The X Files S01, Ep05 – The Jersey Devil

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 5
Title: The Jersey Devil
Original Air Date: October 8, 1993

Guest Stars:
Claire Stansfield: The Jersey Devil
Wayne Tippit: Detective Thompson
Gregory Sierra: Dr. Diamond
Michael MacRae: Ranger Peter Brullet
Jill Teed: Glenna
Tamsin Kelsey: Ellen
Andrew Airlie: Rob
Bill Dow: Dad
Hrothgar Mathews: Jack
Jayme Knox: Mom
Scott Swanson: Officer #1
Sean O’Byrne: Officer #2
David Lewis: Young Officer

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder: Fact is we got a cannibalized body in New Jersey. Someone or something out there is hungry.

* Scully: I don’t think I’m cut out for this El.
Ellen: Dana, you went through the FBI Academy. What better training could there be for motherhood?

* Scully: Unlike you Mulder, I would like to have a life.

* Mulder: Maybe we’re just beasts with big brains.

* Mulder: Don’t you have a life, Scully?
Scully: Keep that up Mulder and I’ll hurt you like that beast woman.

* Mulder: Eight million years out of Africa.
Scully: And look who’s holding the door.

Synopsis: A family is driving on a dark road and they hit something. The tire goes flat. The husband is changing the tire and his flashlight rolls down the embankment. He goes down to find it and comes back up. He asks his wife to hold the light but suddenly he disappears. The forest is being searched by police and dogs. They find him dead, his leg has been eaten off. Someone else calls they have found something and run to the voice. There is a cave and something is in it. They open fire. At the FBI Dana walks into their office. She tells them about a body found in the New Jersey woods, parially eaten and that it could have been eaten by a human. Mulder shows her the X File on the “Jersey Devil.” He gives her the rundown. She brushes it off as a folk tale. They go to New Jersey. The coroner confirms the teeth marks on the body are human. Detective Thompson enters and they introduce themselves. He kicks them out. Mulder wants to stay in Jersey, she needs to get back for a birthday party. Mulder meets with the Park Ranger who found the body. He informs Mulder that the homeless are scared of the woods and stay away. He tells Mulder about a tall, naked man he saw abut four years ago, as well as some scat that looked human and a rabbit that had a human tooth in it. Mulder starts walking through the woods back to town. Dana makes the birthday party. One of the kids fathers arrives at the party. Mulder comes out of the woods back in town. It appears to be a down and out area with a homeless camp. He asks if they know the victim. One person comes forward. He offers to show Mulder something. It’s a crude drawing of a humanoid-like creature. He’s seen it. All the homeless are scared of it. Mulder gives the homeless man his room for the night and chooses to sleep where the homeless man does in hopes of seeing this creature himself. He’s awoken by a strange sound. There is something foraging in the garbage, but it smells him and takes off. He gives chase but is only able to see something that looks human-like and hairy. Mulder gets arrested. Det. Thompson comes in to where he is being held and reads him the riot act. He brings up the homeless eye witness accounts. Mulder accuses him of sweeping this creature under the carpet to protect the casinos and all their tourism and money. Back at the FBI Scully is informed Mulder is on the line for her. She has to go fetch him from the drunk tank in New Jersey. At a diner Mulder describes the “Jersey Devil” he saw to her. Scully take Mulder to the University of Maryland. A professor speaks about folk lore and myth. He tries to tell Mulder that what he believes is in the New Jersey woods is highly unlikely to exist. In his basement office Mulder is going through some photos. It appears to be possible Bigfoot evidence. Dana is on her date with the divorced dad. However, he bores her terribly. Mulder gets a call from the Park Ranger. He found a body missing the same tooth he found on the dead rabbit. He pages Scully on her date. She doesn’t mind. They both go to the coroner’s office to look at the body, but the coroner tells them she never received the body. Mulder and the Professor are disappointed. They all go back to the building where Mulder saw it to try find it again. A cop notices the park ranger vehicle and they go in the building too. The professor finds some evidence, it’s blood. Suddenly, there’s a swat-like team on and in the building. They see Det. Thompson below harassing the professor. Mulder and Scully keep searching higher up in the building. He hears a noise and sees something running through the window. He sees it again and goes in pursuit. Scully sees him and follows. He follows the creature back into the building, it gets the drop on him. He gets a real good look as she is poised over him read to kill him. Scully comes just in time to scare her off. According to Scully he just about ripped his lungs out. The Park Ranger tells Mulder that it’s been cornered in the building. But they can catch her she escapes on foot and heads back to the woods. There’s a full manhunt in the woods for her. The ranger hits her with the tranquilizer dart. As they head down there’s a gunshot. When they reach the scene they’ve killed her. Neither Mulder or the Park Ranger are happy. A week later they get the autopsy report. She had human remains in her stomach. The male bodies autopsy report is in as well. Her results show that she had given birth. The phone rings and it’s for Scully. It’s her previously boring date. Scully goes with Mulder to the Smithsonian. A family is back in the New Jersey woods and the kid thinks he saw something. As they walk away a little girl pops her head out of a cave.


Book: Strawberry Shortcake Murder [Hannah Swensen #2] by Joanne Fluke

Hannah has been asked to be a judge in a four day bake off challenge. However, after day one Coach Boyd Watson turns up murdered. Is Hannah jinxed?

When the coach’s wife becomes the prime suspect, Hannah jumps into to prove her innocence. In the process she also discovers that the Coach had demons of his own and was abusing his wife. He was getting counseling but it didn’t help and he continued to abuse his wife, albeit not as often.

Since Hannah is still a judge and there are three more days left in the baking competition, she has to fit her murder investigation in between all of her judging and TV show duties.

Who actually killed Boyd? Do Hannah and Andrea solve the murder before Bill does?

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iTunesStrawberry Shortcake Murder – Joanne Fluke

The Curse of Oak Island S02, Ep03 – The Eight Pointed Star

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 2
Episode: 3
Title: The Eight Pointed Star
Original Air Date: November 18, 2014

Guest Stars:
Rick Lagina
Marty Lagina
Dan Blankenship
David Blankenship
Craig Tester
Jack Begley
Alex Lagina
Dan Henskee
Charles Barkhouse
Robert Clotworthy

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Amazon The Curse of Oak Island Season 1

iTunes The Curse of Oak Island – The Curse of Oak Island

Synopsis: They invite Hutton and his cousin [the treasure hunters in the previous episode] into the war room. Hutton’s claim is the glyph he showed them is connected to the holy land. He’s come to present his theory. He believes that the ark of the covenant is buried on Oak Island. He goes on to speak of a society that was capable of navigating by the stars. The voyage was 582-596 BC. They left the holy land and sailed around Ireland and ended in Nova Scotia. He is talking about the Phoenicians. There are five known locations that they traveled to. They also left specific inscriptions where they went and they have been found. He believes the stone found at 90 feet was written in their language. The coins are trail markers. Those coins were found at each location they stopped and are Carthaginian. These were also found not far from the glyph in Nova Scotia. Their symbol is an 8 sided star. The Templars are also brought up and they believe they were here looking. Several days later the larger drill rig arrives. They are trying to find the Halifax shaft. It’s located 200 feet south of the money pit. However, the shaft failed as well, once they got close to the money pit tunnel this shaft flooded as well. The go back to Smith’s Cove and do some more metal detecting. They want to find their own ancient coin. They get their first hit on the beach and it’s a pull tab from an aluminum can. The metal detector goes off again. It’s a coin. It’s a British coin dated 1771. Back to the search for the Halifax tunnel. All they are getting is dirt, no water. Rick asks Dan if he knows about the pink on the beach. The island has lots of “fools gold” and it’s oxidizing and turned pink. Another hit on the beach leads to another coin. It’s another British coin from the 1700s. They head to the next X marked in their continued search for the Halifax shaft. The drill gets stuck and they have to pump water as well to try and get the drill all the way down. Back to the drawing board they go. They meet with Robert Myra, the counselor in the area to discuss the bill about Oak Island. He says the government is no longer happy only getting 10% of the treasure if found, now they want 25%. But he has good news, the bill has been killed. Back at the money pit they are trying to determine if the new rig can drill through all the debris. They do their best to provide adequate support for the bigger rig and to keep it from falling over. As they try to start drilling the rig starts to tip over in the mud. Suddenly, there is a large amount of water. They pull the rig out, shore up the ground, and put it back.

Photo: Tiger 002

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Hot in Cleveland S01, Ep05 – Good Neighbors

Season: 1
Episode: 5
Title: Good Neighbors
Original Air Date: July 14, 2010

Guest Stars:
Carl Reiner: Max
Wayne Knight: Rick
Robin Thede: Janet
Greg Winter: Neighbor

Synopsis: Elka changes her hair to Elmo red. Victoria gets a big Japanese product endorsement for Mrs. Ladypants. Melanie throws a party to get to know her neighbors but winds up making an ass out of herself with Rick. Her party ends rather suddenly when she accidentally started a fire. Rick is a writer and Melanie is worried he’ll write something bad about her so she sneaks into his house to read the article. They read the article and find all is well. They go back to the house where Melanie realizes that she left a bottle of wine with a note from her and worries Rick will find it and know she broke in. She races back over to retrieve the wine. However, Rick is there. He invites her in and….

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Amazon Hot in Cleveland: Season 1

iTunes Hot in Cleveland, Season 1 – Hot in Cleveland

Bones S01, Ep05 – A Boy in a Bush

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 5
Title: A Boy in A Bush
Original Air Date: November 8, 2005

Guest Stars:
Paul Butcher: Shawn Cook
Evan Ellingson: David Cook
Natacha Roi: Margaret Sanders
Michelle Anne Johnson: Sara Johnston
Paul Parducci: Capt. Kyle Henning
Kathleen M. Darcy: Ellie Nelson
John Sanchez: Child Advocate
Maximillian Roeg: Skyler Nelson (as Max Roeg)
Kirsten Severson: Lab Worker

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Amazon Bones: Season 1

iTunes Bones, Season 1 – Bones

Favorite Quotes:

* Angela: Did that sound too squinty?

* Angela: Funny is Will Ferrell sweetie. Hot is Colin Ferrell.

* Booth: Sorry Bones. Angela didn’t get the same training that the rest of you got on Planet Vulcan.

* Bones: Tell you what. If I can’t respect the law I can at least respect you.

* Bones: Charlie was just like you. Someone Margaret chose to love.

* Bones: Booth. I knew you’d back me up. I knew you wouldn’t make me a liar.
Booth: How’d you know?
Bones: Because you want to go to heaven.
Booth: But you don’t believe in heaven.
Bones: But you do.

Synopsis: Bones is giving a speech, that Booth interrupts for a dead body of a little boy found behind a suburban mall. At the scene Zach has to put on the thermal imaging outfit. He finds remains that are still producing heat. Back at the lab they go over the remains. Hodgins concludes he’s been dead only a day or two. Angela reconstructs the face with a sketch. Bones concludes that it’s the missing little boy. They interview the mother. Her other kids come home and he offers to try and fix their broken video game. Back at the lab the team is being forced to go to a banquet. Booth is able to fix the video game system. Zack is disturbed by the bones and how small they are. Bones tells Zack about when she had to go to Waco and identify 17 children. She teaches him about compartmentalizing to detach emotionally. Back at the house the truth comes out. They were all the mall, not the park. Charlie was taken at the mall. Angela breaks down the surveillance footage from the mall. She is trying to find the boys on the footage. She finds him. They can’t make out who the kid walks up to because he is obstructed. Booth sees the bones of Charlie and he is affected. Charlie did have a health condition and was technically disabled. He had scoliosis. Bones also comes to the conclusion that Charlie might not be the son of his mother. She is having Zack check for hereditary diseases in his DNA. If his mother doesn’t have any then, she is not his biological mother. The tests come back to Hypophosphatemia. Booth and Bones question the mother. He was a foster child from Pittsburg. She maintained a relationship with Charlie and his mother. She found Charlie’s mom dead on Christmas Eve, dead with a needle in her arm. So she took him. Booth arrests her and Bones is outraged with him. The other two kids will go back into the system. Bones storms out of Booths office. Back at the lab they are talking about Hodgins and they connect back to the Cantilever Group. Hodgins tells Bones that the particulates are fluoride. Booth tells Bones that Angela has a face for the kidnapper. It’s his foster brother, Sean Cook. They question Sean. Booth shows him a scar. Sean shows him his scars. Bones is protective of Sean. Back at the lab Angela has a chat with Hodgins. She calls him out about the Cantilever Group. He doesn’t want anyone to know. The fluoride levels are found in industrial products per Hodgins. Booth tries to get back in Bones good graces by getting the brothers into emergency care. He breaks the pencil accidentally and it gives Bones the idea of compression. Hodgins stops Booth and Angela and asks them to keep his secret. He doesn’t want to go to the banquet because the other members will make a big deal. All he wants to do is work in the lab on his slime and bugs. The Angelatron works it magic and the weight of the killer is 86.6kg or 190 pounds. The foster mother and two brothers are not big enough. Bones wants to talk to Charlie to try and find out who the man is. She talks to Sean and tells him she knows he didn’t get Charlie. She tells him what’s it like to be a foster kid. She makes a promise to Sean that she may not be able to keep. He’s worries that Margaret hates him now. Bones tells him otherwise. Sean hugs Bones and while they hug he gives her the name. They arrest Edward Nelson. At the lab everyone is affected. At Boot’s office Sean and David are reunited with Margaret. Booth comes to Bones office and they got all the evidence to lock him up. He apologizes to Bones because of the foster care thing. She admits that she was in the foster care system until her grandfather got her out. Dr. Goodman is still trying to force everyone to the banquet. He tells them they are to talk about what they do. And Angela is disgusted. She says Zack’s work is removing flesh from corpses, Hodgins dissects bugs that have been eating people’s eyeballs and that her job is to draw death masks. Dr. Goodman tells her she gives victims back their humanity, their faces, their identities and that she reminds them that that is why they do this. For humanity. She hugs him. Booth swoops into to have Hodgins analyze some dirt so he doesn’t have to go to the banquet.

Recipe: White Bean and Ham Soup

This looks amazing for a cold evening. To make it acid reflux friendly use white pepper instead of black pepper. Omit the Tabasco sauce unless you can actually eat it. And replace the garlic cloves with 1/8 teaspoon garlic power. Here is the link to this mouth watering recipe.


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