The Curse of Oak Island S06, Ep06 – Precious Metal

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 6
Episode: 6
Title: Precious Metal
Original Air Date: December 18, 2018

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Synopsis: Work on the coffer dam is checked. It’s progressing but not done yet. A meeting takes place in the war room. It’s all about the lead cross. The laser test proved it wasn’t from North America. Rick has someone from the German mining museum that he has asked to establish where the cross is from and it’s age. When he tells them the data from the laser ablation test to pinpoint an origin. They agree to send the data and pictures and will wait for a result. Next, they start to dig the “latrine oit.” It will be sampled several times over. Rick drives Dan and Dave over to the coffer dam, that’s still under construction. Dan is shocked at how bit the road is and the size of the coffer dam. When he asks about the size of the crane, he’s shocked to learn it’s 300 tons. The dig at the latrine continues. The first sample comes up from 53 to 58 feet in depth. It’s hard packed sand in the sample. The seismic test thought this area was a void, but it actually just detected a change in material. Another meeting takes place in the war room. Judi Rudibush, is there. She’s worked with Zena in the past. She wants to help decipher and go through Zena research. Judi has also brought an author in. They video call with Gretchen Cornwall and John Temple. She tells them that the Templars took to the water, some even became pilots. St. John the Baptist is the patron saint of the Templars. His beheading lead to the Jolly Roger symbol. The two believe the money pit is Templar in origin. She speaks of the rocks that make up Nolan’s Cross. She says this is a calling card of the Templars. John says that the mathematics of the cross are the key to the money pit. They reduce it by 10%, the tithing amount, and how the cross shrunk by 10% stuck into the money pit, gives the exact location of the treasure. It’s in a side chamber about 36 feet off the chamber, they feel. Charles informs them that they don’t know the exact location of the original money pit because of previous digs destroying so much of the island. They agree to give some information to John and Gretchen for computation. John implores them not to stop as he believes something truly significant is there. Back at the latrine they are at a depth of 88 to 98 feet now. They hit something hard and dense. Terry thinks it could be slate, but the driller tells him it’s harder than slate. It can’t drill any deeper, so they bring up a core sample to try and figure out what it is. It granite bedrock at a depth of about 100 feet. Drilling here is now done. Another video call in the war room. They have called the german mining museum chemist to get his results. He couldn’t match any quarries from the 15th to 17th centuries. He then compared the isotopes to medieval quarries. The lead is pre 15th century and European. The lead comes from Southern France. More specifically from the area that include the village they visited in France. These mines can date back to Roman times. So this cross could be considerably older than the 15th century.

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