Bones S01, Ep11 – The Woman in the Car

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 11
Title: The Woman in the Car
Original Air Date: February 1, 2006

Guest Stars:
Jonathan Adams: Dr. Daniel Goodman
Zeljko Ivanek: Carl Decker
Suzanne Cryer: Agent Pickering
Lawrence Pressman: Trent Seward
Jake Cherry: Donovan Decker
Jaime Ray Newman: Stacy Goodyear
Sarah Ann Schultz: Maria Semov
Alexa Fischer: Sharon Pomeroy
John M. Jackson: FBI Deputy Director Sam Cullen
Anna Easteden: Polina Decker (as Anna Shemeikka)

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Favorite Quotes:

* Bones: Forensic Anthropologist. That’s why no gun.

* Bones: Why dread something that hasn’t happened yet?

* Agent Pickering: You are benign.
Hodgins: I’m not benign lady. I’m not harmless. I’m malignant.

* Bones: You tough guys are all very sentimental.

* Bones: It’s not often I get to help save someone before they die.
Booth: Every time you catch a murderer you save his next victim.

Synopsis: Dr. Brennan is on a morning talk show. It doesn’t go well. Booth picks her up and they head to a burned car with an adult and signs of a child. The child is most likely kidnapped. Zack determines the child shoe is size four. He determines she gave birth 5 – 8 years ago. Angela does a facial reconstruction. They match the victim, she has an 8 year old. They go to the husband’s house but he’s not there. There is a man in a truck taking photos. They are US Marshal’s. He’s a federal witness. Decker does not know his wife was murdered and his kid possibly kidnapped. Booth’s boss tells him to go in a different direction. Zack identified the cartilage. The victim bit off part of her attackers ear. Bones and Booth watch a video of the little boy learning to ride a bike. Booth talks to the victim’s sister. He learns she left because she thought he was cheating on her. Angela gets a security interview and we learn she is married. Booth heads to Decker’s previous employer that he has blown the whistle on. His old boss says he would never put military personnel in harms way, he was in the military. He gets back to the lab and Bones is happy to see him. He has security video for Angela. Zack’s examination demonstrates that the woman was still alive when she was set on fire. Hodgin’s informs them the ear is male. Bones determines she was tortured with electrocution before being set on fire. In Angela’s office they go over the security footage. They get an image of the man Decker was meeting. The agent meets with Zack. During the interview Zack figures out the amperage and voltage he was electrocuted with. Decker’s meeting turns out to be his handler in the Justice Department. Back at the lab Zack tells Bones and Booth how she was electrocuted. Booth realizes that Decker went back to his employer. If he thinks they kidnapped his kid he would go straight to the source. They find Decker holding a gun to the boss. They get him to put the gun down. The agent interviews Dr. Goodman. Back at the FBI office they interview Decker. They try and convince him to testify. Decker says he’ll testify only if Booth finds his son and gives him the code word. Back at the lab Bones lets Booth know he’s looking for a one eared South African who is a mechanic. Booth receives a package telling him to back off and it includes a finger. He races the finger to the lab. They begin analysis of the bone. He is somewhere in an abandoned gas station or mechanic. The agent interviews Bones in her office as Booth grabs her to check out some locations. He picks the rural location and they meet SWAT there. They breach and take out three suspects. They find the boy. He is freaking out and Booth tells him the code word. Before he is taken away in the back of an ambulance is father is brought to see him.


Book: The Roswell Conspiracy (Tyler Locke, #3) by Boyd Morrison

Tyler rescues a woman from two assassins. Her name is Fay Allen. In 1947, at the age of ten, she witnessed what is believed to be a UFO crash in Roswell. She managed to snag a piece of the wreckage and that is what the assassins are after. Even better…she claims to know many secrets that have been kept.

But protecting her and those secrets mean that many people are after them. They are pursed in the air, on land and over water.

It culminates at an air show with foot chases, air chases and explosions.

So what secrets does Ms. Allen know that people are willing to kill for? Does she survive? Did aliens really crash at Roswell?

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Photos: Gorillas 005

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The Golden Girls S01, Ep11 – Stan’s Return

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 1
Episode: 11
Title: Stan’s Return
Original Air Date: November 30, 1985

Guest Stars:
Herb Edelman: Stanley Zbornak (as Herbert Edelman)
Simone Griffeth: Chrissy

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sophia: So where is this vacation spot you’re going to where they don’t allow mothers?

* Sophia: You’re leaving me behind to watch the house like an old watch dog.

* Dorothy: Why did I ever marry that man?
Sophia: Because he knocked you up.

* Dorothy: Younger than Chrissy? Where did she meet him, Camp Snoopy?

* Sophia: You had to bring him home? Why couldn’t you find a drunken sailor on a street corner?

* Dorothy: Well, everything’s gotten more expensive since Truman left office.

* Blanche: Take it from me. There is no gentle way to end it with a man. They just don’t get the message.

* Dorothy: I don’t know what to say. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Synopsis: Rose and Blanche discuss exotic vacation spots. It appears the three are planning a vacation together and leaving Sophia out. She is not happy. Sophia comes back in the kitchen to let Dorothy know Stan is there. Apparently, his wife is still in Maui. He’s only come to sell a piece of property they purchased. He leaves. The next day Stan and Dorothy are at a cafe. He finally breaks down and tells Dorothy that Chrissy has left him for a younger man. Stan breaks down into a pathetic pile of tears. Back in the kitchen Blanche, Rose and Sophia discuss vacation locations. They still haven’t decided. Their morning is ruined when Stan walks in wearing Dorothy’s robe. Dorothy walks in and admits they slept together. Everyone is shocked. Dorothy says it was a one time thing, but when she goes back to the living room she hears Stan ordering flowers for her. Later that day Rose gives a litany of questions and annoys everyone. Dorothy then drops a bomb about Stan. She doesn’t know if she wants to get back together with him or not. As Stan tries to reconcile with Dorothy Sophia barges in with a bunch of friends showing off Dorothy and Stan like a museum exhibit. They flee to the kitchen. He gives his pitch and tells her he loves her, then leaves. Later that night Dorothy enters the kitchen to find the ladies there with the food ready. She is still confused about Stan. Blanche and Rose each give her advise about breaking up with men. Dorothy goes to Stan’s hotel room. He thinks they are getting back together. Before she breaks the news to him Chrissy comes to try and get him back. She wants him back. He tells her he is getting back with Dorothy. After she leaves Dorothy tells him they are not getting back together. He freaks out and runs after Chrissy.

Elementary S01, Ep19 – Snow Angels

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 19
Title: Snow Angels
Original Air Date: April 4, 2013

Guest Stars:
Jill Flint: Alysa Darvin
Becky Ann Baker: Pam
Frank Wood: EROC Supervisor
Candis Cayne: Ms. Hudson
Karl Miller: Squatter
Bill Buell: Private Maggio
Howard McGillin: Davis Renkin
Andy Grotelueschen: Nurse Vince
Christina Rouner: Denise Castor
Curt Bouril: FRP #1
Scott Aiello: Uniform #1

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: Well “muse” is not a job title.

* Sherlock: This is a garden variety robbery homicide.

* Sherlock: Well if I have to solve this in the stone age it might be interesting after all.

* Sherlock: The advisory is for citizens. We’re not citizens we’re detectives.

* Joan: Don’t you have an app for that?

* Bell: What hurt worse? Getting shot or letting your friend stab you to disguise the wound?

* Joan: I don’t understand.
Sherlock: We’ve been duped.

* Ms. Hudson: Don’t hate me.
Joan: Hate you? I love you!

Synopsis: A security guard hears a woman screaming and goes to aid her. But once he takes her inside she shoots him for his kindness. Her team enters. Joan returns to the brownstone with supplies to find a distraught woman who introduces herself as Ms. Hudson in the living room. In the kitchen Sherlock tells Joan about Ms. Hudson. Her most recent relationship has ended and she has no place to stay. Captain Gregson calls Sherlock halting the discord over their new house guest. The crime scene is the security guards body. Sherlock and Joan point out that the guard was able to fire off a shot, most likely fatal, at one of the thieves. They stole some new phones, not yet released. The power goes out in the entire city. A woman from FEMA, Denise, is there to help. Sherlock finds the stolen phones. A homeless man has them and is selling them. He doesn’t take the phones from him, but gives him money to get a room. They return to the crime scene. Sherlock believes they went upstairs. He deduces their actual target was the architectural firm upstairs. Several drawers of blueprints were stolen. Back at the brownstone Joan tries to make a fire, but has trouble. Ms. Hudson gets one going very successfully. Ms. Hudson’s most recent ex has shown up to try and get her back. Sherlock goes over schematics of the stolen blueprints. The next morning Sherlock wakes Joan and tells her that none of the locations are going to be hit. The GSA, General Services Administration, is the real goal. The largest cash vault in the world. They start to head to East Rutherford, on foot, in a blizzard. While walking they happen upon a snow plow. The driver lets them warm up in her plow. Sherlock asks her to contact the NYPD. He leaves a message for Gregson. He tries to take over the plow and winds up “bribing” her. Bell heads to the hospital to check for a patient with any kind of abdominal wound. He has a stab wound. Bell checks in with her. While talking to her he sees a blonde hair on her coat. He checks it under a lamp, it burns through. He knows it’s her. He arrests her. Back in the plow, Joan gets upset because Sherlock didn’t pay the phone bill. She was trying to check on Ms. Hudson. She wants to help her. They arrive at EROC. Bell interrogates her back at the station. Gregson enters and asks about EROC. Back at EROC they get a tour from the manager. The machine has done an unscheduled sort. They get shown the shredded bills. However, the shredded bills are fake. They got away with $33 million dollars. Sherlock finds tire prints that match an ambulance. Since they can still see the tracks it happened within the last 90 minutes. At the station an officer informs Gregson of Sherlock’s message, that EROC has already been robbed. One contact in her phone is a high up at the Oak Knoll Racetrack. Sherlock assumes they will launder the money through that location. They stake out his house. An ambulance pulls up, but it doesn’t have the money. Pam drops them back at their house and tells them she had a lot of fun and would be happy to do it again. When they enter the house is immaculately clean. Sherlock has Clyde sitting on a map with locks that are road closures and the like. They talk and an idea forms. At the station Sherlock shows a map marked with checkpoints. Joan reads a series of personnel changes. Enough checkpoints got rearranged to give the ambulance an escape route. He suspects Denise, the FEMA coordinator. Bell revisits the guard murderer and informs her that she tested positive for GSR and that she will be charged with the murder. Gregson comes in to tel him that there was a stabbing and clears everyone, leaving her alone. As the floor clears out to deal with the “riot” Denise goes straight into the interrogation room to free the murderer. But Bell and officers are waiting in the stairwell to arrest them. Back at the brownstone, Sherlock is practicing blood spatter patterns. He arranged for Pam to give Ms. Hudson a lift to her sisters. Sherlock informs Joan that he has hired Ms. Hudson to clean the place weekly.

The Nanny S01, Ep10 – The Nanny-in-Law

Show: The Nanny
Season: 1
Episode: 10
Title: The Nanny-in-Law
Original Air Date: January 12, 1994

Guest Stars:
Cloris Leachman: Clara Mueller
Lu Leonard: Nanny #2
Peggy Blow: Nanny #3
Irene Olga López: Lupe (as Irene Olga Lopez)

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Favorite Quotes:

* Niles: Oh, sir, I would be lost without you.

* Fran: She hates my guts.

* Fran: Far be it from me to poopoo the Pooh, but Gracie is not like most children.

* Fran: So does that mean my jobs not in jeopardy?
Max: No more than usual.

* Fran: Oh Mister Sheffield, you forgot your balls.

* Fran: Look, I want nanny Mueller to have a life, just not mine.

Synopsis: Fran is excited because Max’s nanny is coming to visit. But Max is freaked out. Fran and Max’s nanny meet and they’re off to a rocky start. At breakfast the next morning the nanny does not have the nicest things to say to anyone. Niles shows her to her room, and they clearly had an affair, and they pick up where they left off. The kids and Fran are in the kitchen. Nanny walks in and spews more disapproval and nastiest. CC is upset because her mother is going to travel alone and she is worried about he inheritance. Fran complains to Max about the nanny. CC waxes poetic about her nanny. But Max’s nanny has put all the kids in sailor suits. Max appears to realize there is an issue. At the park Fran and the other nannies complain. Back at the house everyone is eating dinner, but Fran is absent. Fran enters wearing a uniform and leaves Max speechless. The nanny actually puts Fran down and Max is not happy. While CC is thrilled. Later in the kitchen Max tells Fran to take off the uniform and be herself. Max is upset about what his nanny is doing. They hear Niles and nanny and hide to spy on them. They’re having pudding together. The next day Niles is exhausted, but the nanny is perky. Fran sweetly lets it slip that she knows. Nanny gets nasty with Fran again and they have it out. Max storms back in and kicks her out, but Fran surprises them both by making him apologize. Nanny is leaving, she’ll accompany CC’s mom on her trip to Japan. Fran comes down the stairs in her version of her uniform, which nanny loves.

Recipe: The 3 Hour Quick Pickling Solution

I was excited to find this. Whenever my mom is craving some pickles I can make them myself and cure her craving.

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How to Make Quick Homemade Pickles

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