Elementary S04, Ep05 – The Games Underfoot

Show: Elementary
Season: 4
Episode: 5
Title: The Games Underfoot
Original Air Date: December 10, 2015

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: If it was prized, why throw it away?
Sherlock: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

* Sherlock: What happened that day is no reason to avoid my friend.

* Sherlock: You do realize pink coconuts do not occur in nature?

* Alfredo: So you found a new sponsor yet?
Sherlock: His predecessor has proven hard to replace.

Synopsis: The doorbell rings at the brownstone and it’s Alfredo. Joan gives him a hug. Turns out that he tried to meet up with Sherlock at a meeting, but he wasn’t there. Alfredo is worried that Sherlock is avoiding him. A man is in his apartment and a woman calls. She says she smells gas. He turns it all off and then pours gasoline every including on a dead body. He drops a lit match and a fire ensues. Bell, Joan and Sherlock check the body at the morgue. They go over what was found on the body. Joan looks at the trowel and points out that the trowel does not belong to the dead man. It was pulled out of his chest. The three pay the dead man’s ex-girlfriend a visit. She tells them that Eddie asked to borrow some equipment and she loaned him everything he needed. She even loaned him her truck. At the station, Sherlock is going through Eddie’s finds. It’s actually all garbage. There’re 12 buckets in all. Joan asks Sherlock if he’s ok. He’s been going to meetings at different locations. They continue going through the trash. Sherlock finds a lot of mail. They’ll use that to narrow it down. They canvas the area and find the location he was digging. Meanwhile, Sherlock has recovered to stolen bikes. Joan calls Sherlock and alerts them to the dig site. Someone is digging in it right now. They bring the guy in. He tells them they were digging for games. There was supposedly digging for a very specific and valuable video game. The entire lot of the video game was buried in that landfill. He says that in the hole he found some items from the company but not the games. The games would sell for 10 grand each, several million dollars. Sherlock goes to visit Alfredo. He’s working on a classic Barracuda. They go get some breakfast together. They talk, Sherlock tells him that going to the same places as before do not help him as they did before. Joan arrives back at the brownstone to find Sherlock in the study. The property owner was not aware of what Eddie was doing. Sherlock has been digging through the chats to find other people looking for the cartridges and working with Eddie. They discuss Alfredo and Sherlock says outside of recovery they dn’t have anything in common. The doorbell rings, a box is left from “everyone.” Inside is a video game console and game with a challenge, “finish me.” He’s playing the game but keeps dying. Joan takes over. Joan has played the game before. She beats it. The name of the person is in the credits. They track him down. The interview doesn’t go how they thought it would. He tells them why no one could have taken the Nottingham Knights games. He has them all in his shed. He found them all six years ago in a different landfill. Whatever Eddie found in the hole, wasn’t the games. Everyone meets with Gregson and brings him up to speed. Sherlock is at a meeting. An older man introduces himself. At the station Bell finds Joan behind a massive stack of boxes. It’s records of everything dumped there. A chemical company illegally dumped chemicals, it could have happened there. They meet with the rep who handles that chemical companies inquires. Her company bought it in 1998. The rep was not aware of the illegal dumping. She informs them that Corrigan paid the full rate for proper disposal, but that contractor did the dumping illegally. They learn the property owner would be liable for the cleanup. Gregson brings them all into the office. All the evidence is laid out. He was trying to hide it because the properties were in escrow. The lawyer gives a complete statement form his client. He’s not the killer. At the brownstone, Sherlock is playing the game again. Joan joins him and they go over the case again. Joan’s got something. She’s found a previous fire. She also remembers the smells of a gas leak and then actual gasoline. The team goes to visit the property owner again. They lay out the arson case four years ago and also Eddie’s murder. They found prints on the smoke detector in Eddie’s apartment. They arrest him. Alfredo finds Sherlock in his garage. Sherlock is actually there to check on Alfredo. He realized that Alfredo would only have known that he had not gone to any meetings at St. Luke if he had attended all of them. He convinces Alfredo to talk to him.

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