Book: Heat Wave [Nikki Heat #1] by Richard Castle

This book is just what I needed after the season finale of Castle. I think it prevented me from having serious withdrawls.

Nikki and Rook felt and sounded just like Beckett and Castle. A great murder case with loads of suspects and a twist of embezzlement and affairs. A 60 million dollar artwork collection and it’s counterfeit. And in the book it didn’t take four whole seasons for them to stop being a chicken.

As always Rook aka Castle puts himself in all kinds of dangerous situations and Heat never knows if he is her partner or babysitting assignment.

It’s certainly a bit tongue and cheek, but the chemistry from Castle is alive and well in this book. I look forward to reading the second in this series.

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Book: Deja Dead [Bones #1] by Kathy Reichs

Dead bodies buried in church yards?

This isn’t your average serial killer. He doesn’t seem to have a type. He’s just a pervert. And he doesn’t like the fact that Temperance is working his cases and piecing them together. Prior to her involvement none of the jurisdictions realized they had a serial killer. She saw the patterns and the signature. She fought to make them notice.

By chance one of Tempe’s friends was studying prostitutes. She notices she’s being stalked. She hides at Tempe’s but it doesn’t help. Mister pervert stalker AKA the serial killer gets her. He uses this murder to send a message to Tempe. He leaves a picture of Katie [her daughter] on her dead friend’s body.

Now he is targeting Tempe. Will he kill her too?

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