Wonder Woman 1943 issue 007 (story 3)

A strange aircraft is flying in Paradise Island’s airspace. However, the Queen posits that it is Paula in the new Airglobe she created. Paula and Wonder Woman greet each other. Paula then greets the Queen. She tells her to head to the school as her daughter is excited to see her. The Queen tells Wonder Woman that this airglobe becomes the common method of travel 1700 years from now. But in 3700 AD the whole world become a global union with an island for a capital. Even though women’s influence will still be the strongest, Wonder Woman worries that some women could use their power for selfish reasons, like men do. Her mother confirms that there is one. There is a letter from the president of primal island. She stats that an Andra Moteeva is getting men to rebel against the democracy. Diana flies to the island to see what is going on. Steve flies her there. The airglobe they are flying in starts to fall from the sky as they reach the perimeter of the island. They land in the water. They were actually shot down by some kind of gun. Steve is knocked out in the crash, but Diana is still ok and becomes Wonder Woman. She breaks the two of them out to get Steve more oxygen. She swims them towards the shore but finds nets. When she tries to break them, she gets shocked and knocked out. She is taken prisoner and then wrapped in a electrified net to keep her from breaking out. Wonder Woman asks about Steve. In the jail, she does not see Steve, but she sees lots of women. She learns that president Serva was overthrown by Andra Moteeva. She learns there was a great battle, many died, many were captured. Women lost their rights and are not allowed to leave their home. Wonder Woman is brought before the rebel Queen. Steve gets treated a little better. He learns that the men here are outfitted with a lot of weapons and going to go to war to win other “states.” They tell him he won’t be able to resist their Queen. She has also summoned him. When she greets Steve she is surprised to find he’s the aide to the president, as the president has not been found. She tells him she is going to execute all the prisoners. Steve is horrified. Steve is shown the prisoners, including Wonder Woman. He’s shocked. She breaks the shackles. But then she gets shocked and goes down. She comes up with a way to break the chains, to chew through them. Now free, she runs for an airglobe that her mother sent. However, she can’t get it to fly. She tries attaching her lasso. Then throws it in the air. She’s being pulled along below it now. She finally gets inside and flies to the capital Harmonia. She tells them what is going on but they don’t want to fight as they can’t kill. Wonder Woman tells them she can teach them to fight without killing. Women troops flood into the capital. Wonder Woman and Paula are creating a new drug as well. They put it into rings that are welded together and all the women fighters put them on. They will squirt the drugs which will make the enemy go limp. Once all is done, Wonder Woman goes back to Primal Island. She manages to get back into prison. She even chains herself again. The rebel Queen hears of Wonder Woman and goes to see her herself. She just tells her that she was hidden behind the chains. The queen leads her prisoners by chariot to the coliseum. Next are male prisoners. Finally, all are assembled in the coliseum for execution. Before anything else happens, a massive fleet of airglobes drops in. The queen wants anyone who doesn’t surrender to be shot. They all surrender and there are 3 times as many of them as on primal island. The queen wants to add them to be executed. Several, including Wonder Woman, are tied to poles. Lions and tigers are released on them. Wonder Woman breaks her chains to protect another. She clears all of them out at amazing speed. While she is doing that, all the women troops jump into action. They hit the men with the rings. The gas in the rings is remarkably effective. As prisoner are released, they join in the fight. The queen tries to run for it, but Wonder Woman catches her. She’s held accountable for her crimes at trial. She’s sentenced to be trained as a nurse to learn to care about people. Also, Paula begins to address all and tell them their president has perished, but Diana appears and tells them Wonder Woman saved her.

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