Elementary S02, Ep15 – Corpse de Ballet

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 15
Title: Corpse de Ballet
Original Air Date: February 6, 2014

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: And her last name is?
Sherlock: Probably quite lovely.

* Joan: You know you went a little fanboy back there.

* Sherlock: Someone at the house you went to was a chimney.

* Joan: I’m beginning to think you like it when women smash your cameras.

Synopsis: Joan comes downstairs to find Sherlock locked in a room with Tatiana. When she exits Joan offers her coffee. At a ballet practice the lead prima ballerina makes her appearance for the rehearsal. As part of the set is lowered down a dead body falls out. Sherlock and Joan join Captain Gregson at the ballet. He tells them the cameras were disabled. They see the corpse. It’s cut in half. She was dead before she was cut in half. Joan announces cause of death. They find Marcus backstage at the actual spot of the murder. The tool used was a box cutter. It belonged to the prima. It was one of her tools for repairing her shoes. Outside, Joan and Sherlock wait for Bell. However, Joan gets called away to assist with a situation with someone from her friend’s charity. The person is in the hospital but he’s not mentally fit. She takes down all the information he can give her. Sherlock and Bell go talk to the dead woman’s ex. He has an alibi. Gregson learns the ballerina was wrong about her house keeper. She comes in with her lawyer and cooperates. They arrest her for the murder when she informs them she’s going to Montreal. Joan gets to the station later that night. She’s tracked down the friend of the man she was called to help. The next morning Sherlock has another guest. But it’s Iris, the prima ballerina and murder suspect. He informs Joan that she was just using him to get information. She has a torn rotator cuff. He’s eliminated her as a suspect. As a result of their get together, she’s giving him full access to her legal files. Sherlock meets with her lawyer. While he allows Sherlock access to the files, but he can’t take them from the office. Joan speaks with the woman who had an incident with Frebo. It turns out she is his sister. Her brother has severe PTSD and isn’t coping well. She tells his sister she will keep looking for him. She then meets with Sherlock and he comments on the smoke she reeks of. They go to meet with a photographer who she sued. He gives them more details about Iris. Bell calls. At the station, he has a thumb drive. There is an audio message. Iris was having an affair with Nell, the murder victim. When they question Iris she confirms she was with Nell. She used Nell. Iris actually had feelings for Nell. Sherlock thinks her phone has been cloned. The photographer put it on there. He admits to the spyware. He was planning to put video cameras in Nell’s apartment to get footage of their affair. It’s his alibi for the murder. At the brownstone, Sherlock informs Joan than the alibi is confirmed. Sherlock has analyzed the recording. It’s a recording of a recording. He asks Joan why she is so obsessed with this homeless man. She talks of her birth father. He has issues and has been homeless since she was 3 years old. Her “father” is actually her step-father and he adopted her and her siblings. He’s homeless and lives in New York. That’s why she volunteers, so she can see him. She hasn’t seen him in almost two years. Joan finds the man she is helping at the shelter. He recounts his friends kidnapping. He’s holding his friend’s things. Based on the pictures the “sister” she met is not his sister. Sherlock meets with Iris’s lawyer. He recorded the message. He lays out a plan that he thinks the lawyer enacted. He’s also hidden Iris away. Joan arrives at Rachel’s house with the police. They have a search warrant. The basement door is padlocked. They break it to find three men downstairs. Rachel and her husband held them captive and were taking their benefit checks. At the brownstone, Joan and Sherlock discuss Iris and her situation. It gives Sherlock an idea. Sherlock visits Iris’s lawyer in a bathroom with the Captain. It turns out while he was underbilling Iris, he was overbilling others. In the search they found the hard drive stolen from the ballet center. They dropped all the charges against Iris and arrest the lawyer. Back at the brownstone, Joan is watching footage of Iris speaking about Nell. Sherlock comes in with blankets and offers to go to the park with Joan to give them out to the homeless.


Mama’s Family S02, Ep05 – Rashomama

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 2
Episode: 5
Title: Rashomama
Original Air Date: November 3, 1983

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Favorite Quotes:

* Ellen: Mama, either stop volunteering to make the jam or invest in an air conditioner to cool off this swamp.

* Noami: I don’t know when I’ve had so much fun. I’ve never done anything like this before.
Eunice: It’s about the only thing you haven’t done before.

* Eunice: What the hell is the matter with you? You been sniffing those gooseberries?

* Eunice: Look at me. Are you in there?

* Eunice: You lie like a rug.
Ellen: You wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you on the butt.

* Mama: It’s the berries you tramp.

* Mama: Next time I make jam with you bruisers I’m going to wear a football helmet.

Synopsis: Everyone is pacing in the emergency room. Eunice is having a melt down over Mama. Eunice, Ellen and Naomi all start fighting. Vint arrives and asks what happened. Naomi tells her story first. They were making jam in the kitchen. Ellen was complaining about the heat and Eunice not showing up. But Euncies does arrive. Naomi is flitting around acting out of character. Eunice tells Mama that she was nearly killed on the highway. Naomi brings over the sugar. Ellen goes on about how she had to go out to route 5 and back for these berries. Eunice flips her lid because Ellen drove past her twice and did not help. But Ellen states se did not see her. Eunice starts choking Ellen. Naomi goes on about how nice it is to sit in the kitchen doing family type things. Ellen complains that Mama never let her cook. Eunice talks about how she had to cheat on her Girl Scout cooking badge. While they are talking, the berries start popping. Eunice and Ellen fight over the pot and whack Mama in the face knocking her out. Back in the emergency room Ellen and Eunice disagree with what she says. Ellen now tells her version. Mama is melting down from the heat. Naomi is acting like a child in this version. Eunice arrives and tells about how she was nearly killed on the highway. She has a meltdown. Ellen says she went out the same way but never saw her. Ellen continues making Mama seem senile. Ellen asks Naomi for the sugar. She has it but it’s the wrong kind. Mama wants to just chuck the project but Ellen finds some granulated sugar in the pantry. They all pitch in to remove the spots on the jars. Suddenly, Ellen announces that she will skip her tea dance. The berries start popping. Mama asks Ellen to get another pot, but Eunice and Naomi start fighting over the pot between them. Mama comes over and gets whacked in the face and knocked out. Now it’s Eunice’s turn to tell her story. Eunice comes in all happy. Mama asks where she’s been. So she tells her how she was almost killed on the highway. As Eunice tells it, Ellen bumped her off the road into the path of a gasoline truck. Ellen makes a threat. Mama asks Noami about sugar and she pours out her sugar packet collection. Eunice tells her she brought sugar too so that Naomi does not have to break up her collection. Mama is not happy with the berries either. Now the mason jars are perfect. Eunice and Mama continue getting along wonderfully. But the berries start to popping. Mama needs another pot to transfer them too. Eunice and Ellen start fighting over the pot and swing it right into Mama’s face and down she goes. Mama gets wheeled out but she’s ok. Vint asks her who hit her the with pot, but she doesn’t recognize anyone. Back at home, Vint offers to help Mama with the dishes. He throws her the pot and knocks her out again.

Recipe: Butter Toffee Cookies

I’m a cookie monster, so I love eating and making these delightfully and deliriously fabulous cookies. Butter toffee coffee is pretty good too lol.

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The Curse of Oak Island S04, Ep15 – Blood is Thicker

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 4
Episode: 15
Title: Blood is Thicker
Original Air Date: February 21, 2017

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iTunes The Curse of Oak Island, Season 4 – The Curse of Oak Island

Synopsis: Digging in GAL1 continues. Lots of wood is coming up between 114 and 119 feet. On Lot 18 Marty, Charles and Gary Drayton are searching the spoils from the shaft. They find a sailing cloth needle. Gary says he found a gold coin, but it turns out to be a button. Later that day, two of the McGinnis sisters arrive on the island. The third sister passed away. Some of her ashes were put into a small sculpture. They’ve come to add her ashes to the McGinnis Foundation. After they all go to the museum. The sisters have brought the gold cross back for analysis by Dr. Lori. She is an art and antiquities expert. She is very intrigued by the cross. It’s high carat weight rose gold. It was made in a cast and the holes are for emeralds. Charles also gives her several other items to see. The tag she is able to see the word Ball on. Next, she examines the spike. The spike piques her interest and she opts to take it with her for further analysis. Back at the spoils pile, they continue to search for metal objects. They find a piece of metal that looks hammered and has a square hole. At GAL1 the grab brings up wood. Some of the piece’s measure 5 inches. As the grab keeps coming up its bring all different kinds of wood each time. Marty thinks it’s the side of an old searcher shaft. Dave Blakenship is not sure where the wood is coming from. They are all a bit excited. As the grab comes up you hear metal scraping. When it exits the tube, you see the metal hanging out of the grab. Closer examination shows it looks hand hammered and it’s heavy. Dave has no idea why it’s down there. Rick and Craig call Marty to let him know what’s going on. The two go through more spoils brought up and put on the land mover. They find pieces of charcoal. It could be the remains of a searcher furnace. It came at a depth of 154 feet. The manager running the dig comes to the brothers and lets them know that the drilling case has a metal object at about 154 feet and they can’t advance it anymore. They decide to lower in a chisel piece in to break up what’s stopping them from advancing. The team heads back to Dan’s house. Dr. Lori is there with the spike and answers. It’s a wrought iron spike that was used like a finishing nail on a Spanish Galleon deck. They tell her about the other spikes that Nolan found in the swamp. She goes on to say that the spike speaks to a date and the coin a culture. Jack is still uncertain and Dr. Lori confirms it’s 100% from a Spanish Galleon and that it could have been sailed by the Spanish or someone who was not Spanish could have procured it. The next day they are back at the money pit. They’ve chiseled through the metal layer and will be using a smaller grab for the next five feet or so. The grab brings up more metal. It’s a corner plate with holes. It’s hammered metal and the holes are not cleanly cut. It has a lot of marks on it too. The next grab brings up washers. They might have located the Chapel Vault or the real Money Pit. The objects coming up have never been documented as items used by previous searchers. Even the drilling team helps Marty and Rick go through the spoils. At 160 feet, multiple metal washers have been found. They are now grabbing below the casing and can only go as far as it will go safely. But it sounds like the grab might have caught on something. The operator says that he’s hooked something and it’s stuck at 160 feet. He tries several techniques to get it free and successfully brings it up. They suspend the dig for now as they can go back to the hole again next season. In the war room, they video conference Dr. Lori. The coin/button is the first thing she speaks about. She confirms it was a British military button dating to the mid-1700s. Next up is the corner hinge with holes. She says they were used to assemble treasure chests. It dates 1650 – 1800. Now they discuss their plan for next year. Rick won’t give up on the swamp. They’ll also continue in Smith’s Cove. The Money Pit is a big discussion and price point but they will continue there as well. Dan shares some wisdom about the next season. The team all says their goodbyes until next season.

Numb3rs S01, Ep11 – Sacrifice

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 1
Episode: 11
Title: Sacrifice
Original Air Date: April 29, 2005

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iTunes Numb3rs, Season 1 – Numb3rs

Favorite Quotes:

* Charlie: Mathematics can be much more lucrative than fathers think.

* Charlie: Big things disguised as little things.

* Charlie: A mathematical determination of who will or won’t be a winner.

* Larry: Why? To what end? This work is just a self-fulfilling prophecy.

* Charlie: I’ve always believed that it was my duty to develop mathematical tools and someone else’s to use them wisely.

* Larry: Real science is discovery not invention, the truths are there whether we find them or not.

Synopsis: Two security guards investigate an alarm. They find a dead body. Don and his team arrive and are informed that the murder victim is part of a think tank and does classified work. The deceased man’s hard drive was wiped clean and they did not steal the information on it. Charlie will try to reverse engineer the program to restore the files. David interviews the dead man’s wife. Don finds out what the victim was working on and tells Charlie. Charlie discovered a sabermetrics program that he was also developing. At Dr. Hoke’s office, his assistant is working on the computer. He’s not aware that the victim was a baseball fan. Larry comes upon Charlie and Larry hates sabermetrics. Back at Don’s office he and David bring each other up to speed. There’s an insurance policy. Don and David pay a visit to Mrs. Hoke’s boyfriend. It leads nowhere. Charlie analyzes the computer and is interrupted by Scott, the assistant. Charlie and Larry go to Dr. Hoke’s funeral but they are the only ones in attendance. At the house, Charlie works on the case. He learns that his parents nearly divorced when he went to Princeton. The conversation leads Charlie to a discovery. He was trying to apply sabermetrics to real people. Don and Charlie talk with Scott again. From what they learn, the data he was using to determine people’s success was cut off. Don and David go back to the crime scene to take a second look. David finds a wire sticking out of the alarm box. When he pulls the face off he finds evidence of surveillance equipment. Don and Terry talk to the deceased boss about the surveillance and the program he was working on. He disagreed with the statistical analysis and how it was being done. But ultimately, he owns the software. The FBI says it was not their surveillance either. The tech says it was piggybacked, there is no prints. However, the unit was bought by the boyfriend. Don heads back to the boyfriend again. The listening device was Mrs. Hoke’s lawyer’s idea. They interview the wife again. The lawyer turns over the surveillance to prove her client’s innocence. Charlie analyzes the keystrokes and the person who erased the files also had access to the computer at work. Don arrests his assistant for the murder. Before he’s taken away, Charlie asks him why he killed him. His formula would have prevented his school from getting a computer lab. He wanted to stop him from the Nazi’s all over again. Larry and Charlie chat in the garage and get philosophical.

Photos: Silverback 001

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Hot in Cleveland S02, Ep09 – Elka’s Snowbird #HotinCleveland

Season: 2
Episode: 9
Title: Elka’s Snowbird
Original Air Date: March 16, 2011

Guest Stars:
Carl Reiner: Max
Gregory Harrison: Dave
Mandy June Turpin: Doreen
Caitlin Carmichael: Annabelle
Max Charles: Marcus
Tom Yi: Dr. Joe
Terrence Beasor: Old Man

Synopsis: Victoria is doing a segment with a Gardener. She falls for him, but his kids hate her. At the house, Melanie convinces Joy to do some volunteer work with her. They go to a senior center. Melanie loved it and Joy hated it. Melanie decides she wants to make healthy food for the seniors. Joy thinks it’s disgusting and adds “flavor” to what Melanie is making. Victoria tries to win over the kids, but fails miserably. So she talks to the ex wife to try and get her to take full custody of the kids. Max pops in to visit Elka. She does not want to go to Florida so he decides to stay…

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