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The X Files S01, Ep04 – Conduit

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 4
Title: Conduit
Original Air Date: October 1, 1993

Guest Stars:
Carrie Snodgress: Darlene Morris
Michael Cavanaugh: Sheriff Jack Withers
Donald Gibb: Kip (as Don Gibb)
Joel Palmer: Kevin Morris
Charles Cioffi: Section Chief Scott Blevins
Shelley Owens: Tessa Seers
Don Thompson: Holtzman
Akiko Morison: Leza Atsumi
Taunya Dee: Ruby Morris
Anthony Harrison: 4th Man
Glen Roald: M.E. Worker
Mauricio Mercado: Coroner

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Amazon The X-Files: Season 1

iTunes The X-Files, Season 1 – The X-Files

Favorite Quotes:

* Scully: I just think it’s a good idea not to antagonize local law enforcement.
Mulder: Who me? I’m Mr. Congeniality.

* Scully: Mulder, stop running after your sister. This won’t bring her back.
Mulder: Come with me or don’t come with me. I’m not giving up on that girl.

Synopsis: Some people are sleeping outside around a fire next to a mobile home. The mobile home starts to shake violently. There are extremely bright lights and all stops. A little boy screams for his mom. She burns her hand opening the door. Her little son tells her Ruby is gone. They don’t find her. Section Chief Blevins is talking with Scully about an investigation he wants to do. Scully has not heard of it before. He hands Scully an X File, it’s about Mulder’s sister Samantha. She briefs him on what happened to Samantha. He’s going to deny the new investigation, but Scully asks to speak to Mulder first. Scully and Mulder talk. He explains where the girl went missing is a UFO hot spot. He shows her a report about girls scouts seeing a UFO decades earlier. One of those girl scouts is the mother of the missing girl. They go to talk to the mother. She introduces her son Kevin. Mulder brings up the UFO sighting. She believes the aliens took her daughter. Mulder talks to Kevin. He’s watching static on the TV. He’s writing 1’s and zero’s on a notepad. Kevin says it’s coming from the TV. The local sheriff is assuming that Ruby ran away. She was a “bad kid” so he is just assuming that what’s happened to her is a result of her behavior. When they come out they find a note on their windshield and see a lady across the street quickly walk away. They follow her and talk to her. She informs them she was supposed to meet her boyfriend, Greg Randall. He got Ruby pregnant. She tells them where he works and disappears. They go to the bar to find Greg. He’s been missing for 3 weeks. Mulder comments on his UFO tattoo. The bartender tells him about the lake and sightings there. And shows him his burned off ear. Scully sleeps in her room and people barge in. They’re looking for Mulder. They question him about where he got it and he won’t answer so they threaten him. He’s told it’s a defense satellite transmission. They leave and Scully comes in. The NSA goes to Darlene and Kevin’s house and destroys it. They haul Darlene and Kevin off. Mulder looks out the window and sees the camper. The roof is damaged from exposure to extreme heat. The boy and his mother get released. They refuse to talk to Mulder further. As they drive Mulder tells Scully that he thinks Kevin is a conduit. They go to the lake where it happened. At the campsite the closest trees are burned at the top. Sand on the beach has been turned into glass. A white wolf appears to them and Mulder follows it. He finds a pack on top of a pile of stones. He fires his weapon to clear them out. It’s a shallow grave. The victim is Greg Randall, Ruby’s boyfriend. Mulder checks out the wallet, nothing is missing but there is a doctor’s name and appointment written on sheet. The writing matches the writing on the note. The mysterious lady’s name is Tessa. She’s brought in for questioning. Scully and Mulder get her to talk a bit. The park around the lake is being searched and the lake is being dragged. They go back to see Darlene and Kevin. The door is open, the tea kettle is whistling, there’s pages of binary code on the floor. But they are not to be found. Scully goes upstairs and sees a different view of the 1’s and zero’s. They’re a portrait of Ruby. They go back to the lake and find the camper. But no one is in it. On the trail they find Darlene, Kevin’s continued on so Mulder goes after him. He’s walking towards a bright light. It’s a bunch of bikers. Kevin tells Mulder his sister is back. Scully screams for Mulder. Ruby is there but unconscious. Her test results indicate she was in a environment without gravity. As they are talking to Ruby, Darlene comes in and stops it. She doesn’t want her daughter ridiculed the way she has been her entire life.

Hot in Cleveland S01, Ep04 – The Sex That Got Away

Season: 1
Episode: 4
Title: The Sex that Got Away
Original Air Date: July 7, 2010

Guest Stars:
Huey Lewis: Johnny Revere
Amy Yasbeck: Hailey Nash
Shaughn Buchholz: Bartender
Michelle Noh: Cynthia
Vincent M. Ward: Bodyguard

Synopsis: The girls, Elka included, go to a party at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Melanie wants to meet her idle Hailey Nash. Elka wants to see Willie Nelson. Victoria wants to throw a drink in Johnny Revere’s face. Melanie winds up groping Hailey Nash, not once but twice. Victoria leaves the party to meet Johnny at his hotel. He apologizes for the way he treated her….

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iTunes Hot in Cleveland, Season 1 – Hot in Cleveland

Recipe: Cookies and Cream Hot Chocolate

Cookies and Cream Hot Chocolate

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


  • 2 cups milk
  • 1/2 cup hot chocolate powder
  • 4 – 5 Oreo’s
  • whipped cream
  • crushed Oreo’s for topping


  1. Warm the milk on the stove over medium low heat. Do not bring to a boil.
  2. Mix in the hot chocolate powder.
  3. Grind up the Oreo’s finely using a blender or food processor.
  4. Add the Oreo’s to the already combined milk and hot chocolate powder.
  5. Top with whipped cream and crushed Oreo’s.

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The Curse of Oak Island S01, Ep03 – Voices from the Grave

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 1
Episode: 3
Title: Voices From The Grave
Original Air Date: January 19, 2014

Rick Lagina
Marty Lagina
Dan Blankenship
David Blankenship
Craig Tester
Jack Begley
Alex Lagina
Dan Henskee
Charles Barkhouse
Robert Clotworthy
T. Shawn Hardy
Lee Lamb

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Amazon The Curse of Oak Island Season 1

iTunes The Curse of Oak Island – The Curse of Oak Island

Synopsis: The meet at Dan’s house to lay out a Plan A and Plan B for the hunt. They talk about the coconut fiber and then discuss the swamp. Dan states the swamp is shallow, only around 5 feet at it’s deepest point. Oak tree stumps were found in the swamp, but the oak tree can’t grow in water. Dan believes the swamp is man-made because of that. One theory is that the treasure is actually under the swamp and the money pit is just a decoy. At the edge of swamp site, they start clearing some trees so that they can drain it. Rick actually jumps into the swamp to start clearing debris. He finds it strange that the swamp bottom is flat. Alex and Jack are moving through a clearing and a tree nearly falls on them. Rick yells at them for not being safe and staying alert. The narrator discusses the six deaths that have taken place on the island and how grisly they. At the war room they discuss their plan to drain the swamp and search it’s bottom. Rick gets a call from Lee Lamb. She lost her father and brother on the island in 1965. She’s going to come and visit. She arrives and they all meet at Dan’s house. She brought with her the man who worked with her father and brother, the only one who survived the tragedy. Lee talks about her resentment and hatred of the island. Her father and brother dying on the island and her husband dying a few months later. She says the island’s curse is that things always go wrong. The island changes a person. The survivor who came with Lee does his best, as he is overcome with emotion, to tell what happened. Rick talks about how the island has affected many families and ruined many lives. Rick and Lee have one last meeting. She gives him maps and information. She loans him her brothers journals. He wrote them when he was on the island. The journals indicate that there was also a mystery box being searched for. As well as notes about it being buried at the bottom of the swamp. There are also notes regarding a circular tunnel. They all meet up back at the swamp. They go over the plan to pump the swamp. They have to move the water somewhere else on the island because it is brackish. It can’t just be dumped in the ocean. They lay out all the hoses and connect them up to the two water pumps. Dan Henske is discussed. He has lived on the island and hunted for the treasure for 50 years. He tells a story of becoming possessed by a spirit on the island. A story about weird lights is shared along with other paranormal stories. That evening at Dave’s house, Rick has invited a paranormal team who’s investigated previously to get their thoughts. The group goes down to the swamp, where several of the investigators find it very creepy. They actually do a paranormal investigation while there. The K2 meter starts going crazy. The next day they meet up at Dave’s house to discuss the draining of the swamp. They discuss the plan for searching the swamp. And also safety with the poison gas that they could encounter. They adjourn the meeting and head to the swamp. They switch on the pumps and then go check the discharge point to make sure it’s working. Water is coming out at the discharge point.

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Bones S01, Ep04 – The Man in the Bear

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 4
Title: The Man in the Bear
Original Air Date: November 1, 2005

Guest Stars:
Alex Carter: Dr. Andrew Rigby
Marguerite MacIntyre: Dr. Denise Randall
Tom Kiesche: Sheriff Chris Scutter
Steve Reevis: Ranger Sherman Rivers
Rusty Joiner: Charlie
K.D. Aubert: Toni
Chris Schuette: Lab Worker

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Amazon Bones: Season 1

iTunes Bones, Season 1 – Bones

Favorite Quotes:

* Booth: Somebody was dismembered and fed to a bear?
Bones: That’s one possibility.

* Bones: I imagine I’m treated differently than you because I have an indispensable skill.
Booth: Oh right, indispensable– I don’t need you.

* Booth: You know you’re a smartass, you know that?
Bones: Objectively I would say I’m very smart. Although it has nothing to do with my ass.

* Bones: Don’t forget Charlie, the heroine always catches the bad guy.

Synopsis: A vet performs a necropsy on a bear. The ranger professes to already know the cause of death. As she goes through the bears stomach contents she finds the bones of a human hand. A photo of the hand is sent to the Jeffersonian. The case got bumped to booth in the hopes that Bones would assist. She determines, just by looking at the photo, that the man was murdered and the body was cut up with a saw. Booth tells Bones they are heading to Washington state to investigate. They bicker on the car on the way to the scene. Bones examines the Bones at the coroners office. She shows the kerf marks to them, that they are saw marks. She sends photos to the Jeffersonian and then goes to the shipping center to ship the bones there as well. Zach analyzes the kerf marks in the photo. Angela has the photos uploaded to her main frame to build a 3D image. Booth talks with the Sheriff, who says their biggest problem is poachers. Bones joins them. She wants to check the scat. At the Jeffersonian a package is delivered, Hodgins jumps in to sign for it so he can flirt. Booth and Bones are in the forest with the Ranger. He takes them to where the bear was shot. And Booth finds a big pile of bear scat. Bones collects some and drops it off at the shipping center to sent the bear poop to the Jeffersonian. Zack and Bones teleconference about bite marks on the bones. It turns out there the bit marks are human, there is a cannibal. Booth and Bones discuss the cannibal situation while the Sheriff tries to eat his lunch, but he loses his appetite. At the lab Hodgins, Angela and Zack discuss the cannibal too. Zack gets called away and he receives the bear scat package. Bones talks with Dr. Rigby and they discuss the cannibal situation as well. Hodgins goes through the poop. He finds some bones and a small piece of skin that has a tattoo. Angela tries to piece it together and recreate it. She identifies the tattoo and teleconferences with Booth, Bones and the Sheriff. The Sheriff runs a new search, including the tattoo information, and they are able to identify him. He wanted to be a ranger and had interned with him. The ranger takes off and Booth goes after him. Bones and the Sheriff search his place. They find knives and saws. They take an apple with his tooth impressions to compare. Bones opens a locked freezer and finds what looks like chopped up frozen bodies. The ranger gets away. Bones talks to Angela and asks for a rush on the meat/body parts she found. Angela insists that she and Booth go have some fun. They go to a local bar. Bones dances with Charlie and enjoys his biceps and triceps. Multiple guys cut in and dance with Bones. Booth explains that each of the guys are hitting on her. Back at the lab Hodgins is looking a spore that Angela thinks is pretty. It’s from a Douglas Fir tree. Back in the forest they go back to where Booth lost the ranger. At the lab Angela gives her results to Zack. Hodgins found beetle dust. Booth follows a trail in the woods that leads to the ranger. Zack calls Bones and tells her the meat is Black Bear, not human. Bones announcer that the ranger is the poacher. The area where the bones were eaten is infested with beetles. The ranger takes them to the tree. The bears GPS confirms that the bear was at that location. Booth finds a strange stone layout. She sends photos to the Jeffersonian. She looks around and finds several buried bodies, both in pieces with organs missing. The wheel is a native American-ish symbol. But the export says that it’s all wrong. Bad news, two more bodies are needed to complete the ritual. Since no more bodies were found that means two more will be killed. In the coroners office Bones works up the two bodies. The ranger reveals that Adam and Charlie were both seeing the vet. The Sheriff admits that he sees her too. Zach calls Bones and lets her know the rangers teeth don’t match that on the bones. Bones and Booth question the vet. She is drunk and admits she’s seeing about 6 guys in town. Angela calls Bones to get her to set up her laptop, Zack wants her to look at something. The bones were split using a rib spreader. They go to see Dr. Rigby and Booth gives Bones his back up gun. They find Dr. Rigby putting one of the body’s into the incinerator. Bones shuts it off. Dr. Rigby starts to ramble insanely and Bones knocks him out with a bedpan. At the lab Zack and Hodgins face off for the delivery. Angela comes to watch the show. However, the delivery lady picks Angela, surprising them all. Back at the local bar Bones and Booth discuss Rigby. He has a prion disease in his brain.

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