Hot in Cleveland S02, Ep06 – I Love Lucci, part 2 #HotinCleveland

Season: 2
Episode: 6
Title: I Love Lucci, part 2
Original Air Date: February 23, 2011

Guest Stars:
Susan Lucci: Susan Lucci
Michael E. Knight: Michael E. Knight
Charles Adler: Director
Carlease Burke: Nurse
Jim Hanna: Dennis the A.D.
Blaine Vedros: Corpse
Leslie Gilliam: Female Fairy

Synopsis: In part 2: Susan Lucci is in the hospital. She has the nurse trick Victoria into thinking she’s in a coma. The nurse also breaks the news to Joy that Alex is a character in the soap opera and not real life. Melanie and Elka sneak on set and play extras in the Robert Redford movie. Back on the set Victoria is asked to deliver her speech to a photo of Susan Lucci. Mid-scene Susan Lucci is back. The scene plays out with Susan giving the speech. And she uses Victoria’s lines from the hospital room. Joy goes to Michael Knight’s dressing room and tells him that she ran into his evil twin, Alex…

Click here to find out what happens…


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