Elementary S02, Ep03 – We Are Everyone

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 3
Title: We Are Everyone
Original Air Date: October 10, 2013

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iTunes Elementary, Season 1 – Elementary

Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: If you’re going to interrupt my coffee time you can at least make the questions more challenging.

* Joan: In other words, you plan on arguing on the internet all night.

* Sherlock: I weep for the whole desperate lot of you.

* Joan: I asked you about Irene yesterday.
Sherlock: Her name is Moriarty.

* Sherlock: I submitted to one recovery at your request, there won’t be a second.

* Sherlock: You’ve done your research on me. You know I get my man.

* Joan: I think it’s sad that you’ve given up. I think you have a lot to share if you cared it. I shouldn’t be the only one who knows you.

Synopsis: A man in the back of a taxi writes a message on his tablet. His card is declined and he freaks out. He sends a classified document and runs for it. Joan is sitting on a park bench with a friend, watching her kid play. Her friend signed her up for a dating website for six months. Joan arrives home to find a strange man in the house. He tells them he is worried about a leak being killed. Sherlock is suspicious and takes his photo as he leaves. Sherlock and Joan follow “Mr. Mueller.” He gets a response back; the man is Elliot Honeycutt. He works for a CIA front at Redding Enterprises. At the police station Sherlock and Joan dig deeper. The gentleman leaking information only used one source, unlike other leaks who usually use multiple sources. They speak with her, but get nowhere. Since they got no answers they stake her out. The dating website and love are discussed. A bag drop takes place at the security desk. Sherlock lifts the guard’s phone, clears the information off it and nukes it. The guard is affiliated with a hacker collective called “Everyone.” Joan wakes to find Clyde on her bed. Sherlock informs her he has found who is hiding Ezra. They go to her apartment and Joan picks the lock. Joan finds her on the floor, dead. Gregson and his team arrive. Back at the brownstone Joan gets a weird call about a model train set. The doorbell rings, they get a delivery of a stack of pizza. They have been hacked by Everyone. Sherlock and Joan go back to the station to hide. Sherlock goes back over the box of items that they believe was Ezra. They deduce he’s hiding in an unused bunker. They visit an expert on New York City. He has a list of the bunkers. Sherlock notices one bunker has not been decommissioned, it’s under a bridge. His phone still isn’t working so he gives a bike officer a message for Gregson. After hailing a cab, he and Joan are arrested by Secret Service. They are both released. Back at the brownstone Joan begins reading the 5,000-page manuscript. She is interrupted by the doorbell and it’s the man who she winked at on the dating website. With the strange changes on her profile he was worried. Sherlock tries to make peace with “Everyone.” The next morning Sherlock has made breakfast. He tells her of the head honcho in Everyone who got everyone to shut up. Tracked it to Dara O’Conner. His private plane is coming in this afternoon and then leaving for Venezuela. Sherlock believes the driver is Ezra. Gregson tries to arrest Ezra and he tells them if they do 14 innocent people will die. Gregson confirms the first and opts to let him go. As he leaves Joan grabs his wrist and gives him a stern warning. After the plane takes off Joan lets them know she stole his watch. If they can use the DNA from the watch to prove he killed Vanessa, they can bring him back. Sherlock goes to visit their client. He gives him an update on his progress. Elliot saves the 14 operatives and Ezra goes to jail for the murder of Vanessa. “Everyone” has restored everything. Joan is going out on a date. Sherlock reads a letter from Moriarty.


Recipe: Oreo Rice Krispie Treats

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Ghost Mine S02, Ep01 – Return to Darkness

Show: Ghost Mine
Season: 2
Episode: 1
Title: Return to Darkness
Original Air Date: September 4, 2013

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Amazon Ghost Mine Season Two

iTunes Ghost Mine, Season 1 – Ghost Mine

Patrick Doyle: Paranormal Investigator
Kristen Luman: Paranormal Investigator
Jamol Eli: Himself – Greenhorn
Jay Verburg: Himself – Greenhorn
Larry Overman: Himself – Mine Owner
Stacie Sisk-Overman: Herself – Mine Owner
Jared Anderson: Himself – Heavy Machinery Operator (Buckett)
Edward Griffith: Himself – Job Supervisor (Fast Eddie)
Stan Griffith: Himself – Mine Foreman (Papa Smurf)
Keith Leingang: Himself – Drill Operator (Dingus)
Alexys Overman: Herself – Mine Owners Daughter
Dick Secord Jr.: Himself – Sample Specialist (Greybeard)
Richard Secord Sr.: Himself – Explosives Expert (Duck)

Favorite Quotes:

* Eddie: You’re so old you forgot why you quit in the first place.

* Jamol: Stan the man has got a plan.

* Patrick: You remember what happened the last time we opened up a bulkhead?
Eddie: Yeah, we almost got rich.

* Kristen: Did you not want us to find this room?
Patrick: K2 hit. There’s something in here with us.

* Kristen: Are you upset that we are here?
EVP: Yes.

* Stan: This is good info for us. It’s keeps us on our toes.

Synopsis: The new mining season begins. This time they start earlier. The whole team returns, including Patrick and Kristen. Even Greybeard’s father Duck comes back. Larry takes Stan aside and lets him know that someone was trying to get into the mine that collapsed at the end of last season. They decide they won’t be working the second shaft because the cost to get back in is too high and they won’t make any money. Over dinner Larry and Stan update the team on the old portal. Stan suggests finding another way into it. The spot where Greybeard felt the breeze. Stan, Eddie, Duck, Patrick and Kristen go back to where the air flow is. When they get to the spot tapping on it, it’s hollow. They formulate a plan and get to work. They load the dynamite for the first blast and once done wait for the smoke to clear. They go in and bar down. Greybeard notices fracturing in the ceiling. They clear out before a slab falls on them. Stan asks that RIPA gets sent in to check it out and assess the safety of the area. RIPA has been beefed up. Stan determines from the video feed that the cavern is man-made, a ball room. He sees a cave in, it appears to be man-made as well. After it’s determined safe they all head in to investigate. Stan states it’s colder than the rest of the mine and since it’s a dead end it should be warmer. Patrick locates a draft. Kristen finds and old tool, a scythe. Kristen and Patrick get a little time to investigate, until the next morning. They set up a camcorder for a 360-degree view. An EVP session takes place. When Kristen asks about finding that room they get a K2 hit. As the questions continue rocks start to fall as well as groaning and creaking sounds. The sounds start to increase and they back away from where they were. They leave the camera but they exit. At the campfire the miners discuss the current situation. The plan they come up with is to have some work a good heading and the bulk continue trying to get back to the gold. The next morning Kristen and Patrick discuss their findings with the guys. Kristen informs them they did their investigation standing next to the cave in. Then plays the audio of the falling rock and the response of “yes.” Greybeard grows concerned. Back to the western tunnel they prepare for a blasting. Jay gets to do all the drilling for the blasting, that’s 18 holes. He finishes and Eddie compliments him. Jay and Jamol prepare the dynamite. After the blast Stan gets radioed from Larry that he’s seeing a trespasser. Everyone gets in on the action trying to track him down and catch him. Larry tells them how he has seen this person several times now. Patrick stays behind to investigate as he is feeling like he’s being watch. He takes photographs of the whole area. One phot has an anomaly and he shows it to Kristen. That night they investigate the area and use a pickax from the period as a trigger object. They see a dark spot up in the trees. He takes her to the spot where he took the photo. He puts the pickax under the tree. Kristen suggests and EVP session. She gets responses via the K2. During the questions the motion detector goes off. After that it goes quiet. They gather everything up and conclude for the night. The next morning Kirsten and Patrick give the guys an update. First the trespasser is discussed. He shows them the photograph with the strange black figure. He goes on to speak about the K2 spikes and the motion detector going off. They play some audio from the EVP, it records some words that sound like they are in another language. It’s mentioned that it could be Swedish as they worked the mines too. The pair retrieves the camera left in the ball room to analyze it. Patrick spots something and they head back in to check it out. They turn off their head lamps and use a black light and find strange writing on the ball room wall.

Photos: Birds 008 Bald Eagle

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S01, Ep14 – New Girl in Town

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season: 1
Episode: 14
Title: New Girl in Town
Original Air Date: February 1, 2013

Links for all seasons/volumes below:

Amazon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 1 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 2 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 3 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 4 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 5 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
iTunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 6 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Favorite Quotes:

* Mikey: No not the pizza guy! Take Donnie!

* Donnie: Hang on Raph. We’re not charging a 12-foot regenerating mutant.

* Leo: Foot Clan? You guys just made my night. (sighs) I feel so much better.

* Mikey: Dudes, can’t we just be cool with each other? Let’s hug this out.

* Splinter: Leadership is not about appreciation; it is about responsibility. It doesn’t matter that the burden is heavy, it matters that you carry it.

* Karai: Guess I struck a nerve.
Leo: Because I beat you?

* April: It’s a trap Leo.

* Raph: We need him back. I need him back.

* Raph: All forgiven. You’re the leader again. Welcome back.

* Raph: She’s in the Foot Clan.
Leo: Nobody’s perfect.

Synopsis: Donnie and Mikey chase Snakeweed. He takes a pizza delivery boy hostage. When they try to rescue the pizza boy they find Snakeweed and his captive is gone. Leo and Raph fight. Leo appoints Raph team leader for the short term. Leo takes off from the group, but he doesn’t realize the Foot Clan have been following him. He takes them on and beating them cheers him up. Once they clear out Karai appears and introduces herself to Leo. Back at the lair Donnie is trying to locate Snakeweed’s hideout and Raph is impatient. Leo comes back. Donnie narrows down Snakeweed’s hideout but Raph does not want Leo included. Leo is watching cartoons and Splinter asks him where his brothers are. He tells him that Leo is the leader now. Splinter tells him to find his brothers. While he’s looking for them he runs into Karai again. They battle fairly this time, while trading insults and critiques. Meanwhile, the other turtles are trying to find Snakeweed in the sewer. They find the lair. It has pods that he is using to hold people captive. The three start freeing people from their pods. Snakeweed appears and he’s not happy that they have freed his fertilizer. Back to Leo and Karai, their physical and verbal fight continues. Leo wins. Karai invites Leo to meet her at the high rise at midnight. Back in Snakeweed’s lair they aren’t doing too well. Mikey is down and Raph doesn’t know what to do. Donnie takes the lead in tying up Snakeweed and calling for a retreat. Topside, Leo pays April a visit. He tells her about Karai and as soon as he says she’s in the Foot Clan she hits him with a newspaper. Karai meets with Shredder. He wants her to kill Leo. The others return to the lair and request Splinter’s help for Mikey. Raph has finally learned to understand Leo’s burden. Splinter tells Raph to go fine Leo and Donnie announces his location. April texted it to him. Leo meets Karai. She shows him a sword. She wants his help stealing it. Raph arrives on the rooftop and gives Leo a tongue lashing. Mid lecture Snakeweed shows up and a battle ensues. Leo asks Karai for help (he’s been disarmed) she throws him her blade. They’re able to escape. Leo has an idea and they get the upper hand. He stuffs a container of nitrous oxide into Snakeweed’s mouth, explodes it and then Raph shatter the frozen mutant. Back at the lair they wake Mikey with pepperoni pizza.

Mama’s Family S01, Ep13 – Mama’s Silver

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 1
Episode: 13
Title: Mama’s Silver
Original Air Date: May 7, 1983

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Amazon Click here to get a copy of Mama’s Family: Season 1

iTunes not available at this time

Favorite Quotes:

* Mama: Claude Canemaker, that jackass?

* Mama: I don’t keep beer in this fridge for you to be giving to every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes over here looking for a hand out.

* Mama: It doesn’t strain your brain much either.

* Mama: Did you guests think it was pretty?
Ellen: Well, of course they did.

* Mama: Let’s face it Vint. You get hooked up with losers.

* Mama: That silver is the most valuable thing in this house.

* Mama: That silver is gone. Somebody came in here in the middle of the night and stole it.

* Mama: My mama’s silver. It’s the only valuable thing that old skin flint ever gave me.

* Mama: Good Lord in heaven. You robbed me for that bum.

* Fran: Throw him to the wolves. Yes, throw him to the wolves.

Synopsis: Fran and Mama come home. They argue about a near car accident. Vint is in the kitchen and reveals that Claude Canemaker is there. Vint and Mama argue over Claude. At dinner Fran tries to talk with Sonia but gets nowhere. Vint and Buzz argue over sports. As dinner concludes Ellen enters with Mama’s silver. She inspects every piece. Ellen becomes insulted. As Mama asks Vint to put the sliver away the phone rings. It’s Claude, he’s been arrested and needs Vint to bail him out. His bail is $250 and Vint does not have that kind of cash. Mama over hears the whole conversation and becomes suspicious. Ellen makes a hasty exit and Vint follows her. He asks her to loan him the $250. She refuses. Vint heads back in and Mama asks him to put the silver back in the closet, but instead he takes it. The next day Fran is looking for an extension cord. Mama looks in the closet for one and discovers her sliver is missing. She goes into a full meltdown. She questions Vint about the silver. He’s evasive and Mama realizes he took it. Mama forces him to admit he took it and pawned it. He then tells her he pawned it for Claude’s bail and Thelma looks like she going to drop dead. Mama goes into a full blown guilt trip on Vint. However, Vint stands up to her. Fran comes into the kitchen following the fight. Vint comes up from the basement with some of his stuff prepared to leave. He then gives a big speech. But Mama can’t bear to have him leave.

Book: Heat Rises [Nikki Heat #3] by Richard Castle

Nikki Heat catches a truly unexpected and strange murder of a parish priest in a bondage club. During her investigation the suspects and persons of interest are just as odd. She has to deal with a drug lord, a CIA contractor and a death squad. As she makes inroads in the case she hits a wall. Clearly someone high up in the NYPD is also involved. Before she can solve the case she is pulled off the case and now without her badge and gun. However, now she’s a target too.

Who murdered the priest? Why was in a bondage club? While are so many people trying to stop Nikki from solving this murder? Will survive this investigation?

Click either link to get a copy and find out what happens.
Amazon Heat Rises by Richard Castle
iTunes Heat Rises – Richard Castle

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