The Shawshank Redemption 1994

This popular prison drama was released in 1994, and some critics complained that the length of the movie, 142 minutes, was just too long to maintain the story. Those complaints are a bit off point as the passage of time is required. This story is about patience and slow justice and the formation of a life-long friendship. The whole movie is a the build up to the final and climatic scene and all the emotions that take place. The resolution.

Andy is a banker, who’s played by Tim Robbins, he’s sent to Shawshank Prison for a murder charge. He gets to know a prisoner serving a life sentence named Red, who’s played by Morgan Freeman. We learn that there is reason to believe the banker was justified in committing the murder. But we also learn that behind Andy’s calm and quiet exterior exists a great reserve of patience and fortitude.

Red comes to admire him for this even though he first thought of him as weak and not standing much chance in prison.

It’s through the course of the movie that the impact is built. It’s not your standard prison drama as instead of violence we see faith and friendship that aid in survival.

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