Hot in Cleveland S02, Ep02 – Bad Bromance

Season: 2
Episode: 2
Title: Bad Bromance
Original Air Date: January 26, 2011

Guest Stars:
Wayne Knight: Rick
Bonnie Franklin: Agnieszka (Pete’s Mom)
John Schneider: Hank
David Starzyk: Pete
Janet Varney: Ellen
Julie Lancaster: Linda
Robert Towers: Winston

Synopsis: Victoria, still broke, signs up for a website to date rich, older men. Melanie is meeting Pete’s family for the first time at Stormi’s. Elka is still sad about losing Max and goes on a bender. Joy and Rick have a meeting with the INS lawyer. Rick sweet talks her and falls in love. At Stormi’s, Pete’s mom hates Melanie. Victoria shows up with a billionaire just shy of 110 years old. Elka continues her bender at the bar when she runs out of alcohol at the house. During the party, Melanie’s one night stand Hank shows up….

To find out what happens click here:
Bad Bromance

Click on either link to grab the second season of the show, it’s a great way to support the ladies and have some serious laughs.

Amazon Hot in Cleveland: Season 2

iTunes Hot in Cleveland, Season 2 – Hot in Cleveland


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