Hot in Cleveland S01, Ep04 – The Sex That Got Away

Season: 1
Episode: 4
Title: The Sex that Got Away
Original Air Date: July 7, 2010

Guest Stars:
Huey Lewis: Johnny Revere
Amy Yasbeck: Hailey Nash
Shaughn Buchholz: Bartender
Michelle Noh: Cynthia
Vincent M. Ward: Bodyguard

Synopsis: The girls, Elka included, go to a party at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Melanie wants to meet her idle Hailey Nash. Elka wants to see Willie Nelson. Victoria wants to throw a drink in Johnny Revere’s face. Melanie winds up groping Hailey Nash, not once but twice. Victoria leaves the party to meet Johnny at his hotel. He apologizes for the way he treated her….

To read the entire synopsis and some great quotes click here

To get a copy of season 1, click either link below.

Amazon Hot in Cleveland: Season 1

iTunes Hot in Cleveland, Season 1 – Hot in Cleveland


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