Family Matters S02, Ep20 – Fight the Good Fight

Show: Family Matters
Season: 2
Episode: 20
Title: Fight The Good Fight
Original Air Date: March 1, 1991

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Favorite Quotes:

* Ritchie: It’s a goner Uncle Carl.

* Carl: Well, sweetheart, if you feel that strongly maybe you should do something about it.
Laura: Maybe I will.

* Steve: Anytime my cute little crusader. I believe in you and in your cause.

* Mother Winslow: You’ve got to stand up for what you believe in or things will never change.

Synopsis: Carl tries to fix the vacuum with Ritchie’s help. The vacuum blows up in his face when he turns it back on. It’s another day and the family is discussing black history month. There are many people that should be known and aren’t. Laura is upset that it’s only taught once a month. Mother Winslow points out it wasn’t taught at all when she was in school. Carl’s been working on the vacuum during this talk. He turns it on and is pleased that it’s working, but then it blows up on him again. At school the next day, the kids try to figure out what exactly the cafeteria is serving. A teacher breaks u pa fight. Steve then cuts in line to be next to Laura. The principal tries to hide from Steve but Steve finds him. Steve sits with Laura and her friends. He starts singing a song. Ms. Stueben can’t take it. Laura stands up and asks to speak with everyone about an idea she has. Steve keeps interrupting. She suggests adding an actual black history class to the curriculum. Ms. Stueben is the first to sign. Students all line up to sign the petition. Steve gets people to sign up too. He asks the basketball players and shows them a few moves. They are surprised. He gives them the pitch and they sign the petition. He causes a catastrophe in the hall. Laura finds her locker is open and it’s got a nasty, racist note in it. Her locker exterior has been vandalized as well. That evening at the house, Laura is in her room upset and Carl and Harriet are upset. The next day when Laura comes home she tells them how bad it’s gotten at school. Mother Winslow asks to speak with Laura alone. Mother Winslow tells her a story. She loved to read when she was Laura’s age. Her town had only one library and only whites were allowed to go in. She went to the library anyway, but was asked to leave and not come back. She cried all the way home. But the next day she went back. And she did so every day for six months. Many people treated her horribly. Finally, on a rainy day she walked into the library and the same man who made her leave finally gave her a library card. After that everyone could use that library. Mother Winslow shows her the library card as proof that one person can make a difference. Laura, Steve and Maxine put posters all over the cafeteria to try and educate and calm at the same time. Laura asks Steve why people are afraid of different. He says he’s a shining example of different and it’s not fun. The principal comes in and nearly has a heart attack. He wants them removed. Students start looking at them and it sparks conversation. He invites Laura to come to the next school board meeting and do a presentation. Steve and the principal talk in Japanese…Steve hints he should ask Ms. Stueben out. Back at the house, Carl tries to fix the vacuum a third time. It works while its on but as soon as he turns it off it blows up again. Laura comes home smiling. She just came back from the committee meeting. It went really well.

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