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The X Files S01, Ep06 – Shadows

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 6
Title: Shadows
Original Air Date: October 22, 1993

Guest Stars:
Barry Primus: Robert Dorlund
Lisa Waltz: Lauren Kyte
Lorena Gale: Ellen Bledsoe
Veena Sood: Ms. Saunders
Deryl Hayes: Webster
Kelli Fox: Pathologist
Tom Pickett: The Cop
Tom Heaton: Groundskeeper
Janie Woods-Morris: Ms. Lange
Nora McLellan: Jane Morris
Anna Ferguson: Ms. Winn

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Amazon The X-Files: Season 1

iTunes The X-Files, Season 1 – The X-Files

Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder: I’d say you people already suffer from full denial.

* Scully: Yeah, though I do have a standing in line at the DMV sized headache.
Mulder: Mine’s more IRS sized.

Synopsis: A woman in her dead bosses office cries as she packs it up. Later she is at the ATM and gets kidnapped. Two teenagers try to pull down a fire escape, but instead get dead bodies. Scully and Mulder are summoned to the Naval Hospital and are being asked about their expertise in paranormal. They are shown two dead bodies. Both bodies are still moving. They’ve been dead over 6 hours, but their body temperatures have not started to cool. Their throats have been crushed like chalk, but there is no exterior damage. As they leave Scully tells Mulder that she believes he’s lied about seeing it before. He confirms he has several X Files that touch upon the symptoms. Mulder seems to have taken each dead bodies fingerprint with his glasses. Back at the office Lauren, the crying lady, asks to see Dorlund. At the denial coffee gets spilled. Dorlund comes out and takes her into his office. She tenders her resignation. He subtly threatens to kill her if she leaves. Mulder and Scully are looking up the two dead man. Extensive criminal records are uncovered involving terrorism. It leads them to Philadelphia. They investigate at the location where the bodies were found and Mulder finds an ATM. They go through footage to track down witnesses and they see a lady being kidnapped at the ATM. There’s an anomaly on the video. Mulder and Scully visit Lauren at her house to get some answers. They show her the two mug shots, but she doesn’t know them. Scully then shows her the security video of them kidnapping her and the blurry photo, but she claims not to know any of them. Scully is suspicious. As they leave the car goes out of control and they crash. The mechanic’s report on their car says there’s nothing mechanically wrong with the car. It is suffering from the same electro static charge as the bodies in the morgue were. Mulder thinks that either Lauren or a poltergeist crashed their car. They follow her to work and discover the name Howard Graves. Scully goes through newspapers and finds that she was his secretary. They follow her to his grave. He’s buried next to his daughter, who the groundskeeper said died because she drowned in a pool at the age of 3. She would be Lauren’s age. When they examine the photos Mulder took they found Howard Graves in one of them, even though he is supposed to be dead. At Lauren’s house she awakes to the sounds of someone walking through her house. She investigates with a baseball bat. The sounds are coming from her bathroom. She hears Howard begging for his life and when she pulls back the shower curtain the tub begins slowly filling with blood. Scully and Mulder visit the coroner. She is not all that helpful, other than stating he lost too much blood to survive. Lauren ID’ed him. He was an organ donor so they speak with the coordinator and he agrees to run tests to confirm it is indeed Howard. Back at the office Lauren visits Howard’s office one last time and the man who threatened her follows her in and closes the door. He threatens her again. She hastily escapes the office and calls Mulder. She requests he meets her at her house as soon as possible. Someone knocks at Lauren’s door and then two people, a man and woman, break in to kill Lauren. The ghostly apparition kills the woman and then goes after the man. Mulder and Scully pull up hearing Lauren scream, Mulder enters in time to see the man being strangled in mid air. They take her in for questioning. She gives no answers. Mulder shows her the photo with Howard Epps. The same two agents show up. It turns out they are investigating the company for illegally selling weapons to terrorists. Mulder gets her to talk. The company’s military contracts were being cancelled and Howard was upset. The other partner, Dorlund, had started selling products to a terrorist group and Howard wasn’t happy. She explains that Dorlund had Howard killed. Howard showed her what happened, that he was murdered. Scully tries to convince her to help get justice for Howard so that he will be able to rest in peace. They all convene at the offices of Howard, with a warrant a full swat team and police to search for evidence of weapons and parts being sold to terrorists. At the office Dorlund remains calm as they search his office. Mulder and Lauren are in Dorlund ‘s office and Dorlund comes in. He tries to kill her. The ghost comes to her aid and incapacitates Dorlund. Scully can’t get in because the door is locked. A tornado effect takes place and suddenly a letter opener rips through the wallpaper. Suddenly, everything becomes calm and Scully bursts in the door. Behind the wallpaper is the disk with all the evidence. Lauren thanks them and leaves for the unknown. At Lauren’s new employer her boss is rude to her and her coffee starts to shake. She says its because the building shakes when trucks go by. She has Howard’s quote on her desk.

Elementary S01, Ep05 – Lesser Evils

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 5
Title: Lesser Evils
Original Air Date: November 1, 2012

Guest Stars:
David Harbour: Dr. Mason Baldwin
David Costabile: Danilo Gura
Ben Rappaport: Dr. Cahill
Jenni Barber: Jacqueline Zoltana
Anika Noni Rose: Dr. Carrie Dwyer
Eric Deskin: Richard Sanchez
Jonathan C. Kaplan: Barista Dave
Jay Klaitz: Bruce
Shauna Miles: Nurse
Eric Engleman: Security Guard
Rozi Baker: Morgan Duncan

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Amazon Elementary: Season 1

iTunes Elementary, Season 1 – Elementary

Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: And what’s your role here? Do you reach things off high shelves for this one?

* Sherlock: Coffee orders. The Magna Carta was less complicated.

* Joan: It’s hard to be a surgeon when you freeze up every time someone hands you a scalpel. I just didn’t trust myself anymore.

* Sherlock: So you’re too indifferent to your patients to be the angel of death?

* Captain: Nothing like getting caught to help one grow a conscious.

Synopsis: Sherlock is on top of a dead man, strangling him. They are in the morgue. The attendant and Sherlock met on a beekeeping chat room, hence he gets to conduct his experiments. He goes back to salting her wound about being a surgeon. Sherlock asks about one man and his heart attack. He asks for the dead mans room, 704. At the room he barricades himself and Joan in the room to preserve the evidence. He shows her an injection and they realize that he was given it before the code was called. Joan says it could have been injected into the IV bag. Sherlock confirms its set at 40cc. According to Joan it should not be less than 100ccs. He goes through the trash and finds two coffee cups. The Captain intervenes and Sherlock doesn’t get arrested. They run into one of Joan’s old coworkers. They all meet with the administrator. Sherlock is informed that he needs to apologize and then they can investigate. He does and they leave. But now he is searching for the woman who brought him the coffee. He knows where she got the coffee from. He deduces that the barista was flirting with her as his number is on the back of the receipt and the coffees she ordered were smalls but the ones in the garbage can were larges. They speak with Dave, he hits on Joan. He gives them a description, involving a lab coat, but she’s not a doctor. They locate her and get the victims name, Trent Kelty. she is very cooperative, even provides her metro card so they can pin down a time. They also find out that he had no friends or family, he was alone. It turns out his cancer is terminal. Sherlock suspects there is an angel of death at the hospital. They go back to the hospital and discuss the theory with the head of surgery. The coroners report proved that he was murdered using epinephrine. He cooperates. Sherlock is going through a large number of files in a cramped office at the station. Joan brings coffee and offers her medical expertise. He’s amassed a list of possible victims that they need to narrow down to actual victims. She checks the crash cart logs for missing epi. Each date on the log corresponds to a death, 9 victims. Back at the hospital Joan and Sherlock are heading to talk to their first suspect of 23. However, Joan splits off to meet her friend and Sherlock rides the elevator with a janitor. His first interview is with the chief of surgery, three of the victims were his. He’s uncovered that Dr. Baldwin is in a lot of trouble and nearly out of a job. Joan and Carrie are walking by the water and Carrie gets called to do a consult. She takes Joan with her. Her patient has a torn ACL. Joan notices something weird on the girls toes. In a conference room Det. Bell and Sherlock interview all the suspects one by one. Joan points out a splinter hemorrhage on the patients toe, she suspects endocarditis. Leaving the hospital Joan asks about the suspect. To which Sherlock says they stuck out. Her day is discussed and they speak of the patient she saw. He tells her to follow her gut and hold the course. In the parking lot Sherlock spots one of the suspects car five hours after his shift ended. Sherlock and Joan burst in on him as he was trying to steal morphine from a patients pain machine. Back at the brownstone Sherlock is upset because he didn’t catch the man’s drug habit. Joan notices all the angels victims were terminal except for one. She wasn’t dying, she was going to recover. The Captain calls Sherlock and tells him the doctor is cooperating. At the station he tells about victim number 7. After he stole the patients morphine and shot up in the bathroom, he had to hide there because someone came in. They talked for an hour and the next day the patient died of a heart attack. Sherlock is excited again and goes back over the records. Joan goes back to the hospital to talk to Carrie and it gets heated. Carrie shoots a low blow. She goes back to the station to meet Sherlock. He’s made a breakthrough. There are two different sets of handwriting. That specific patient did not speak English, she only spoke Ukrainian. The janitor is now in the interrogation room with Sherlock and the Captain. He admits he was a doctor in the Ukraine. Sherlock lays out the nine victims and that they were murdered. The janitor calls dying a release when they are in that much pain. They searched his house and found a notebook with a log containing notes about those 9 patients. He admits to freeing them from their painful prison. Sherlock brings up Samantha. The janitor says she had metastasized cardiac cancer and would not be getting better. Sherlock tells him that she did not. But the janitor stands by his statement that she was dying. Sherlock is convinced that the janitor believes he was helping Samantha. Back at the brownstone Sherlock is going over Samantha’s files again. The doorbell rings and Sherlock answers it, it’s Carrie. The two talk. Carrie tells Joan she was right. Sherlock compliments her for a job well done. He thanks her again for giving him an idea as to why the girl was killed. At the station Holmes is questioning Dr. Baldwin. They discuss the angel of death again and that someone, Dr. Baldwin, had discovered him but said nothing. Sherlock accuses him of leaving a clamp in her chest during surgery. It could easily be removed but by doing so it would be the end of his job as he was already on probation for mistakes. So he forged a biopsy result to entice the angel of death to kill her and therefore preserve his career. The Captain informs him they exhumed Samantha’s body and found the surgical clamp that was left in her. The angel of death had taken pictures of the charts to create his files. Once Sherlock explained to him he had been into committing an actual murder he handed over the evidence. Dr. Baldwin was arrested. He compliments her again on her medical skill. Joan looks at the photos from her days at the hospital on her tablet and then deletes them.

Hot in Cleveland S01, Ep06 – Meet the Parents

Season: 1
Title: Meet The Parents
Original Air Date: July 21, 2010

Guest Stars:
Hal Linden: Alex
Juliet Mills: Philipa
Shirley Knight: Loretta


* Joy: Oh, come on, your mum’s as sweet as pie. All mine does is criticize me.
Elka: I like her already.

Synopsis: The ladies come back from a farmers market to learn that Melanie’s Mother called and Elka invited her to come visit. Victoria then invites her father as well. Joy’s mother joins the visit via video chat. Which prompts Joy to drink a bottle of wine. Both Melanie and Victoria have it out with their parents. At Stormi’s they feel guilty so they head home to apologize, only to find Melanie’s mom Loretta in bed with Victoria’s dad Alex….

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Amazon Hot in Cleveland: Season 1

iTunes Hot in Cleveland, Season 1 – Hot in Cleveland

Book: Manhattans and Murder by Jessica Fletcher

Jessica takes a trip to Manhattan to promote her newest book. While strolling down the street she runs into a Santa Claus. However, she knows this man. He’s from Cabot Cove. This Santa happens to be one of the town’s most infamous citizens, Waldo Morse. He use to be a drug smuggler. Santa recognizes Jessica and requests to meet with her. She reluctantly agrees.

She arrives at the meeting with a camera, but instead of a meeting she becomes a witness to Santa’s (Waldo’s) murder. She does manage to snap a few photos. Waldo’s wife goes on the run shortly after the murder. As the police work the case they seem to be spinning their wheels.

Our mystery writer, Jessica, decides it’s her turn to have a go at the case. Who killed Waldo and why? Why is his wife running? Is her life in danger too? Will Jessica get too close and become the murder’s next victim?

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Amazon Murder, She Wrote: Manhattans & Murder, Book #2
iTunes Murder, She Wrote: Manhattans & Murder – Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain

The Curse of Oak Island S02, Ep07 – The Trail of the Templars

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 2
Episode: 7
Title: The Trail of the Templars
Original Air Date: December 16, 2014

Rick Lagina
Marty Lagina
Dan Blankenship
David Blankenship
Craig Tester
Jack Begley
Alex Lagina
Dan Henskee
Charles Barkhouse
Robert Clotworthy

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Amazon The Curse of Oak Island: Season 2 – DVD

iTunes The Curse of Oak Island, Season 2 – The Curse of Oak Island

Synopsis: The team arrives back at the swamp. Jack goes into the swamp to put in the hose to suck the water out. It has to be moved to the west side of the island. It can’t just be dumped into the ocean. Their last attempt to drain the swamp failed due to natural springs. This time he’s brought stronger pumps and more of them to succeed in the draining process. While it’s draining he heads to Scotland with his son and Dave to join Mary and his son. They all meet Kathleen at the Salt Coats and she introduces them to Alan Butler. He’s done a lot of research on the Templars and their myths. They walk to this tower that they climb up. They’re viewing a natural harbor. The French would not have dared to come into it. They discuss a plot between King Philip the 4th and the Pope to destroy the Templars. But 18 ships believed to be carrying the treasure escape to Scotland. These treasures can only be held on sacred ground. On the island Jack is searching for other ways to get to the tunnels with Dave Blankenship. They are investigating the “bald spot” on the island, trees never grow there. Dave uses a technique called dowsing. If rods cross without any manipulation it could mean a source of water or space. During his walk the rods crossed and believes he found a tunnel. In Kilwinning, Scotland the group arrive at Kilwinning Abby, believed to be the most sacred site in Scotland. The monks were skilled at building and constructed more than 500 structures in just 5 years. They are also known to be able to build complicated tunnels. Kathleen and Alan believe they came to the monks to enlist them to help build the underground structures on Oak Island to protect the treasures. Back on the island the bald spot is being looked at by Craig. It’s also next to the Boulderless Beach. All the rocks and boulders have been removed, but the rest of the beaches have them. An excavator has been brought it that can dig to 12 feet. They dig the 12 feet and come up empty. In Scotland Kathleen takes them to Roslin Chapel. It was built by free masons and designed to be a Catholic Church. Many believe the carvings will solve the Oak Island mystery. The education tells them the legend is that the Templars and a man named Sinclair traveled to Nova Scotia good hundred years before Christopher Columbus. Native Nova Scotian people log their first meeting with Europeans in 1393. When he came back, he brought corn. The chapel was built in 1456 well before Christopher Columbus’s journey to the new world. The inclusion of corn in this chapel links it to Oak Island. The education manager also points out two more plants are depicted in the chapel that are only found in the new world, North America. The go to a bar called “The Grail” down the street. On the island they fill the whole back in and decide on another location in the bald spot to dig. They reach the 12 feet again but come up with nothing. Craig is not done with this location. On their final night in Scotland they meet with Alan and he gives them a presentation. He speaks of a threshing floor. On the island the kids who found a big tree found a layer of flat paving stones, 13 feet in diameter, which is the diameter of a threshing floor. The Royal Arc of Enoch and the free masons all connect to the island. There were a set of Enochian chambers found. These held precious treasures. He believes the Oak Island has the same set of Enochian Chambers. He believes they are 996 feet from the Money Pit. That falls right on the edge of the swamp on the island. Kathleen tells them the prophecies state that the new Jerusalem will be build on an island of swamp. He used the megalithic yard as a measure as that is what the Templars used as their unit of measure. Everyone returns to the island. The swamp is mostly drained and they lay out plywood on the muddy swamp.

Photo: Giraffe 003

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024 giraffes 003

Bones S01, Ep06 – The Man In The Wall

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 6
Title: The Man in the Wall
Original Air Date: November 15, 2005

Guest Stars:
Morris Chestnut: Agent Oakes
Bokeem Woodbine: Randall Hall
Anne Dudek: Tessa Jankow
Charles Duckworth: Rulz
Laz Alonso: George Warren
Robert Gossett: Mr. Taylor
John Sterling Carter: Special Agent Furst
Kathy Byron: Maggie Magregor
P.J. Marino: FBI Forensic Guy

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Amazon Bones: Season 1

iTunes Bones, Season 1 – Bones

Favorite Quotes:

* Bones and Angela: Awwww.

* Bones [in awe]: My first modern mummy.

* Angela: Are you sure you need me here?
Bones: Payback for showing me the good life.

* Booth: Do you even know who you are talking about?
Bones: I’ve done my Googling.

* Bones: You’ve never danced?
Zack: I’m told I look like a marionette in a windstorm.

* Hodgins: Bugs and slime. That is where I’m happy.

* Bones: Oh, God. [Moans]
Angela: What?
Bones: This makes me a little sick.
Angela: You pick dead bodies out of mass graves and yanking out a belly button ring makes you sick?

* Bones: Yet much of the iconic quality of urban music lies in the perceived or actual rivalry between the principal artists.
Mr. Hall: Where did you find her?
Booth: Museum.

Synopsis: Angela takes Bones to a dance club. Bones uses lots of anthropological terms that some people take offense to and a fight breaks out. Someone goes through a wall and everyone gets showered in drugs. There’s a dead body in the wall, partially mummified. Angela and Bones are high from the meth rain storm. Zach arrives and he’s frightened by Bones demeanor. She is excited about her first modern mummy. Back at the lab the team begins working on the body. The victim got stuck in the wall, the bag of meth broke and when he inhaled it, it coated the inside of his lungs, suffocating him. Per Hodgins the victim died about six weeks ago. The hands have been removed for rehydration to make getting fingerprints easier. She peels the skin off the hand and then puts it on like a glove to run the prints. Booth gets queasy. The victim is identified as DJ Mount. Booth interviews Mr. Hall at the FBI. He tells Booth that Rulz and DJ Mount did not get along. Back at the club Bones and Zack use some video equipment to see inside the wall. They see footprints. DJ Mount’s father pays Booth a visit. He wants him to know who his son really was. At the club the wall is opened up. Zack is not fond of the rats. Bones discovers a dried blood smear and retrieves a piece of jewelry. At the lab Bones is looking it under a microscope. Angela tells her it’s a belly button ring. Hodgins puts a pair of eyes on the table and Booth gets queasy again. Bones examines the face closer. Someone tried to smother him with the meth bag. He was murdered. Angela cleans up the belly button ring. It’s inscribed “Luv, Rulz.” Booth and Bones talk to Rulz. He tells them the girl is Eve Warren. He also tells her that she has a kid. Bones notices a scar on his wrist. It’s from a gunshot wound. Back at the lab Zack is working on the bones. He finds a slight indentation on the skull. B and B go to a dance studio and talk with the owner. He is Eve’s brother. He hasn’t seen her since she dropped off her daughter, six weeks ago. Hodgins confirms that the meth on the money Eve gave her brother matches the meth on the body. Angela’s recreation makes it look like DJ Mount was chasing Eve through the wall. Eve was able to get away because DJ Mount was stuck and prevented a third person from catching Eve. Booth brings in Randall Hall’s right hand man. He turns out to be undercover FBI. Terrance Bascum is Hall’s real name. B and B go to visit Mr. Hall. He’s not helpful, but he does tell them that Rulz build himself a studio around the time the two went missing. Bones calls in a cadaver dog to search the studio. Tudi lies down on a spot and Bones draws a circle around him. That’s where the body will be. They find Eve’s body under the studio and it’s taken to the lab. Bones tells Booth that she died the same way as DJ Mount. Bones says Rulz could not have done it because of his wrist injury, he would not be capable. They still question Rulz, but he’s confused since they told him he didn’t kill Eve. So Booth offers to make deal with the guy and arrest him to boost his rep to get answers. He says he’ll give them the reason DJ Mount was killed. DJ Mount was going to switch labels. At the lab Zack finds a mark on Eve’s skull. The marks on Eve and DJ Mount’s skulls match. Booth thinks it’s Hall that killed them both and without evidence he’s frustrated. Booth pays Hall a visit and pokes Booth with his cane. Bones tells Booth to arrest him and confiscate the cane. He hands her the cane and arrests him. Hodgins confirms that the end of Hall’s cane is what made the marks, that he killed them.

Elementary S01, Ep04 – The Rat Race

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 4
Title: The Rat Race
Original Air Date: October 25, 2012

Guest Stars:
Craig Bierko: Jim Fowkes
Molly Price: Donna Kaplan
Luke Kirby: Aaron Ward
Jennifer Van Dyck: Alyssa Talbott
Andrew Pang: Dan Cho
Susan Pourfar: Emily Hankins
Tim Ewing: Sommelier
Judy Kuhn: Board Member
Nicole Patrick: Barista
Stephen Plunkett: Martin Rydell
Alison Walla: Girlfriend

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Amazon Elementary: Season 1

iTunes Elementary, Season 1 – Elementary

Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: You’re abbreviations are becoming borderline indecipherable. I don’t know why because you are obviously capable of being articulate.

* Joan: What is your normal rate?
Sherlock: I don’t have one. Remind me to make one up before we leave.

* Sherlock: Flexing our deductive muscles are we? I could burst with pride.

* Sherlock: Do you want to find out if you’re right or not?
Joan: His last name is Ward.

* Sherlock: Well this is a bit awkward. But I’d say you were a damn good suspect.

* Sherlock: First one to tattle gets the shortest sentence.

* Joan: I’m sorry. Are you trying to take credit for the fact that I saved your life? And so soon after you promoted me to bodyguard.
Sherlock: It was a collaboration. Well done, Watson. Your deductive skills are not unworthy of further development.

* Sherlock: It has it’s costs.
Joan: What does?
Sherlock: Learning to see the puzzle in everything. They’re everywhere once you start looking. It’s impossible to stop.

Synopsis: Watson stops by the station to talk with the Captain. Holmes has been out of contact for 3 hours. She explains that they are together all the time because she lives at his place. In order to get the Captain to help she tells him she is a sober companion. Sherlock awakes in handcuffs and zip ties.

Two days earlier:
Watson is having lunch with a friend. However, the friend has set her up on a blind date. Joan is unhappy, to say the least. She puts her hair back and gets some strange texts from Sherlock. Back at the brownstone Sherlock explains the message. He turns around and deduces she met a handsome man, as she has put her hair back. Sherlock’s services have been requested at a prestigious investment firm. At the meeting Sherlock cuts off the long introductions and cuts to the chase. They have a missing employee, their COO. Sherlock comes up with a ludicrous fee. To prove his merit he does some deducing of his own and gets hired. Sherlock finds only one book on the bookshelves has actually been used. Inside it has a menu for high priced call girls. The pricier girls were his favorites. Upon going through the computer her finds that he has two accounts. A meeting is set up with the second accountant. At the restaurant Sherlock has ordered a bottle of wine. Joan is having none of it, but he explains that it’s for a couple at another table where a gentlemen is about to propose. He wants to know about the accounts ability to hide an expensive hooker expense account. With a bluff to the Post he gets the answers he wants. Peter has an apartment in Tribeca. Sherlock and Joan go to the apartment and pretend to be police with a warrant. They find Peter, but he’s dead, with a needle in his arm. Joan is worried because of the drug aspect of this case. The Captain sees an accidental overdose, but Sherlock sees a different picture. His arm has no track marks, the apartment is pristine. Nothing like you would see from an addict. Det. Bell doesn’t understand how someone would kill him by injecting him with heorin. Sherlock deduces he was drugged with the salad, then drug to the chair where the fatal dose of heroin was administered. At the station as they tell his wife, she’s upset. As he told her he was done with it all and ready for kids. She says for time of death she was a at a silent auction for Habitat for Humanity. She tells them the previous COO dropped dead, an allergic reaction to peanuts. At the brownstone, Sherlock is speaking Mandarin on the phone. He was speaking to the chef who made the food that killed the previous COO. He had a special arrangement with the chef to not put peanut oil anywhere near the food. The chef confirmed he prepared the food and there was no peanut oil. Joan asks him about something he said at the crime scene, about heroin dulling the senses. Sherlock insists she goes on the date he accepted on her behalf and volunteers to do a spit test upon he return. Joan is walking with the new guy, who asks her out on another date. He hails her a cab. He tries to kiss her but gets a handshake. Joan is back at the brownstone. Sherlock has a wall of the company’s employees who’ve died while they were working there. When he asks her about her date, she admits she’s a tad suspicious of him because of how he answered a question. Sherlock grabs his phone to search for him, but Joan does not want to be a cyber stalker. He searches marital records and discovers she was correct, he’s married. The results on the salad come back, there was heroin in the salad. Sherlock sets up a meeting with Peter’s company and he lays out a scenario where there are four actual murders that have been committed. The board is not happy that Sherlock is insinuating that someone is murdering their way to the top. The brownstone doorbell rings and the company president is there to pay him and end this. He has brought with him proof of his innocence. He was in the hospital during one of the murders. He also provides additional information on a few others. As he is processing the data he annoys Joan. Things are not adding up. Sherlock discovers that Donna, the secretary, is the emergency contact for the president. Joan meets with the cheater and explains that he married the woman to get her asylum in the US. Sherlock is back at the company and confronts Donna. It doesn’t go so well. He reveals the truth. She tazers him and kidnaps him. He wakes up in the back seat tied up. She’s taking him to Mr. Fowkes country estate. Joan texts him. So Donna sends a text back, without all of Sherlock’s oddball texting style. She realizes something is not right. Back at the estate Donna is trying to get Holmes to dig is his own grave. He gets her talking and the police arrive. He’s picked the lock and her pocket and tazes her. He deduces that Joan realized that the text wasn’t from Sherlock, which is how she got the police there quickly. She tells him that she was forced to tell Gregson the truth to get him to help. Sherlock goes to speak with the Captain. He apologizes in his own way to the Captain for not telling him the truth. The Captain tells him he already knew before he started his consulting. The Captain was just letting him get to it in his own time. But he’s not going to tell anyone.

The Golden Girls S01, Ep06 – On Golden Girls

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 1
Episode: 6
Title: On Golden Girls
Original Air Date: October 26, 1985

Guest Stars:
Billy Jayne: David (as Billy Jacoby)
John Hostetter: The Policeman
Karl Wiedergott: Boy #1

Click either link to get a copy.

Amazon The Golden Girls: Season 1

iTunes The Golden Girls, Season 1 – The Golden Girls

Favorite Quotes:

* Dorothy: Blanche we go through this every morning. Now admit it, you have cellulite.

* Dorothy: Ma, what are you doing? I can’t study with the noise.
Sophia: Fine, I’ll stop breathing.

* Dorothy: What is this the curse of the cat woman?
Sophia: I’m a mother I know these things.

* Blanche: Is that all you Italians know how to do is scream and hit?
Sophia: No, we also know how to make love and sing opera.

* Rose: Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.
Dorothy: God, I wish I’d said that.

* Dorothy: What did you people do, run a farm for handicapped animals?

* Rose: Did they have chores in Sicily?
Sophia: Are you kidding? They invented chores in Sicily. Crossing the street without getting pregnant was a chore in Sicely.

* Dorothy: My mother really likes you. She doesn’t hit anyone unless she cares. Take it from me.

* Blanche: All right now attention everyone. I want to propose a toast: To Dorothy, who got an A in her French class, proving that you can teach an old dog new tricks.
Sophia: And if anyone knows about tricks.

* Sophia: Jane Goodall once taught an ape to rumba, that’s impressive.

* Dorothy: Ma, I do not snore.
Sophia: Please I had to turn you away from the window so you wouldn’t inhale the drapes.

Synopsis: Blanche comes into the kitchen upset. Her daughter Janet is going away with her husband and her grandson will be staying with them for two weeks. Dorothy gets upset because she has a French final she needs to study for. Sophia calls her out and tells her you do for family. Sophia is not happy that she will have to share a room with Dorothy for two weeks. Rose makes him a snack for his arrival that sounds more like several days worth of meals. Blanche comes back from the airport without him. He’s missing. The doorbell rings and it’s David with an officer. Blanche makes a pass at him while thanking him. They introduce themselves but all he does is insult them. Then he blows off Blanche quite rudely and takes off. Rose starts telling a St. Olaf story, but Dorothy stops her and tells her instead to tell David and that can be his punishment. Dorothy is studying for her test, but she’s upset and fixated on getting an A. Once everyone is finally asleep they are loudly and rudely awakened by music blasting. David has brought friends back to the house and they are having a party. They all come rushing out of their rooms. Blanche turns off the music. Dorothy insists that the party end and David’s new friends leave. He’s just rude and ignores them. Dorothy gets mad and forcibly kicks all his friends out. David gets incensed. He gets in Dorothy’s face and Sophia has had enough, she slaps him. David storms off to the lanai and Blanche is upset. Blanche checks on David on the lanai. He’s upset and wants to go home. He opens up to Blanche that his parents fight constantly and he feels as if he doesn’t exist. The next day they make up a chore list for David to do. Blanche is not sure about the chores, but Dorothy says it will give him structure. Later that night David tries to sneak out and run away but Dorothy catches him. He complains that his life is crap. She talks to him and he decides to stay. Days later they are all out on the lanai celebrating Dorothy’s A in her French class. Dorothy also makes a toast to David. He thanks them all and then surprises them by saying he’d like to live there full time. Blanche calls his mother and tells her she wants to keep David. Janet is upset and immediately sends for David to join them. David says his goodbyes to everyone.

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