Ghost Mine S02, Ep10 – Passageway to the Unknown

Show: Ghost Mine
Season: 2
Episode: 10
Title: Passageway to the Unknown
Original Air Date: November 6, 2013

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iTunes Ghost Mine, Season 2 – Ghost Mine

Favorite Quotes:

* Eddie: What the hell did we wander into?

* Eddie: If we’ve got airflow behind us there might be something back here.

* Mikey: My feet are stained just like Rudolph’s nose, red.

* Dingus: There’s just something wrong with snow in the summertime.

* Stan: I don’t feel too comfortable in here. Let’s back out to the main incline.

* Stan: That’s a good vein right there. Pretty vein.

* Kristen: Did I lose you to the gold Stan?
Stan: Yeah

* Kristen: Who’s making that noise?
Stan: We’re coming in. You want to talk to us?

* Stan: I gotta admit, it rattled me.
Kristen: Me too.

* Patrick: This whole mountain could be basically a battery for paranormal activity.

* Eddie: I don’t know if he thinks the mines alive or what? But we’re running out of time.

Synopsis: Eddie is excited about the bulkhead because every place they found a bulkhead they found gold last season. They hear a growl. Before they can investigate further they have to shore up the rise. In Arizona Stan and Kristen are still investigating the Octave. Kristen does an EMF sweep of the area around the mine. She gets spikes even though there is no electricity. She then meets with the operations manager. The activity he describes is very much like what they are experiencing at the Crescent. She learns of a cemetery. Back at the mine Eddie and Patrick lead the guys in investigating the new tunnel and bulkhead. Dingus knocks it out. Behind it they find another tunnel. Eddie deems the new tunnel safe enough to enter and they discover the tunnel only goes a few feet. Eddie finds some good veins. Greybeard takes some samples to test. Patrick finds some airflow. They plan to start working that vein. Back in Arizona Kristen heads to the Weaver Cemetery. It’s a sad place. Caskets buried close to the top and covered in rocks. Each marked with a white cross, but none bear any names. Her EMF meter goes off. She does an EVP session. She fixes a cross to find it knocked over again. Now she tries to find out where the story of the blue devil came from. Back at the mine Dingus gets revenge on the pranksters by messing with their boots. In Arizona, Stan and the Octave mine owner have a meeting. Some of the assays are quite good. Stan informs them that Kristen and Patrick are part of the team and he’s fine with it. Before he decides, Stan wants a full paranormal investigation. Kristen and Stan will do it together. They start with photos and EMF readings. She sees a mist on one photo and it’s not on the other of the same spot. As they go further in the mine, Kirsten feels something on her leg. Stan doesn’t want them to go farther in one section as the stalls are breaking. Even Stan is worried. At the mine, snow has come early. They are forced to pack up their belongings and try to get down the mountain so they aren’t trapped. Stan decides to back out of the tunnel they are in because the activity was making him nervous. They go to see the drawings that looked demonic. They find some good veins. Then as they approach the drawings they both hear a sound like a breath. As they approach the EMF readings continue to rise. Kristen takes photos of the drawings. They do an EVP session. It sounds like rocks are falling. Stan and Kristen saw something big move through a hole. Both are more than happy to leave the mine at this point. Back up in the snow, the crew tries to get back up to the mine. But trying to go up the hill isn’t working. They nearly slip off the side of the mountain. They finally manage to get back up to the mine. Patrick shares some evidence from his microphone recorded from the quartz. It sounds like a vibration. Patrick voices concerns. Eddie makes the executive decision, they are getting the gold and going home with money, not broke. They blast the vein to get at the gold. Once it clears they head in to bar down and assess.


Numb3rs S01, Ep07 – Counterfeit Reality

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 1
Episode: 7
Title: Counterfeit Reality
Original Air Date: March 11, 2005

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iTunes Numb3rs, Season 1 – Numb3rs

Favorite Quotes:

* Charlie: You don’t really care about the equation.
Terry: Let’s just say we can’t fully appreciate it.

* Charlie: I’ve learned a lot from you actually.
Don: Thanks.

Synopsis: A store is robbed and also a grocery store. Don and Terry arrive on scene. Six stores were robbed and three were killed. He got called in because the LAPD Detective wants to see if Charlie’s new video enhancement software can help. He takes on the case and Charlie and Amita help. Don recognizes an expensive gun and expensive watch on one of the robbers. The detective gets a call and the robbers have struck again. This time a house. In the house, they find a lot a good all paid for with cash. Terry found two teenagers in videos at each location shopping. They are the dead bodies in the house. One of the dead boys moms is interviewed. He paid her back all the money he owed her in tens. Don and David check out where they worked. Don finds some strange stuff on the floor of the warehouse. He finds some powder. It’s ink for counterfeiting money. A Secret Service agent confirms its old school high-end counterfeiting ink and paper. The ring has been being investigated for over 5 years. Charlie brings some ideas to the case. The agent running the case gets pissed. Back at the house Charlie is comparing the new counterfeit bills to the old. Charlie posits that they have a new artist drawing the bills. Don expands the search to art forgers. A woman got abducted a few days ago. She’s a skilled artist. They are able to get a few samples of her work comparison. She is the one they are using to draw the newest counterfeits. At the office Don is worried they won’t be able to save this woman. They come up with several plans to track down the counterfeiters. Charlie is using a probability algorithm to figure out where to look for more bills. The agent tells Charlie about her and Don being together. Charlie covers well, but she is still hurt. David goes to visit one of the retired counterfeiters. They show him the ink. He calls it near perfect. He tells them to check out Marty Blanchard. Apparently, he ratted this gentleman out so he has no issue ratting him out. Charlie talks to Don about Kim. They got a hit on the bills at a bar. Don and Kim leave to interview him. When they arrive he tells them he only had 20s from an atm. They have surveillance on the guy. He did a job and got paid in counterfeit bills. David and Terry go to see the other counterfeiter. She quizzes David about Kim. He hints that Don and Kim were together. As the printer pulls up men in masks do a drive by shooting. Blanchard is killed. They bring in some suspects but no one is talking. Mr. Hughes has come in to check on his wife. He gives him his wife’s art back. Charlie stops and talks to him outside. Back at the house Amita has popped in to check on Charlie. He tells her about the hidden messages in her art for her husband. Amita suggest analysis at different angles. It cracks the code. But she placed a set of numbers in it. It’s the address of a warehouse. David and Terry arrest the first counterfeiter. He admits he taught his sons how do to the counterfeiting. He gives them info. Margo is being held on the rooftop level. The storm the warehouse and are able to rescue Margo. He calls Terry to notify her husband. They are happily reunited. Charlie goes to visit Don. He found his missing box. They have a brotherly bonding moment.

Photos: Gorillas 014

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S01, Ep23 – Parisitica

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season: 1
Episode: 23
Title: Parisitica
Original Air Date: July 20, 2013

Links for all seasons/first six volumes below:

Amazon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 1 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 2 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 3 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 4 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 5 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 6 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Favorite Quotes:

* Mikey: Another day, another Kraang hunt.

* Raph: If I ever get that excited about a centrifuge, put me out of my misery.

* Raph: He’s really turned running away screaming into an art form.
Donnie: Well, at least he’s good at something, right?

* Raph: Great idea. Let’s take the mutant wasp egg into our home where we live. What’s the worst that can happen?

* Raph: Dude, are you all right? Cuz unmotivated bursts of anger are kind of my thing.

* Donnie: We have to get to the egg. It could be the only cure.

Synopsis: The turtles are out on patrol searching for the Kraang. They find what they think is a Kraang lab. But it’s already been destroyed. Donnie finds some lab items that are still good. Mikey spots a giant-sized wasp. This wasp then attacked the turtles. Mikey gets to be the bait and keep the wasps attention while the rest decide on an ambush. They think they’ve captured the wasp, but instead he takes Mikey for a ride. It put it’s stinger into Leo. It’s infected him somehow. The wasp died because it stung him. Leo finds an egg. Leo decides to take the egg and let Donnie analyze it. Leo is very defensive of the egg. Donnie begins to dissect the egg but Leo stops him. The three discuss Leo’s obsession with the egg. Splinter isn’t there to ask because he’s taken April on a training exercise. Leo overhears. He’s having a strange reaction to the wasp bite. The guys are trying to get Leo away from the egg. He’s in some kind of weird trance. Later that night, Raph tries to destroy the egg and Leo appears and stops him. His eyes are completely different and when he opens his mouth there is some slimey goo. The two fight. Raph tries to help. But Leo bites him. The next morning Mikey and Donnie find them both starting at the egg. Now they are both infected. Donnie and Mikey lock the two in with the egg. Mikey closes the garage door just in time to keep them in the room. Donnie determines the wasp was a parasitic wasp. His research shows that once the egg hatches, whatever is in there will eat Leo and Raph. They two escape and Mikey and Donnie run for their lives. They restrain Leo, but Raph grabs the egg and leaves. Leo comes too and tries to trick Mikey. As Donnie draws some of Leo’s blood, Mikey notices that he got bit too. Donnie turns before he finishes the antidote and he bites Mikey. Now all four are infected. Raph comes back with the egg. It begins to hatch. Mikey hits all three with the antidote. He then recounts how he made the antidote. He did successfully cure all four of them. But the egg hatches as they pass out. Three wasps hatch. One lands on each of the three to feed. Mikey fights them with a skateboard. Then runs for his life and hides in the shell razer. He tries to fire it up but it doesn’t work. The other three wake back up and take on the wasps. The three are surrounded but are suddenly disintegrated. Mikey did it. But it’s a nasty mess to clean up.

Mama’s Family S02, Ep03 – Country Club

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 2
Episode: 3
Title: Country Club
Original Air Date: October 20, 1983

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iTunes not available at this time

Favorite Quotes:

* Naomi: A bowling ball just can’t disappear.
Vint: It can when Mama puts it in a safe place.

* Naomi: Maybe you’re daddy ain’t dead and gone at all. Maybe your mama just put him in a safe place.

* Mama: When I do find that ball I’ll put it downstairs in the middle of your bed. It can sleep next to your other pin buster.

* Mama: You could look up disgusting in the dictionary and find a picture of this.

* Mama: Don’t you think you’d look a little silly bowling in a diamond broach?

* Ellen: Well Mama, a good prime rib is supposed to be served rare.
Mama: I know that, but mine left hoof prints in my mashed potatoes.

* Mama: Close your mouth, I’m getting an echo in here.

* Mama: Oh come on Vinton! What do you want? Some two bit comic or the Mama Rickles of Raytown?

Synopsis: Everyone is searching the house looking for Vint’s bowling ball. Vint has a meltdown. Then Naomi questions Mama as to where she’s been. Ellen comes in as happy as can be. Ellen tells them she has been chosen as Woman of the Year by the Raytown Country Club. Ellen gets upset because no one is happy for her. Vint goes back to throwing a fit over his bowling ball. Ellen starts kissing up to Mama. She wants to borrow a diamond broach. Mama lets her. Later that day Naomi comes home to find Vinton laying on the couch. Mama comes downstairs to find the pair on the couch. Vint throws another fit. They all fight and Mama reveals she got invited to join the country club. However, it’s actually an invite to Ellen’s Woman of the Year Banquet. Mama does not want to go, but Naomi and Vint are going to go. Mama changes her mind. At the country club Ellen is taking pictures with the mayor. Mama walks into the banquet and Ellen spits out her champagne. Ellen is not happy when she finds out that inviting her family was a surprise. Vint and Mama tell the story about finding the missing bowling ball. The appetizers go badly. Then Mama decides to dance with the mayor. The meal is finally served but Ellen’s embarrassment continues to worsen. The mayor starts his presentation. He invites Mama to speak about Ellen. Ellen tries to get her off stage quickly but fails. Mama turns the celebration into a roast. She tells the story of Ellen as a majorette and the missing underwear. The three arrive home still laughing.

Book: Four to Score by Janet Evanovich (Stephanie Plum 4)

Stephanie has a new case: a seriously pissed off waitress, Maxine Nowicki. She has quite a few helpers this time. Her 73-year-old grandmother and Lula have returned as her sidekicks. But there is a new member on the team now. His name is Sally Sweets and he is a musician and transvestite. And he’s well over 6 feet tall (not counting the heels).

The plot thickens when those who Maxine knows or have seen her start turning up dead. Stephanie’s rival Joyce Barnhardt also joins the chase. Threats start flying and suddenly Stephanie finds her apartment blown up.

Does Stephanie make the collar? Who blew up her apartment? Do Joe and Ranger come to the rescue?

Click either link to get a copy.


iTunes Four to Score – Janet Evanovich

The X Files S01, Ep16 – Young at Heart

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 16
Title: Young at Heart
Original Air Date: February 11, 1994

Click on either link to get a copy.

Amazon The X-Files: Season 1

iTunes The X-Files, Season 1 – The X-Files

Favorite Quotes:

* Scully: You did the right thing, Mulder.
Mulder: Did I?

* Mulder: I’ll get you, you son of a bitch!!!

* Mulder: Killing a salesclerk just to leave me a note? I’d say that’s going a little out of your way.

* Scully: You mean the ghost of John Barnett?
Mulder: I didn’t know you believed in ghosts Scully.

* Scully: I hope you guys brought your fine tooth comb I want every piece of lint collected and analyzed. If nothing turns up run it again.

* Scully: It’s the first time I’ve ever played the target.
Mulder: Well, let’s make sure it’s not the last time.

Synopsis: A man rolls around in a wheelchair in a prison infirmary. He hears a scream and follows the sound. He opens a door and finds his friend is dead. His life is threatened. But the supposed dead man blinks, he also appears to be missing a hand. Mulder and Scully get sent to investigate a jewelry store robbery. A lone gunman killed a saleswoman after she complied with his request. The local agent shows Mulder something. It’s Barnett. It was also the first case that Mulder caught. The evidence bag contains a note. Mulder is confused how Barnett could be back. He died in prison four years ago. Mulder has the note analyzed. It’s a 95% match to Barnett’s handwriting. The investigator reviews the video of Barnett’s capture and the case with Scully. At the office, Mulder just received a copy of Barnett’s death certificate. As Mulder leaves a kids football practice he finds his car door is open and photos of himself have been left on the driver’s seat. Mulder shows the photos to his friend, the agent. He doesn’t believe it’s Barnett, but someone messing with Mulder. While he warns Mulder to be careful Scully enters with Barnett’s will. Mulder meets with a sketch artist to try and figure out what he looks like now. He relives the memory of the trial. Scully interrupts his reverie. She pulled his prison records. She is confused that he could have died of a heart attack. His health records show now heart issues. They head to the prison to ask the man he left everything to in his will. He tells them about Dr. Ridley and how he took off his bad hand. He also wasn’t dead, he was blinking. A call comes in to their office and its Barnett. They talk and he hangs up before the trace is complete. Mulder calls Reggie and wakes him. He tells him about the prison inmate. Someone breaks in the house and strangles Reggie while he’s on the phone. He throws a note on him. Mulder tells Scully more about his friend. He points to the note left for him. The writing is analyzed again. It also matches the first note. Mulder walks back into their office to find Scully. The doctor who signed off on Barnett’s death certificate had not been a doctor in a long time. They speak to another doctor who knew of Dr. Ridley and what he had done. He lost his license to practice because he wasn’t approved to do medical trials, but he went forward with them off the books. Mulder thinks he is using inmates as research subjects. Mulder goes back to the artist. Scully is at her place typing a report and hears a creak. She hears another sound and goes for her gun. As she is going through her apartment she hears a knock. When she asks who it is, she hears a man say “Dr. Joe Ridely. The person who broke in sneaks back out. Mulder comes over as well to interview him. He tells them Barnett is the only one who survived. But he is dying as a result of his work. He admits he was able to grow a new hand for Barnett, but it’s not exactly human. He has a salamander hand now. Deep Throat meets with Mulder at a bar. They discuss Barnett. It seems that Barnett stole all Ridley’s research and the government is trying to buy it from him. At Scully’s apartment, her phone rings but she misses the call because she is in the shower. Scully takes her answering machine to work. She tells Mulder about someone who likely broke into her apartment. She had her machine printed and it had one of John Barnett’s prints on it. Barnett calls again and threatens to kill his friends one by one. They race to Scully’s friend’s cello recital. There is now a heavy FBI presence watching for Barnett. The cellist practices while it appears Barnett is tuning the piano she’s practicing next to. He takes a gun out of the tuning case and puts it in his pants. He shoots at Scully twice and Barnett takes off. He runs into the hall and takes the cellist hostage. He taunts Mulder. This time Mulder takes the shot and saves the cellist and everyone else. In the hall, Scully comes too. Her bullet proof vest saved her. At the hospital, Scully will recover. People try and save Barnett to find out where he hid the research. He dies. We see it is in a storage box at a bus station or airport.

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