tense standoff but she gets through to him and they take him in. Back at the house, all the truth has come out and Graybridge is out of business. Megan and Larry went to lunch and hit it off. They tease him and he leaves.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S02, Ep12 – Of Rats and Men

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season: 2
Episode: 12
Title: Of Rats and Men
Original Air Date: March 2, 2014

Links for the first six volumes below:

Amazon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 1 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 2 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 3 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 4 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 5 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 6 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Favorite Quotes:

* Leo: Master Splinter, this doesn’t seem fair.
Splinter: I assure you, it isn’t.

* Splinter: You may think you have the upper hand in this situation, but you do not.

* Splinter: The Rat King has returned.

* April: We believe in you sensei. We need you help and so do Casey.

* Splinter: It is time the Rat King is dethroned.

* Donnie: You guys get everyone to safety, we got this covered.
April: You always do.

Synopsis: April, Irma and Casey grabbed some pizza. Casey is not happy. As they leave a rat gets chased by a cat. Casey and April go off and Irma gets attacked by the rat. In the lair, Leo is apprehensive. Splinter puts on a blindfold and spars with Leo. Splinter wins, but during the fight the Rat King tries to take over Splinter. Training ends early. Mikey is eating a giant ice cream sandwich in Leo’s lab. April and Casey arrive. She has brought them the cat. The cat eats some of the ice cream that fell into the mutagen / ice cream combo. It turns the cat into living ice cream. Meanwhile, Splinter is meditating. While doing so he sees the eyes of Rat King. Mikey puts the kitty in the freezer to keep her from melting. Splinter comes in the kitchen for ice, but he flips out when Mikey doesn’t let him in and the Rat King takes over. Once he regains control he tells them the Rat King is back. Topside, the Rat King is unleashing giant rats on the city. The turtles ask Splinter to help but he refuses worried that the Rat King could force him to do things. The battle topside gets ugly. Rat King suddenly calls a retreat, creepily saying they have captured enough humans. Casey has been captured and put in a cell with Irma. The Rat King tells them all they will be joined with rats. The prepare to battle the Rat King. The turtles find the Rat King’s lair. Splinter arrives to help. The Rat King tries to take control of Splinter. Mikey launches ice cream kitty at him. The Rat King makes a run for it and Splinter gives chase. April is trying to free all the captive humans, while the tutlres battle the giant rats. Splinter winds up in a precarious position, but his determination to destroy the Rat King. Mikey gets cornered and ice cream comes to the rescue. Splinter and the Rat King face off. Splinter sends him to his end.

Book: High Five by Janet Evanovich (Stephanie Plum #5)

Stephanie’s Uncle Fred has disappeared and then a body turns up in a garbage bag. Her Grandma Mazur has bought a stun gun that she is itching to stun someone with. She only has one jumper to catch and he’s a small angry little man. On top of that some bookie is following her and her cars keep disappearing or dying in a matter of days. She still can’t decide between Ranger and Morelli. Oh yes, and that small angry man she is trying to catch has taken up residence in her apartment.

Why is the small angry man Stephanie is chasing now living in her apartment? Do any cars survive this book? How many of Stephanie’s car’s meet their demise? Does Grandma Mazur use her stun gun on anyone? Who’s the body in the bag? Where is Uncle Fred?

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iTunes High Five – Janet Evanovich

Bones S02, Ep02 – Mother and Child in the Bay

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 2
Title: Mother and Child in the Bay
Original Air Date: September 6, 2006

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iTunes Bones, Season 2 – Bones

Favorite Quotes:

* Bones: Let’s hurry. I don’t want the bones compromised.

* Bones: You could have used your siren. Why have one if you’re not going to use it?

* Angela: Why didn’t he just divorce her?
Bones: Why do they have to get married in the first place? It’s an antiquated ritual.

* Bones: Don’t ignore facts just because it might change the outcome of the case.

* Bones: Hey, even an empiricist can have a heart.

Synopsis: Booth tells Bones about a body found. It’s likely a pregnant woman missing for a year. Everyone heads to the scene. On the drive they get into it. At the scene, the body is brought up. Upon closer examination, the body was pregnant. There are stabs wounds everywhere. Bones and Cam have a slight disagreement. Booth heads off to arrest the husband. He gets there too late, though. He’s already taken off. At the lab, they start collecting evidence. Booth interrogates Kyle’s girlfriend. At the lab, the investigation continues. Bones asks Zack to identify the weapon used to stab the victim. Cam shows Bones a locket that was on the body. The locket says “I love you Kenny.” Bones meets Booth and shows him the locket. They go to talk to her friends. Turns out Kenny was the victims dog. Hodgins has news on the fish found on the body. It was in freshwater for at least 6 months of the last year. Bones dives under the fresh water. Sadly, she only finds racoon parts. Cam comes in and doesn’t like what she finds. The husband might not be the killer. At the FBI office, the victim’s parents pay a visit to Booth. They bring in a photo that proves his current girlfriend knew him before the murder. Rebecca shows up at his office and have quite a fight. Booth finally arrives at the lab for the fake body stabbing experiment. What’s odd is the force from Angela’s stabs did the stabbing. It looks like Kyle’s current girlfriend committed the murder. Now they think Kyle might have been murdered too. Hodgin’s finds particulates on the knife. Cam finds Kyle’s DNA under her nails, and also female DNA. At the lab, Hodgin’s has pinpointed where the body was originally dumped. They head to the original dump site and start analyzing what’s there. They find some beauty products, which doesn’t make any sense. They show some photos to her friends. Cam tells them the DNA under her fingers is not the girlfriend. Bone gets an idea. The baby is not a fetus, but a two week old child. Bones believes whoever killed the woman actually cut out her fetus and replaced it with her dead baby. Booth gets a call that they found Kyle. When they interview Kyle. She tells him that his child might still be alive. That the fetus was stolen. He wants to know where his kid is. At the lab, Hodgins tells them there was traces of betadine. Angela has completed the reconstruction through an aging process. Bones know who did it. They head to the playground to find the vet, her own friend killed her. Booth takes the baby from her. He then arrests her for two murders and kidnapping. Back at Booth’s office, Kyle is there. CPS brings in the baby. Booth tells him to step up. Booth and Bones are discussing the case at the diner, and Parker comes running in. Rebecca has brought Drew as well. Bones chooses to leave so they can have some time together.

Hot in Cleveland S03, Ep06 – How Did You Guys Meet, Anyway?

Season: 3
Episode: 6
Title: How Did You Guys Meet, Anyway?
Original Air Date: January 4, 2012

Guest Stars:
Tim Bagley: Larry
David DeLuise: Jake
Ryan Gaul: Hotel Employee
Calli Ryles: Sally

Synopsis: The ladies all go to a Browns game. The bathroom line is soo long. Elka asks the girls how they met. Melanie tells of following her boyfriend to a hotel to find out he was cheating. She was distraught and went up to the roof. Victoria; was there upset and crying. Melanie hears her and they start talking about why Victoria’s on the roof. She’s upset because she feels like her acting career is over. Then the both of them hear Joy crying. Then Joy falls off the roof…

Click here to find out what happens.
Hot in Cleveland S03, Ep06 – How Did You Guys Meet, Anyway?

Click on either link to grab the third season of the show, it’s a great way to support the ladies and have some serious laughs.

Amazon Hot in Cleveland: Season 3

iTunes Hot in Cleveland, Season 3 – Hot in Cleveland

Recipe: Pasta’s Minestrone Crock Pot Soup

Pasta's Minestrone Crock Pot Soup

  • Servings: 10-12
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print


  • 3 cups broth
  • 1 – 28 ounce can diced tomatoes
  • 1 – 15 ounce can white kidney beans
  • 1 – 15 ounce can red kidney beans
  • 2 carrots, peeled and chopped
  • 6 celery stalks, peeled and chopped
  • 1/2 cup scallions chopped
  • 1 tsp Italian seasoning
  • 1/2 tsp white pepper
  • 1 medium zucchini, chopped
  • 1 1/2 cups cooked pasta (small shells or ditalini]


  1. Combine broth, diced tomatoes, both kidney beans, celery, carrots, Italian seasoning, and white pepper in the crock pot. Cook on high for four (4) hours, if you want to cook on slow double that time.
  2. At the three hour mark (6 hours low), add the zucchini, pasta and scallions. Let go for one more hour on high, or two more hours on low.


  • For softer carrots you will want to parcook them.
  • You could also add in a bunch of parsley or spinach when you add in the last ingredients, if you like.

Elementary S03, Ep02 – The Five Orange Pips

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 2
Title: The Five Orange Pips
Original Air Date: November 6, 2014

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iTunes Elementary, Season 3 – Elementary

Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: I can assure you I am the most likely individual in the world to prove that you are not the real killer.

* Bell: This new girl, stable is not the first word that comes to mind.

* Sherlock: Did you forget that we’re co-consulting?

* Joan: Sure, but who bumps into their Bin Laden on the street and doesn’t tell anyone?

* Sherlock: I believe she will make an excellent investigator, just not today.

* Sherlock If you want to be a detective Kitty accept that you’ll be taking pains.

Synopsis: At the station, Sherlock and Bell chat about Kitty. Sherlock provides some help on the case Bell has been working. Murder over a bird. Elsewhere, a man comes home with a bag. He opens a piece of mail to find 5 orange beads. The man calls someone but gets Gregson instead. Gunshots ring out. Sherlock enters the Morgue and finds Watson there. She agrees to work this case with him. The victims are related. One was sued for poisoning kids and the other was his defense lawyer. The two chat with Gregson and an FBI agent who handled the original case. Kitty is at the scene with Bell. Sherlock sends the list of parents to Kitty. The zip code on the package at the dead lawyer’s office matches the zip code of one of the parents. Gregson, Watson and Sherlock visit that man. Back at the brownstone, Kitty is blasting music while painting. She’s irritated with Sherlock. At the station, Watson is there. Mr. Coleman, the suspect, comes to the station. He’s come down to confess. Sherlock and Kitty go to talk with him. The gun that Coleman turned over is the murder weapon. But Sherlock thinks those items were planted in his house. As they talk, he tells his story. Watson updates Bell about Openshaw’s injuries. Bell asks about Kitty and describes her as intense. The three meet the prosecutor who handled the case. They tell her that they believe Coleman is being framed. There is some video footage but they are not allowed to see it. Kitty pushed the prosecutor too far and Sherlock is furious. Back at the station, Bell tells Joan he got a hit on the traffic cams. The driver tells them he saw Openshaw with the prosecutor three weeks ago. A meeting with her does not go well. At the station, Joan confronts Sherlock about Kitty, but he dodges the questions. The group pays a visit to the FBI agent who did the surveillance of the lawyer. He tells them that there was a box of files missing. If the case actually went to trial they would have lost. Gregson brings in the prosecutor. The lawyer was blackmailing her. She confesses to be being blackmailed but nothing else. She also doesn’t know how the FBI agent knew about the missing files as he was not told. Her theory is that he took the files. They head to his house to find him gone. At the brownstone, Sherlock discovers the agent in the wind asked to be assigned to the case. Kitty gets annoyed that Sherlock and Joan are working so well together and decides to leave for the evening. Sherlock tells Joan that Kitty has only existed for five years because she was the victim of a crime and given a new identity. He gives Joan the file. Joan is shocked. She does agree with Kitty that helping the man escape just to kill him makes no sense. Sherlock posits that it might have been necessary because the case is still open. Gregson and company find the missing FBI agent. He was stealing all the games because the drugs in them are worth millions. Back at the station, Joan finds Kitty going over some of their previous cases. They discuss the file and Joan tells her she did not open it. Kitty tells her to read it. That night at her apartment Joan does as Kitty asks and reads it.

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