Hot in Cleveland S01, Ep09 – Good Luck Faking the Goiter

Season: 1
Episode: 9
Title: Good Luck Faking the Goiter
Original Air Date: August 11, 2010

Guest Stars:
Joe Jonas: Will
Dave Foley: Dr. Moore
Carole Gutierrez: Dr. Hernandez
Michael R. Robinson: Waiter

Synopsis: Victoria is nominated for an Emmy. However, she does not think she’ll win it because another actress in the same category died. Elka starts a rumor on online that Victoria has contracted a disease to help her win the Emmy. However, she did not research the disease very well. When the doctors from the foundation come to see her and tell her about all the symptoms, Victoria comes clean. She agrees to attend a fundraiser for the disease in exchange for them not going public about her lie. Meanwhile, Melanie’s son Will comes to town to visit.

Find out what happens:

Click on either link to grab the first season of the show, it’s a great way to support the ladies and have some serious laughs.

Amazon Hot in Cleveland: Season 1

iTunes Hot in Cleveland, Season 1 – Hot in Cleveland


Elementary S01, Ep15 – A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 15
Title: A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs
Original Air Date: February 7, 2013

Guest Stars:
John Hannah: Rhys Kinlan
Michael Irby: Xande Diaz
Armand Schultz: Derrick Hughes
Allie Gallerani: Emily Grant
Joey Auzenne: Delivery Guy
Herman Chavez: Dominican Painter #1

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Amazon Elementary: Season 1

iTunes Elementary, Season 1 – Elementary

Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: That was a morning of firsts. The first share I’ve ever heard involving a mongoose.

* Joan: I’m going to do you the favor of believing you’re just an idiot.

* Sherlock: Are – are you suggesting that I was a better detective when I was high?

* Joan: Rhys, for what it’s worth, I believe in Sherlock too.

* Sherlock (to Rhys): After today you are never to darken my doorway again. Our friendship has run it’s course. Have I made myself clear?

Synopsis: As a woman drinks water as someone bangs on the door. It’s a delivery driver who wants to charge his phone. She turns him away. Another individual is in the houses and covers her mouth with something and she passes out. A cab driver lets the guy power up his phone. And the man who kidnapped her drags her away in the background. Sherlock is talking at a group meeting, but it’s about a previous case not his addiction. At the brownstone Joan is not amused by his story. Joan goes up to her room and finds another persons stuff in there. He comes naked out of the bathroom and she screams for Sherlock. His name is Rhys and he informs Sherlock that his daughter Emily has been kidnapped. Sherlock clarifies that Rhys is not his friend but his former drug dealer. Joan is concerned that he may relapse. Sherlock tells her she’ll just have to work a little bit harder this week. Joan gets a formal introduction. They all watch the ransom video together. The ransom is $2.2 million dollars. Rhys ran off with that exact amount from the Dominican mob. But he’s spent all of it already. The trio head to Emily’s house to search for clues. Sherlock works his magic and informs him it was done by a single man. He also locates a hand stamp and left no prints. At the club Sherlock has Rhys walk around to see if he recognizes anyone. He spots someone. Sherlock takes a bathroom break. He speaks to an undercover cop. He and the undercover wind up fighting. But the undercover agent tells him during the fight that the cartel did not take the girl. The next day at the brownstone Joan informs Sherlock that he’s going to go to extra meetings this week. Joan heads to the bathroom to grab antiseptic for Sherlock’s cuts and she busts Rhys for doing drugs. Joan levels quite a sobering threat on Rhys. Sherlock found something on Emily’s twitter account. Her stepfather was borrowing money from her. Det. Bell informs Sherlock that he is dead broke. They stake out the stepfathers valet job. Rhys tries to get him to use again to break the case faster. But Sherlock refuses. Joan comes out and realizes something is wrong because the guys did not notice Derrick getting off work. They follow him to an abandoned building. Sherlock explains what’s going on. Joan informs him of the kidnapping and he’s upset. They get back to the brownstone. The cell phone rings and Sherlock takes over. The deadline moves up 12 hours. A gift is left outside the kitchen door. It’s Emily’s finger. Sherlock confirms the finger is Emily’s by matching it’s fingerprint to ones at her house. The finger has a burn on it and it narrows down the building type for Sherlock. He’s cross referenced the building type with Ethiopian restaurants to narrow down the search. Sherlock is concerned about Rhys and asks Joan to check on him. He’s not well and steps out for air. Sherlock analyzes the ransom video again. Rhys comes back and gives him drugs. Sherlock becomes enraged and attacks Rhys. Joan stops the fight and Sherlock storms out. Joan is furious with Rhys. Sherlock is sitting on a bench, he calls his father. He returns to the brownstone. He tells Rhys he borrowed the ransom money from his father to get Emily back. Sherlock is still furious with Rhys. He informs Rhys that their friendship is over and the ransom rids him of Rhys. Sherlock waits at the drop but he becomes suspicious. At the brownstone the undercover agent shows up. At Sherlock’s location three men across the street begin to follow him and they have guns. Sherlock escapes up a fire escape. At the house he’s holding them at gun point. Sherlock and the undercover chat on the phone. Rhys cuts himself and Watson free. Rhys charges the undercover and they fight. Joan whacks him in the head with a bust from the mantle and knocks him out. At the station Det. Bell and Capt. Gregson interrogates the undercover. He lies like a rug. They bring up Holmes theory about where she is being held. Five buildings are being searched. As Sherlock visits Rhys he informs her that Emily is safe. Emily comes rushing in. Back at the brownstone Sherlock is putting the bust back together piece by piece. Joan comes done. Sherlock informs Joan that Rhys offered him cocaine and that was why he threw him into the chair. They head off to a meeting where he will share this story.

Bones S01, Ep09 – The Man in the Fallout Shelter

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 9
Title: The Man in the Fallout Shelter
Original Air Date: December 13, 2005

Guest Stars:
Jonathan Adams: Dr. Daniel Goodman
Jim Ortlieb: Hal
Heavy D: Sid Shapiro (as Heavy D.)
Margaret Avery: Ivy Gillespie
Billy Gibbons: Angela’s Dad (as Billy F Gibbons)
Bob Bouchard: Mr. Addy
Christina R. Copeland: Lisa Pearce (as Christina Copeland)
Ty Panitz: Parker Booth

Amazon Bones: Season 1

iTunes Bones, Season 1 – Bones

Favorite Quotes:

* Booth: If this is fatal I will shoot both of you.

* Booth: Who are you? Like the Christmas killer?

* Hodgins (to Bones): Wow. At least I’m an accidental Grinch. You’re the Grinch on purpose.

* Bones (to Booth): You have a son?
Booth: Well nothing brings people together like a Christmas lung fungus.

* Booth: You just gave someone the best Christmas gift they could ever get. Who’s the Secret Santa now?

Synopsis: The lab is decorated for Christmas. Angela wants her to go with her to the Christmas Party. Booth comes in and informs Bones that a fallout shelter was found with a skeleton. He thinks it’s suicide and Bones takes one look at the photo and says its murder. The skeleton arrives and she begins to examine it. She gets Booth to escort Angela to the party so she won’t photocopy her butt. Zack builds a robot that does not follow his direction. Bones examines the body and finds two tickets to Paris. Angela storms back into the lab as a very angry elf to get everyone to go to the Christmas Party. In Zach’s lab he’s cutting a sample of the bone, but the dust sets off a biohazard alarm and everyone is locked in. The toxin is Valley Fever. They are now under quarantine. Zack continues to examine the body and found a wedding ring for a women. A man in a hazmat suit comes in with inoculations. They all break out in a fight with each other. No one is happy to be stuck there for 48 hours. Booth is having a reaction to the antifungal. Angela wants to make a nice Christmas for everyone stuck. Angela talks about how sad the woman he never got to must have been. She says she knows how she feels and goes back to working the case. Bones and Booth argue about Christmas. Angela suggests decorating the lab and exchanging handmade gifts. She then talks about the story she told Brennan and how unnerving it was when she said she doesn’t have to imagine because she knows what it feels like. Angela then tells about Brennan’s parents disappearing just before Christmas. Bones gives Booth the rundown on the victim. Work on decorations begin. Goodman drops a bomb about Booth’s kid and everyone is shocked. Booth and Goodman look at the contents of the suitcase. Goodman tells Booth he is an archeologist. Booth gets a name Lionel Little. Bones sneezes and Booth freaks out thinking she has valley fever. At the lab everyone is eating around the bone room table. Goodman thinks based on the love letters that his love was a black woman who was pregnant. They were planning to run away. Everyone gets their visits. Zach’s entire family comes. Brennen doesn’t have any visitors. Angela talks to Bones about her parents. She talks about how Russ found the presents and he tried to make her a happy Christmas. She thought it meant her parents were back. She wouldn’t open the presents. And not long after Russ headed out west and she was put into foster care. Booth figures out that the office cleaner Ivy, was his love interest. Bones goes on a hunt to find Ivy. It’s now Christmas Day and Bones has successfully tracked her down. Angela wakes up to hear the news. Angela gets everyone together for their celebration. The tree she created with the Angela-tron is impressive. They exchange gifts. The robot Zack built he gave to Booth for his son. Bones is scrutinizing a coin that was found on the victim. Only 12 of these coins exist today. It’s worth over $100,000. Everyone gets their tests results to see if their have valley fever. The hazmat suits come off. No one is sick and they are free to go. Bones stays behind. Two people come to visit. It’s Ivy and her granddaughter. Ivy tells her her life story. Bones tells her of the murder and shows her the plane tickets to Paris for them. Bones gives the granddaughter the penny. She later meets Booth at his favorite spot. Bones tells him about Ivy’s visit. Bones goes back to the lab all decorated. She takes a box out of her office. Its got the present her parents got her before they disappeared. She finally reads the card and opens the gift. She smiles as happy tears run down her face.

Recipe: Pizza Pasta Casserole

I found this recipe and fell in love. As a bonus it actually makes two. So you can bake one that day and put the other in the freezer for the future.


Click here to get the recipe for the Pizza Pasta Casserole.

The Curse of Oak Island S03, Ep10 – Silence in the Dark

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 3
Episode: 10
Title: Silence in the Dark
Original Air Date: January 12, 2016

Rick Lagina
Marty Lagina
Dan Blankenship
David Blankenship
Craig Tester
Jack Begley
Alex Lagina
Dan Henskee
Charles Barkhouse
Robert Clotworthy

Click either link to get a copy.

Amazon The Curse of Oak Island Season 3

iTunes The Curse of Oak Island, Season 3 – The Curse of Oak Island

Synopsis: The dive continues at 10X There is an issue with communications. The com leader can hear the diver, but he cannot hear her. Harvey does not have a comm system. Michael announces the dive is being aborted and he is going to surface. They are informed that Michael never made contact with Harvey so the tether line was never attached to Harvey. Thirty minutes have gone by and Harvey is still in the shaft. About 5 minutes later he surfaces. They meet up in the war room to plan the next days dive. Harvey tells them the dive down to 125 was very easy. However, he only made it to the top of the narrower shaft. And visibility is almost zero. The next days dives will be at noon and 5pm. The next day they drive back to 10X. However, there is bad news. They were able to fix the comms in the mask. But there was another issue regarding breathing correctly in the mask. The dive gets called for the day, until it can be done safely. Rick and Jack head over to Nolan’s Cross to investigate. We get a flashback of Fred showing Rick the stone he dug up that looked like a face. He also found flat stones at specific locations that turned Nolan’s Cross into the tree of life. Rick and Jack head to the beach and the left arm of the cross. The metal detect around the rock. They get a hit. What they did up appears to be part of a pulley system. The history states that there was a pulley hanging over the money pit when it was originally discovered. Four days later Harvey and Michael have returned and are getting ready to dive 10X. Harvey gets lowered in. Michael is lowered in as well. Michael is notified he’s nearly at the end of his tether. Harvey has come out of the smaller shaft and scared Michael by smacking his leg. He lets the dive master know they are together, fine and heading up. Harvey made it all the way to the drill bar in the smaller shaft. Marty returns to the island and they all meet in the war room. Charles and Craig arrive. They’ve brought with them a roman sword. It was found in the 1940’s in Mahone Bay in the vicinity of Oak Island. It’s a ceremonial sword from the time of Comedus. They draw a comparison to the booby traps on Oak Island and the aqueducts built by the Romans. An expert in Roman antiques will be examining.

Photo: gorillas 004

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The Golden Girls S01, Ep09 – Blanche and the Younger Man

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 1
Episode: 9
Title: Blanche and the Younger Man
Original Air Date: November 16, 1985

Guest Stars:
Jeanette Nolan: Alma Lindstrom
Charles Hill: Dirk

Click either link to get a copy.

Amazon The Golden Girls: Season 1

iTunes The Golden Girls, Season 1 – The Golden Girls

Favorite Quotes:

* Sophia: I know a lot of old people. They’re cranky, they’re demanding, they repeat themselves, they’re cranky.

* Blanche: Why Dirk, did I just hear you ask me for a date?
Sophia: What are you deaf? I heard him from way over here.

* Sophia: Stand back, we’re gonna get something on us.

* Dorothy: The only time I get in that position is when I give birth.

* Rose: Hi Blanche you look terrific. (Blanche leaves) Blanche looks terrible.

* Dorothy: Come on, she’s out betting on the horses, not rounding them up.

* Blanche: A husband like Dirk could keep me young for another 20 years.
Sophia: Or kill you.

* Blanche: I do believe he said gorgeous. I’m gonna live forever.
Dorothy: Not outside of an institution.

* Dorothy: Blanche thinks she’s Peter Pan and Rose has turned into Mommy Dearest.
Sophia: That’s nothing. You think you’re Josephine the plumber.

* Rose’s Mom: I understand Rosie. But stopping me from living is not going to keep me from dying.

Synopsis: The girls prepare for Rose’s mom’s visit. Blanche comes back from the gym with her personal trainer and he asks her out. Rose comes back from the airport with her mom, but she is talking to her like she can’t hear, but her hearing is fine. Blanche asks Mrs. Lindstrum a question but Rose becomes very overbearing. And her mother gets mad at her. Blanche, who was apprehensive about dating Dirk because he’s younger, decides she’s going to go out with him. Blanche then goes into a story from her teenage years, where she supposedly could have become Mrs. Andy Griffth. Later, Blanche is doing some strange exercises. Dorothy makes fun of Blanche for doing all these crazy things to try and be younger. Rose came home early to spend time with her mother, but Dorothy informs her she’s gone to the dog track with Sophia. Rose has a melt down. Sophia and Mrs. Linstrum return. Sophia lost money and Mrs. Lindstrum won $400. Mrs. Lindstrum is still excited and wants to go to the mall. But Rose starts treating her like a child again. She blows up at Rose and storms out of the kitchen. Later that night Rose is freaking out again because her mom is not back yet and the sun has set. Sophia comes in the door, but Mrs. Lindstrum is not with her. Rose is furious and upset. While Dorothy tries to talk sense into Rose the phone rings. The police have picked up her mother. Blanche makes her grand entrance in her date outfit and claims to have taken 10 years off her age. The doorbell rings and it’s Dirk. Dorothy fixes the kitchen sink. The front door slams and Rose and her mother return. Alma is furious with Rose. She is sick of Rose treating her like a child. Alma informs Rose she will be leaving in the morning. Dorothy tries to talk some sense into Rose. In Alma’s room Sophia loses $40 more to Alma. Rose comes in to talk to her mother. She apologizes to her mom. She tells her she is just worried about losing her. They make up. In the kitchen Sophia and Dorothy are setting the table with Dorothy’s good china. They have a heart to heart. Sophia thanks her for not treating her like an old lady. Blanche and Dirk are at the restaurant. She places a big order and then he just orders a salad, so she switches. They start to talk and everything is going great until he tells her she reminds him of his mother. Blanche is devastated, calls over the waiter and switches her order. Back at the house Sophia and Alma are playing a game with pretzels. Sophia doesn’t want to pay up and smashes the pretzels. They discuss Blanche’s date. Rose is shocked that Dorothy also dated a younger man. However, Alma tells a story about a younger guy she was with called Ben. When Rose finds out he was an ex-con she freaks. But, she does regain her composure and tries to act supportive. Blanche enters the kitchen visibly upset. She tells them he was looking for a mother not a lover. Dorothy tries to talk some sense into Blanche. She and Rose both storm out of the kitchen.

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