Comic Books

Chew 2009 #1

Taster’s Choice, Chapter 1 Prologue: A soup is being prepared. The chef cuts himself and bleeds on some of the ingredients. He tosses all the ingredients, contaminated or not, as well as some blood into the pot. End Prologue. Tony… Read More ›

Zatanna 2010 #1

Zatanna has been captured by her worst enemies. Chained and gagged she can do nothing to help herself. Suddenly, she breaks free and survives. It’s the finale of her magic show. As she is about to head home she is… Read More ›

Star Wars 1977 #1

A group of underground freedom fighters have just won a battle against the Empire. The Empire is worried that another loss could strengthen support for this group. They are building a giant battle station to ensure their victory. Currently, an… Read More ›

Gotham City Sirens #1

Catwoman has just recovered from two near death experiences, but is not at full strength. She hears someone being attacked and stops it. His name is Boneblaster. He manages to get the advantage over her. Poison Ivy arrives and stops… Read More ›

Batgirl v1 #1

Some thugs appear to be in the middle of a photo shoot. One of them points out they are all standing on plastic. A girl puts a knife at the edge. The cameraman instructs them to pick up the knife… Read More ›

Superman Batman #1

Date: October 2003 Jeph Leob Ed McGuinness Dexter Vines Both Batman and Super man recount their final memory with their birth parents. For Superman, it’s a selfless act made by his parents to get him off a planet that is… Read More ›